I Wont Give Up On Us

Dana is a 17 year old struggling with bullying in a big school, her mom decides to change her to a different school, what Dana doesn't know is that her childhood love , Hayes Grier , goes to this school, after losing communication with him completely. It's funny how a conversation changes so much over the years, but memories don't... At all

Will he be the same? Will he recognize her? Will everything be exactly how she wants them to be? Read and find out.


3. The 4 Musketeers


"Chapter 3: The 4 Musketeers" (Time And Place: Different times, Different Locations)


**Danas P.O.V**

After Hayes Birthday, weeks and months after, we were the most close we could've been... yeah, I guess you can say that. Thankfully neither of us opened our letters yet. Anyways, all this time we were so happy with each other! We were the 4 musketeers (Because they are originally 4 In the- ... Yeah you get it, I may be young but I know a lot about literature!) On a cold winter night, Amanda invited us to a sleep-over...

"I can't believe Halloween is tomorrow, thank you for inviting me to your lovely home Ms.Amanda's Mom" Kyler said, which made us all Laugh.

Amanda's Mom responded "Oh honey, my name is Monica and thank you for complimenting my home, you are such a charming little boy" 

"Thanks...Monica" He smiles and then tells Amanda "I like your mom, she's cool"

"Aw thanks Kyler...By the way Mom, thanks for the snacks!" She said kindly.

Amanda's mom smiles and leaves. I notice that Hayes looks kind of nervous and Amanda notices too, but she immediately responds.

"Yo dude, did you see a ghost or something?" 

"No, i just don't like this holiday" Hayes frowns.

"Why wouldn't you though? This is the holiday where we can dress up as anything we want and get candy from the neighbors without getting yelled at!" I said while I jumped on Amanda's Pastel Green and Pink bed.(http://rilane.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Cute-Pink-and-Green-Bedroom.jpg)

"It surprises me that you don't like it, because you are all about 'dressing up as anything', even a zombie covered with blood in April Fools" Amanda laughs.

"I just don't like it okay?" Hayes said seriously.

He definitely LOVES Halloween. He told me the day we met, about how his whole family dress up as something from a theme they choose...So he's lying and hiding something from us...

"This guy is just nervous because he'll be sleeping with u-...oh wait, i wasn't supposed to say that..." Kyler said.

That was fast.

"Great job Kyle" Hayes says annoyed. (That's his nickname for Kyler).

"I'm sorry Hayes, I just don't want any secret between us four, that will hit us in the tushie later you know."

I love how Kyler doesn't want us to keep any secrets from each other. (As you can see)

"Hayes, why would you be nervous about that?" I ask.

"It's Because he-"  Hayes looked at him.  "...Okay Hayes i'm sorry, you can talk now" Kyler said.

"Thanks, well... I sleep walk,  and I also talk in my sleep about what i'm dreaming about..." he confesses.

"Aw really? I want to see that." Amanda said, which made Kyler and me laugh.

I respond "Look, I do that sometimes too, you don't need to worry about that Hayes, we'll just put you back in the bed...Or maybe record what you're saying in your sleep." Everyone laughs.

"That's Cold! Oh well, at least you guys didn't judge me, thanks...I appreciate it" He says genuinely.

Kyle smiles and says "I am so happy to have you guys in my life."

We all aw and hug.

He continued jokingly "Now this is too mushy, can we go tell ghost stories now?" Amanda laughs.

"Yeah let's go, i'm gonna turn off the lights and tell my mom to bring us her homemade cookies! This is so cool."

For some unknown reason i wanted to look at Hayes before they turned off the lights, I looked at him...He was already looking at me. It didn't feel awkward.

We started telling a lot of ghost stories, when we finished Kyler wanted to eat, so we did and it was delicious! We were done and we were really sleepy, Amanda and I slept in her bed, So Kyler and Hayes slept in a little mattress Monica brought them. Amanda, Kyler and I woke up in the middle of the night so we could see Hayes sleepwalking...Nothing. But we did hear him snoring and talking!

"Please accept, I promised you i wouldn't leave..." He slurred his words and I think he's dreaming about us two , and I just kept silence.

"Well dang, what's he talking about?" Amanda whispers and Kyle smiles at her. 

"I don't know, but he seems persistent... ma' boy!" Kyler whispers back and Amanda laughs silently.

"Come on, record what he's saying Dana!" Amanda whispers at me

So i took my flip-phone out and pressed record.We were hearing what he was talking about but then Hayes noticed we were awake,so he quickly woke up too and tried to play it off, i don't stop the recording.

