She's Kinda Hot ||CTH & LRH

We are the kings and the queens of the new broken scene...


14. Chapter 14


"Where's your honey?" The nurse laughed.

"Oh, he went home to get a outfit for Paige... We were at my best friends wedding when my water broke, and we weren't prepared at all..." I giggled at the silly excuse.

Luke came walking in, with a small bag containing three baby outfits. "I couldn't choose between these three, so I brought all of them..."

The nurse smiled, and told us that she was going to go get Paige from the nursery.

I stood up from the hospital bed, wand walked to him. I looked at the three outfits, and chose the yellow one with red ladybugs on it. The nurse finally came back with Paige.

"Here you go!" She smiled, handing me the baby. "You can leave whenever you are ready. Good luck with the little one!" She walked out, leaving us with everything else.

I laid Paige down on the bed, and put the outfit on her. "I can't believe she's ours..."  I smiled, picking my sweet baby up.

"I know! So, I called your mum and dad and they should be on a plane here..." Luke grabbed my hand.

"What about your parents?"

"Mum wanted to let you get out of the hospital before my family takes over the house..." Luke chuckled.

We walked through the halls, and made our way to the exit. We got in the car, and started driving.

"Why did we pass Calum's?" I asked. We pulled into a driveway about three houses down and parked.

"Surprise!" Luke smiled.

"You-you bought a house?"

"Well, we agreed on living in Aussie, and we found that house that we absolutely loved, so I bought it. Everything is finished. 5 bedrooms, plus the second garage that we made into another bedroom. It's 3 stories plus an attic. Big back yard and a swimming pool." He explained. "It's ours, Ry..."

We both got out of the car and I hugged and kissed him. "It's perfect, Lukey.." I opened the backdoor of the car, and grabbed Paige's car seat/carrier. We walked up the front steps, and Luke unlocked the door.


Liz, Celeste, Giselle, Jade, and my mom all ran up to us and gave us hugs.

"How do you like the house?" Liz asked.

"I'm completely in love..." I smiled. I heard a whine, and Paige started crying. I have the seat to Luke and unfastened her from it. I held her close to my chest, and slightly swayed back and forth. She immediately stopped crying, and I heard someone gasp.

"I could never get my kids to do that! You are a natural!" Celeste exclaimed.

Luke took the baby out of my hands, and told me to follow him. We walked down the hallway, and to a bedroom. He opened the door, and my jaw dropped. "It's beautiful, babe!"

The room was a baby blue, and the theme was safari animals.

Luke laid Paige into her crib, because she fell asleep while we were looking at the room.

We walked back into the living room, and I asked Jade how the honeymoon was...

The baby came home yay!!!!

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