I Wont Give Up On Us

Dana is a 17 year old struggling with bullying in a big school, her mom decides to change her to a different school, what Dana doesn't know is that her childhood love , Hayes Grier , goes to this school, after losing communication with him completely. It's funny how a conversation changes so much over the years, but memories don't... At all

Will he be the same? Will he recognize her? Will everything be exactly how she wants them to be? Read and find out.


1. Kids In Love

"Chapter 1: Kids In Love" : (Time and place : 8 years ago, Dana's House)

**Danas P.O.V**:

I stared at my window for a period of time, not knowing what was going on, I was so confused by watching people moving furniture in front of our house, but I don't think it's intended to be there. I tried to ignore the situation, but being the 10 year old that I am, I couldn't keep my mouth shut about it. so I started talking to my mom about it.

"Hey mom?" 

"Yes sweetie?", She asked.

"Why is there such a big truck in front of our house? are we moving!?" I scream.

 She laughs ,"No Dana, Why?" 

"Then why are there so much furniture in front of our house?" I question.

"You dummy!", mom says Playfully. "We have new neighbors, and they have a kid your age.", She said with a heart-warming smile.

"I'm going to have a new friend? really? FINALLY!", I said loudly.

Around my neighborhood, there wasn't anyone I could really talk to, just this really nice old man called Paul, who gives me the best advice anyone could ever give! I love that man so much... I hope one day I could be as wise as he is, But he's getting old, which I'm really sad about, besides him I don't have anyone my age! That I could ride bicycles and have some wild adventures with! That's why I got so happy when I heard there was a new kid in town.

"So is she going to visit us? my new friend?", I asked with the biggest smile on my face.

Mom looks confused.

"She? Oh, I forgot to tell you!", she laughs.

"What did you forget to tell me?" 

She responded, "Your new neighbor is a handsome little boy named Hayes!"

"Mom! Boys have cooties! why does the bad stuff always happen to me?", I asked hopelessly.

"Honey you need to be nice to him, I have a feeling you're going to like the kid." She said confidently.

 "Not like like mom!" I insist

"No, I didn't mean it like that!", She explained. "I mean, I think your guys are going to be best friends! Plus...I already talked to his parents and arranged a playdate, so you better be nice!" 

I don't understand the reason of the arranged playdate, because i didn't even knew who this 'Hayes'  was until she told me,  I don't  even know how he looks like! But it's good she made the effort, I never would've done it anyways...And to be honest with you, I'm so nervous to meet him, will I be boring? will I be fun? I don't know what's wrong with me, I'm sorry. 


**Three Hours Later**


I go to my room, it is a red and white study room, it doesn't have alot of funiture...But I like it that way. (http://cdn.home-designing.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/kids-study-room1.jpg) I dont want to look 'bad' for my playdate, so i look for the casual shirt i like with the blue skirt i dont always wear (http://www.forever21.com/images/1_front_330/00152726-01.jpg)

I look at myself in the mirror and think, Why am I so nervous?... I ignore that comment in my mind and meet my mom outside, I take her hand and walk all the way to the park, we wait not so long until we see a mom and dad walking with the only boy my age in my neighborhood... WOW, why am I not thinking about cooties? Instead I am thinking what cute hair and eyes he has, all round bold haircut and big blue sky eyes...And i interrupt my thoughts with another... I'm a ten year old!  I shouldn't be thinking about boys like that!

(Hayes On the right: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/03/f3/07/03f30781858aaff9fba0b6511900e8a6.jpg


"Hi! How are you?", Hayes' dad asked my mom politely.

"I'm Great! How are you?", mom responded.

"So good!, I'm excited to see how this neighborhood treats us", He exclaimed.

While our parents make little chit-chat on the bench we just...We didn't know what to do, just awkwardly looked at each other.. Thank God my mom saw and came up to introduce us.

"Hey sweetie? His name is Hayes, You know that!" Mom said cheerfully.

Hayes Breaks the silence.