"Having fun? Dorks." We all laugh.

Amanda responds "Let's just go to sleep guys."

Kyler and Amanda went to sleep while i put my phone next to me and stared at Amanda's view out the window..I felt someone looking at me...Yeah you guessed it, Hayes.He sat next to me and asked me:

"What was i talking about in my dream? Be honest!" 

"Something about promising someone you wouldn't leave" I gulp.

"Oh...Right, well that's not important, just a little stupid drea-" He widened his eyes when he saw me slowly getting sad.

"Woah, who did you think was in my dream?" He asked me.

"you... Some potatoes or something" We laugh.

"Dummy,Be honest Dana!" He said.

"Well i thought you dreamt something about our promise..." I confessed.

He responded stuttering "Well yeah, I was...i've been dreaming the same thing for weeks, it's weird right?" 

"I don't know if it is, but i gotta say, i wish i had that same dream every day" i said.

"What can i say? I'm pretty lucky" we laugh again.

"I think we should just go back to sleep, Kyler and Amanda might get mad at us."

"Good night Dana, sleep tight" and went back to his bed. I blushed and we both went back to sleep.

We woke up at 10 a.m because today is Halloween! Hayes woke up first, he brushed his teeth and changed into a dark green polo shirt and some blue jeans. Kyler changed into a black and red shirt, black jeans and a red beanie. Amanda changed into (http://demandware.edgesuite.net/sits_pod26/dw/image/v2/AAWA_PRD/on/demandware.static/-/Sites-simplicity-product-master/default/dw1b8f9f8c/images/product/8065/8065_env_front.jpg?sw=286&sh=286) and i changed into (http://www.forever21.com/images/default_330/00152076-03.jpg) .Monica made breakfast,to be specific, some pancakes with bacon! Some scrambled eggs to if we wanted them...Suddenly my mom entered the house and said:

"Hey guys, we got a surprise for you!"

"Hello Ms.Dana's mom, what surprise do you got us" Kyle asked while eating.

"Well, you little people need to go to Dana's house to see it!" Monica responded.

"Really?! come on, let's go!" Hayes excitedly said.

We finished eating and my mom took all of us to my home, we all sat in the sofa and covered our eyes...well 3/4 of us, Kyler was peeking! He was laughing and suddenly there was a scream of happiness.

"Open your eyes people, look at what we're gonna be for Halloween!" Kyler says loudly.

we all opened our eyes, we saw the surprise and were so happy about it, we jumped on the sofa and hugged my mom. We are gonna be...The 4 Musketeers! (http://washingtondc.showbizradio.com/photos/2009/2009-gtc-3musketeers/l4.jpg

"OH MY GOSH, Thank you so much! " Amanda told my mother

"Look guys, we'll actually BE The 4 Musketeers! Hayes said.

"This will be awesome, thank you mom!" I told my mother too.

"You guys deserve it, all of you will dominate Halloween today." Mom responded.


At Night:

Mom wanted to be creative, she decided to take us to Chuck E Cheese because they had a special over there! She took us and obviously Amanda, Hayes and I were excited, we have never been there before...Kyler has, he says it's pretty cool. We go there and i'm surprised, there are a lot of kids here. We got out of the car and entered, they gave us a number and we waited a little, then mom gave us our coins. Hayes and i went into the little car race and I won, he was actually proud of me and we laughed the whole time.I didn't see Amanda, so I asked Hayes if he saw her anywhere.

"I don't think i've seen her Dana,I thought you knew" Hayes responded

"No, i haven't...Wait...Have you seen Kyler?" I nervously ask.

"I haven't seen him either...Oh god."

I ask "...What?"

"They are both lost, we need to find them...fast"

Kyler and Amanda suddenly disappeared, we couldn't find them anywhere and I was worried...We looked through the bathrooms, the games you do standing up,sitting down, and there was still one place to look for, the really huge place so people could climb and stuff? yeah, that. I'm scared of heights...I'm not going there.Hayes doesn't know that, so when he immediately saw the "The house of climbing" (I'm gonna call it that) he told me to go there, i told him i'll look in the bathroom again and he said it was okay,he was looking at me weirdly though. I stayed at the bathroom until he got down and we met again, they weren't there...I started hyperventilating.  He told me to follow him to the photobooth to calm down, and when we go there, there were already people there.

"Can you guys hurry please, my friend here needs a space to chill." He said. He opened the little curtain in the booth and guess who it was? Amanda and Kyler...I wanted to kill them. They jumped, but Kyler looked at Hayes with a genuine smile.

