I Wont Give Up On Us

Dana is a 17 year old struggling with bullying in a big school, her mom decides to change her to a different school, what Dana doesn't know is that her childhood love , Hayes Grier , goes to this school, after losing communication with him completely. It's funny how a conversation changes so much over the years, but memories don't... At all

Will he be the same? Will he recognize her? Will everything be exactly how she wants them to be? Read and find out.


2. The Letters



"Chapter 2: The Letters" (Time and Place: Different Times, Different Locations)




**Dana's P.O.V** (2 days later)


After I saw his letter, I went to talk to my mom, who was watching a creepy clown show on netflix (AHS) and asked her for an opinion, she already knew I liked him, but does she know he likes me? I look at her and she just smiles while reading the letter and says:

"Honey this is wonderful, But you guys can't be boyfriend and girlfriend now, you are kids remember that."

I respond, "I know mom, We are just best friends that like each other..." I laugh before i could finish the sentence.

She laughs too and tells me,"Hayes just came back from his game, why don't you walk with him through the neighborhood and talk about your feelings?"  I sigh.

"Okay, i'll be over there in a bit." I chuckled. 

I walk over to Hayes' house and scream his name, his parents see me and gave me a warm greeting, they tell me that Hayes will be down in a minute and I wait. 

"Oh, hi Dana! What are you doing here?" He stutters.

I responded, "Can't a girl invite her best friend to the park?" 

We all laugh,and he accepted my idea.We started walking around the park ,then to the new houses that are being built for some odd reason...He didn't want to talk about the card that expressed all his feelings towards me and I had to push him, i can tell he's nervous, I am too actually.

I break the silence "So about that letter..." he interrupts me.

"Look, I'm sorry i've been avoiding you these past 2 days, I really am nervous by the thought that you might have on the letter"

I smile "Dummy, I like-like you too, and i never had the courage to tell you, but i don't want to change the best friendship." He nodded and says:

"I don't either, but you have to realize you make it harder because you're kind of perfect." I blush.

"No but thank you" I kiss his cheek and he looks at me with those hypnotizing blue eyes and says:

"Let's not separate when we're older, one day when i get stronger and cooler , I  will ask you to be my girlfriend, you'll see" He says while we look at each other, I laugh and he continues saying "Let's climb this tree Dana, we need a vow"  we climb the tree together.

"Okay, I'll go first", i nervously say. "I promise I will never forget about you, and when the time is right, we could even have a dog together like a little family! I promise i will always see you as a best friend no matter what and love you lots. I promise."

Hayes says "That was perfect, i will say the same thing" he continues "I promise I will never EVER forget about you, and when the time is right, we could have a dog named Bruno! I promise i will always see you as a best friend no matter what and love you lots. I promise"

"Promise?" I ask

"Promise." He genuinely answered.


**Dana's P.O.V** (6 years ago)


More people moved into our neighborhood, obviously that means that more kids our age will move here. That was a sudden change! I made a new friend called Amanda(Dirty Blonde hair and green eyes, She was tan and she is a sweet girl, but can stand up for herself) and Hayes also made a new friend called Kyler(Brown hair with Bowl haircut, hazel eyes and has the personality of a stereotypical skater, but smarter) They both knew our feelings towards each other but never mentioned it, for the sake of embarrassments. Because if they did mention it, we would blush like crazy! even though we blushed anyways. because...come on we like each other. All four of us became so close after so many months.

Hayes and I had tradition, every birthday of ours we would send each other a letter saying our feelings, birthday wishes, our dreams (from the year) and etc... one thing is that we can't open the letters until were 17 years old, we did this so when we open it, we could see how our mind developed, which made the feelings, birthday wishes and dreams develop also. Amanda and Kyler didn't know anything about the letters, it was our little secret. Why do I mention this you might ask? because, Hayes' birthday is soon!

My mom receives a call from Amanda's Mom, which was funny, my mom answers.

"Hi! Amanda wants to know if Dana Can sleep over today?" Amanda's Mom says kindly.

I love going to Amanda's house! Her family makes me feel so welcome! and they have lots of toys I really love! I hope mom says yes.

"Honey? Do you want to sleep over at Amanda's today?" She asks while Amanda's Mom was on Mute,

of course I wanted to go! I said exactly what was on my mind and smiled at her.

Mom smiled back "Okay then, go make your bag and i'll walk you there now." She starts talking on the phone again.

I make my bag, go to mom, and walk over Amanda's house, gave my mom a goodbye kiss. Amanda's family greet me, and I go upstairs to Amanda's room. She looks excited! I don't know why, I've stayed at her house before!

"DANA, you're here!" ,She said excitedly.

"Yeah, or am I?" I do jazz hands and run around the room.

"Wait no! come back! I need to talk to you!" She said in a serious tone.

I got worried and sat on her bed.

"Woah, what happened? you look serious."

"no! nothing like that! it's just...I've been curious...about you...and Hayes, I mean, I know you guys like each other, but ... I want to know more.. can you please tell me?"

I blushed, of course i'll tell her, she's my best friend! although, there's not a lot to know.

"Oh my god, you scared me!" I said Relieved ,"Yes I will, but there's not a lot to know, he risked taking of his cooties, same as me, and he told me he liked me, he has given me flowers, and yeah, that's about it but to be honest with you.. I don't know what to do." I said nervously.

"But if you don't know what to do, why don't you ask Paul? he can help you like he always have!" She requested.

Yeah she knows who Paul is, she knows how much he means to me, and she know he gives the best advice!

