2. End of Days

Many years ago, there was an End of Days. Western society had become vain, arrogant, lustful, unrepressed and greedy, and God had had to set things right. He set the Earth on hellish fire. He called upon the Saviour to save one hundred people that were free of sin, and to lead them to Paradise. The Saviour found the island. The Saviour saved us from vanity, arrogance, lust and greed, and saved what little of humanity there was left. But he had to protect us from falling to sin, so he made a list of rules that we must not disobey.


1-We must never be greedy. We must share with all.
2-We must never be proud. We are children of the Saviour, that is all we should be proud of.
3- We must never commit adultery. An Adam's Eve belongs to a singular Adam, and any Adam or Eve who participate in adultery shall be abandoned to the rest of the Earth, which is still burning in hellish fire.
4- Adam is meant to go with Eve. Any other match is sinful, and the Adams/Eves participating in such sin shall be abandoned, and will not be children of the Saviour but offspring of the Devil.
5- We must obey the Saviour. He has inherited wisdom from the Lord Our God, and always knows what is best. Going against the Saviour's wishes shall lead to abandonment, as those who go against the Messiah's wishes and ideals are clearly offspring of the Devil and are not holy.


With these rules, we are rebuilding humanity, and leading it away from sinful Western society.

Samuel and Isla stand up.
It is time for the Mothering ceremony.


This bit always makes me uncomfortable. We're at liberty to watch this, but not to comment, and I can't stand doing either. I close my eyes and bury myself in Ancarah's shoulder. All I can hear is Ancarah muttering.
I know what Isla's doing. She's spreading herself out, waiting for Samuel to slip inside her.
There's a yelp, like she's been pinched or frightened or something.
He's slipped inside her.

Sometimes, Eves don't get impregnated on the first try. If word ever gets out about them not carrying an Eve or Adam on first go, there is an almost immediate fall from grace. They are taken to the Saviour's holy chambers, and they try again. The Eve will usually fall pregnant.

It took Sadna three times. I remember her being so distraught, telling me that she was so sure she was a child of the Devil. When she found out she was carrying a child(the Saviour could tell by the soft swell of her belly), she was hysterical, screaming that she wanted the child to be torn out from between her legs. She said that the child was Devil spawn, and she wanted to be free of him as quickly as possible. She was in tears, and she begged to die, so she wouldn't have to see him live.

Of course, the Saviour made her see sense.
The Saviour reckons she'll give birth any day now.


There's another yelp.
Ancarah gently taps my hand, and I open my eyes. Samuel is helping Isla up now.

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