"Yo dude,where were you?" Kyler asked.

"I was so worried, i'm so happy you guys are here" I screamed.

"We were looking everywhere for you and Amanda" Hayes responded.

Amanda said "we are so sorry, we were just making a game for you guys, a little hide and seek...Ha, you found us."

Kyler laughed.

"Well it wasn't fun Amanda, i almost fainted." I declared.

"Sorry."Kyler and Amanda said.

"Let's just go trick-or-treating over the tables" Hayes said while laughing.

"Wait,while we're here, let's take a photo, Kyler lend me a coin" Amanda suggested.

"We'll take 4 pictures, so i'll give 4 coins okay?" Kyler said.

"Okay , this will be weird" Hayes said.

"No it won't, the journey was already done, let's have a memory of the destination."

"You are so cliche Dana, valid point though"

We took 4 photos and it looked kind of crazy , something like this (http://www.comicconfamily.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Chuck-E-Cheese-Photo-Booth-Tradition.jpg) then we went on some crazy games, we had lots of fun,Amanda was having the best time, i have never seen her with that smile...I was happy too...No eleven year old drama, and mom didn't interrupt our fun at all, it was great, we ran out of coins but got all round up together at least 4,000 tickets, we got temporary tattos, crowns, glasses, pens, coloring books and so much more!

We got in the car and we were all just laughing , we thought we looked ridiculous with the crown AND hat on, tattoos on our hands and the musketeers costumes. (The order was Amanda,Hayes,Kyler,Me) Hayes asked Kyler to move on his seat and he did. When they moved,Hayes told me:

"Dana, while we were at the prize counter, I got something for you"

"Really? What is it?" I said excitedly.

he shakes his finger " No,no. When we get home i'll give it to you."

"Ugh dude, you can't do that to your best friend" 

"I do that to Kyler all the time" We laugh.

"Yeah but i'm different, i'm your girl bestfriend" I said while laughing.

Kyler fake coughed "And the girl he likes" and coughed again.

Hayes blushed and said "shut up Kyle."

Mom took all of the musketeers to their homes, and we ended up with a lot of gifts and candy, now this was a good halloween.

"Wait, Hayes got me something and i didn't even see it." I said to my mom.

"He will give it to you when you least expect it , Dana" She responded.

"True, he is like that sometimes"

"I really like him for you in a near future" Mom confessed.

"I really like him in total, mom"

"I'm glad you do." Mom smiled.


4 days later


Kyler was acting quite strange these past few days, i couldn't understand why. Hayes wanted me to go to his house so i could talk to him. We went on Hayes' Sofa and talked.

"Hey, thanks for coming...I want to find out something" He exclaimed.

I asked "What happened? Are you okay?"

Hayes answered "Well, I'm good... but there is something going on here" he smirks.

what could it be?

"What do you mean ,Grier?" I smile.

"I think there's something more than we see...About Amanda and Kyler" He declared.

"Just spit it out Hayes"

"I think they like each other" he laughs.

I started laughing...a lot.

"Why are you laughing so much? Such a weirdo" he said mockingly.

"Hayes, Amanda would never like Kyler...They are too different and i assure you that Kyler wouldn't like Amanda either."

I know this because Amanda already told me who she likes, and i'm completely sure she will NEVER like Kyler...Plus, I couldn't see them together as a couple...even if i tried.

"Then why is Kyler acting completely different these days? I mean it's not normal having him like that...He was even nervous trying to tell me what's wrong and then he panicked and never told me.",Hayes said.

"That's weird, Kyler is never nervous"

"That's exactly what i thought",he told me.

"I'll go talk to him if that makes you feel better" I offered.

"I mean...I could go but we would be fighting more than knowing" 

"Don't worry, i'll go" I laughed.

"Thank you Dana, this is why i like you so mu-" He paused because of what he was about to say, and blushes. "Oh i almost forget, give me a second" 

"Okay , i'll wait here" i said

He walked to the sofa again.

I asked "What did you forget exactly?"

"Here is your present, Thank you for being my best friend" Hayes said while giving me this ring (https://img1.etsystatic.com/000/0/5491764/il_fullxfull.97398939.jpg) (You could choose any color you want, your imagination) 

"This is so pretty Grier, Thank you so much!" I put the ring on. "It's a little big, but i'll grow" I hug him.

"You will, I'm happy you liked it"

I kiss him on the cheek."Bye Grier, oh and by the way, there's your late birthday present" I laugh and leave Hayes' house.

I heard a "Yes" from the inside of his house, and i laugh some more.



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