"I have, almost all the time.. the only thing he said to me about that is "True love, especially first love, can be so tumultuous and passionate that it feels like a violent journey." I Don't know what it means , then he told me "you will understand soon Dana"."

She looked confused and suddenly jumped out of her bed with her eyes wide open. "Oh I know! maybe it's like the movies we see a lot! someone very wise says "time will tell" and like when they get older they'll like get it! that's it! time will tell, we'll understand when were big enough!"

Maybe she's right, just maybe i'll understand what he means when were big, but right now, the curiosity just kills me. We kept talking about other things but my mind was on that specific thing Paul Said. anyways, we slept, woke up, and I remembered...Hayes birthday is tomorrow! The letter! I was in such a hurry to go home, and Amanda was so confused...I couldn't tell her and I won't. My mom was in front of Amanda's, and I kissed the family goodbye and told Amanda I love her very much. My mom and I walked home and I went to my room.

Hayes and Kyler are always together, I think they're playing PlayStation on Hayes room, so I had a lot of time.

Hayes loves how I make his cards, they are like old envelopes , which makes him feel medieval. I have a stationary kit that makes letters like that. I spent all night making Hayes' card and finally finished, of course, I won't tell you what it says...yet.

Usually we put the cards  on the mailbox on 11:55 p.m. the day before the birthday so it would look like the mailman put it there, I think we're pretty clever.


**One day Later**


It was Hayes'  birthday! We were all so excited! Hayes' dad is going to take us bowling , he reserved it and everything! we went in the same car (Amanda, Kyler, Hayes and Me was the order we went in) I was kind of sleepy In the car, Amanda and Kyler started to laugh for a reason I didn't know...oh! now I know... I was falling asleep and I put my head on Hayes' shoulder...yikes! I quickly woke up and stared at the window so they couldn't see me smiling, but Hayes did, he smiled back. 

we arrived at the bowling alley, Kyler and Hayes were putting their bowling shoes on.

"Oh dude, This Reeks! Smell!" Kyler puts one shoe on Hayes face.

Hayes laughs as he pushes away the shoe, "No man, Stop it!".

While they were doing...whatever boys do, Amanda and I start talking.

-Amanda: Oh Dana, you guys are cutie pies! like 11 year old cuties!

Amanda is 1 year older than me , so I guess she's like an older sister.

"Ugh Amanda, were still kids, it's not like I'm going to kiss him or anything."

"What if it's his Birthday wish, huh?" She teases.

"His birthday wish is not going to be that I kiss hi-"  Kyler interrupted

"What are you guys talking about?" He asks mischievously.

"Yeah Dana, what WERE you talking about?" he said while laughing.

I froze, I didn't tell them anything... I was so nervous. luckily Amanda helped me on this one.

"We were just talking about how we're going to put some frosting on your face, and our parents will videotape it all." She laughs.

Hayes says, "Well then, at least you guys have some revenge plan when we crush you guys at bowling" Hayes and Kyler high-Five.

"Let's see about that" I said with confidence.

Kyler says, "PLAY BALL, I mean... NOTHING BUT NET... I don't know any bowling lingos man."

we all laugh.

Me and Amanda put our bowling shoes and laughed because they do not match our clothes at all, they are ugly.We started playing and it was the girls against the boys, i have to admit, Amanda plays horribly, but i'm a good player. Hayes is incredible at everything he does, so i'm guessing bowling is no exception! Kyle was surprisingly good... I was surprised. Bad news is that the gilrs lost, the guys started rubbing it in our faces, but we were so happy when Amanda And I covered Hayes' face with frosting, we sang happy birthday to him and that day ended, Hayes' Dad took Kyler and Amanda first because they both live closer from each other than us. I was the only one in the car with Hayes, what a surprise. While Hayes dad Talked to Amanda parents, we talked.

"You look exhausted" He says while laughing.

"Well Hayes, losing a game when you were trying so hard isn't a piece of cake" I laughed too.

"Aw c'mon You did great! but...I did Better." He smiled mockingly

"You sir, are a mean person!"

"Hey! I'm a good person!" He said jokingly.

"I know, I was just kidding." I smiled

"Hey, is the card in the mailbox?" he whispers in my ear.

"Yeah it is, since yesterday at 11:55 Grier. So when you get to your house you take it and better savor it!"

He laughs, "Of course I will. wait.. You haven't given me a present yet!"

"I did Hayes, your dad has all of them!"

He looked down and said " I know, It was an excuse so I could have what I really want from you."


"And that is?" I asked

"That kiss in the cheek you and Amanda were talking about." He responded.


"You heard that?! i'm so sorry!"

Hayes shows me his cheek. "Why sorry? Amanda was right!"

I know i look surprised, i say "You wished...for a kiss on the cheek from me?"

He smiled "Something like that."

oh this is sweet.

So I took a risk, I went and leaned my lips to his cheek....until Hayes dad opened the driver's seat.

Hayes screams "Dang it!"

I laughed.

Hayes dad took me to my house, and I said thank you for everything, and I mouthed the words "save the card" to Hayes, he didn't get it until the third time I told him, and when he did, he screamed.

"Oh Yeah, I will!"


I went to my mailbox and saw a little post-it on the inside, it was Hayes'! I went inside and read it.


Hey Dana, I know my birthday is going to be at night, but I already know i'm going to have the best time! So thank you for coming! with Amanda And Kyler too! I'm happy I can be here for you, I still like-like you :)


I Showered and went to sleep so happy I whispered:

"...I'm happy I can be here for you too... thank you kid."




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