Changing Hearts

When Stella's dad gets a new job as security for world famous boyband heartthrob, One Direction, she is forced to go on tour with them. It may sound like a dream come true to most people, but she hates traveling and to her, they are a living night mare....but could she be secretly falling for the boy with the curls?

(Story has some graphic parts)


2. Roomies

Stella's P.O.V

I've never been in a plane before, but I can tell you it is the most boring thing and i didn't enjoy a second of it. Okay, well, maybe the view was kinda cool. We finally land and are taken straight to the front of the hotel where my dad will meet the boys and we will stay. It was a pretty nice place, I had to admit. As we walk in, a man, slightly taller then my dad, greets us and introduces himself as the head of security.

"Stella, why don't you go up to our room and get yourself comfortable. Paul is going to show me around. You have someone else staying with you so make sure to actually be nice." He gives me the key to my room on the 20th floor, which is the very top, and I leave without saying a word. I walk around the lobby until I find the elevator, and press the up button and wait for one of the 5 to open. Finally a clicking sound comes from the one in front of me and it slides open. I get in and punch in the numbers. Butterflies rise in my stomach as it starts to zoom upwards, but abruptly stops on the 5th floor. The doors open again and in walks none other than Harry Styles.

"Well that's just great," I accidentally say out loud. He looks up from his phone and stares at me with a blank face, probably trying to process what I said. I give him the nastiest glare I can.

"Woah there sassy pants," he says, putting his hands in the air. I roll my eyes and pull out my phone.

"What's your name?" he asks, excusing my attitude and smiling, crossing his arms in front of his chest.

"Wouldn't you like to know," I snarl back. He doesn't deserve to know anything about me, I don't even want to talk to him. He's the reason, along with the other boys, that I'm in this damn place.

"Looks like it's someone's time of the month," He says, dropping the smile and returning the glare. I got a chance to really look at him. He's actually hotter in real life, with his emerald green eyes and thick curly hair, but also 100x more annoying, so I push the first thought out of my head. The elevator comes to a stop at the 20th floor, and I realize he hasn't gotten out yet, which means he's staying on my floor. The metal door opens and we both try to walk out at the same time.

"Watch it!" I snap, making him step back a little in fear. I walk ahead towards my room and hear footsteps following close behind. I turn my head around and see Harry.

"Would you stop following me?" I stop walking and swing around. He's so close that when I do he walks right into me.

"I'm not, I'm going to my room," he says, starting to walk again,"and hopefully my roomie is a thousand times nicer than you," he quietly mumbles. It's barely audible, but I know what he said. The words take a sudden jab at my chest, and I have no idea why I cared so much about what he said. I knew I was being rude, I'm doing it on purpose, so why did I feel bad? I push the sudden thought from my mind and start heading to the room, stopping to get some chips in a vending machine along the way. As I approach room 284 I start to open my purse to grab the key, but notice the door is already opened a crack. That's dad told me earlier my roommate wasn't coming until tomorrow. I open the door fully and see a suitcase sitting neatly in the far corner, and a pile of clothes on one of the beds. I guess they had come early. I put my suitcase down by the other bed and listen for anyone else in the room. I don't hear anyone, so I decide they must be out. I want a shower after the long travel day, so I get undressed, throwing my clothes on the empty bed. I walk to then bathroom and open the door. When I look up, I nearly scream. Standing there in front of my eyes, was a stark naked Harry, water dripping from his hair, and towel in hands. As soon as he sees me he covers himself with the towel with a horrified look on his face.

"What the HELL," I scream, slamming the bathroom door so he can't see me. I run and throw my cloths back on. Moments later, he walks out, towel wrapped around his waist, just below his v lines. Damn. Wait no, not damn. I think to myself looking at something else.

"YOURE my roommate?" He asks with a look of shock/disgust.

"This day just gets better and better," I say, whipping around and storming out of the room. Someone is going to change this.

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