She's Kinda Hot ||CTH & LRH

We are the kings and the queens of the new broken scene...


11. Chapter 11

(5 months later)

I can not believe the day has come. Today I am marring Calum Hood. Like oh my god.

"Wow. I love you dress Jade," Rylie said.

"Yea. I love it. It sucks that u can't fit yours right now," I told her.

My dress is white with camo lace. Calum has a camo vet along with the guys. The bridesmaids dresses are orange with camo lace.

"I can wait this orange dress I bought," she said.

Tegan and Gracie walked in the room.

"Oh my god. You look perfect!" Tegan said.

"Thank you. Guys I'm nervous," I said.

"You will be okay. Just think about Calum and you will be okay," Gracie said.

"Okay," I said looking at my friends.

"Are you ready?" Luke said from outside the door.

"Yea we are coming," I said.

We walked out in the order we were in.

Rylie and Luke went first, then Ashton and Gracie, Michael and Tegan.

My step-dad came up to me.

"Ready?" He asked.

"Yea," I told him.

Everyone stood up as we walked out.
I reached Calum and he took my hand.

The preacher went on with the ceremony. Then it was time to say our vows. We wrote our own.

"Well there are no words to say about the man I'm marring today. Calum, you are my world, my best friend, and everything that I can think of. I love you," I said.

I put the ring on his hand.

"I didn't write my vows down. I didn't because there are not enough words in the world to say about you. I just know that I love you for you and I will always love you for that. I love you," he said putting the ring on my hand.

"I know pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride," said the preacher.

Calum kissed me.

Then we heard gasps. I looked over to see Rylie holding her stomach.

"My water just broke," she said.

Luke ran to her. He took her hand and lead her out to the car.

"We will meet y'all at the hospital," Calum said.

"Okay," Luke said starting the car.

Everyone left as we followed Luke and Rylie.

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