 "Um hi... You're Dana Right?" He asked.

"Yeah, really nice to meet you Hayes", I smile unintentionally.

He responded, "The pleasure is all mine ...Dana", And blushes.

we spent all day together, we played on the swings and played so much hide and seek. Since that day we are best friends, just like mommy said ,I love him so much. I can't believe it, I have an actual friend, I do everything with him, we just went to the park, we went on wild adventures, we rode bicycles together. But my heart started to skip more everyday, I liked his blue eyes and hair , I try to look my best every time he came home ...And he was the only one who I wanted to play with..Is this weird? i don't know...But a person who COULD know popped on my mind, I think im going to the wisest of them all...Paul.

Mom puts my hair in a bun and I go in my green pijamas and slippers to his house. (http://ep.yimg.com/ay/yhst-1468188928518/sara-s-prints-boys-long-sleeve-striped-pajamas-green-white-17.gif).

"Paul!" I screamed happily.

He was in his bench outside, as usual.

"Why My child! It's been long since I've seen you!" He said.

"I'm so sorry Paul. I didn't do it on purpose! I've had my head on something for so long!",I started explaining.

"Is it the handsome young boy? the one you spend time with?" He teases.

I felt a knot in my throat,is it that obvious? 

"How would you know, huh?" I questioned.

He responds, "I know you all too well Dana, You don't stop talking to me all of the sudden because of nothing you know.", He laughs.

"And I said I was sorry", I laugh too.

"Is he a good friend?" He asks.

"The BEST Friend, he is so cool! We spend so much time together and it's never boring!",I keep explaining.

While I say this, I have a giant smile on my face, my cheeks go red and my eyes get shiny, of course Paul notices.

"you don't like him as a best friend only , Dana." He tells me.

"Ugh Paul! Don't say it out loud! he might hear you!" , I say nervously.

"Your mother knew that could've happen." Paul confesses.

Mom always know things before me, it bothers me how she's always right all the time.

"What do i do? I'm only a little kid", I frown.

He stands up and sighed, then he says,"True love, especially first love, can be so tumultuous and passionate that it feels like a violent journey."


When Paul told me this, I didn't know what he meant, at all... But as Hayes And I would be together more and more I knew, I really knew , I was in love with that kid.

There were some days I suspected he felt the same for me, but as a girl I overthink things to much...He did send me flowers , but was I overreacting?

One day we were at the park...we were a little bit older (1 year ) and he confessed... to me? We were 11 year olds, Hanging out in the slides. As im about to go down the slide he stops me and asks for me to stay in the wooden part of the 'house'  (http://nwmontessori.net/img/playground.JPG) and started acting nervous...Which made me nervous. 

"Look Dana... I've been thinking so much about this, we've been spending so much time together, and I have something  to tell you" He tells me.

"What is it?" I asked 

I am SO nervous.

He sighs,"So...Did you like the flowers?" He smiles.

Well that was not what i was expecting.

I smile,"Yes Grier, I really love the flowers!" 

Hayes says,"Well, when you get home, look at the card inside the vase and you should...uh...notice something." 

"What could that be?" I muttered.

"You will know, you're a pretty smart girl!" He continues talking. "Not saying you can't be smarter, it's just...you're pretty too! and you know the smart thing went perfectl-...I should stop talking now." 

That was sweet! Now I can't wait to see what was in the letter! he is so nice and cute. I can't believe he is my best friend, i am so happy to have him...wait,he's staring at me and i didn't say anything! i probably need to talk now.

"Thank you for the compliment Hayes, So i'll see you tomorrow?" I ask.

he thinks and answers," I don't think so, i have the Mini league!"

"Will I be surprised by the letter?" I giggled.

"I think so, We just have to wait...yeah...wait" He mumbled.

I smile, "Then see you later Grier!"

We both wave goodbye, I run to my house and go up to my room, i shower and look at the flowers and notice what Hayes told me, there is a note on the inside. I take out the flowers (They are fake) , the note was taped in the inside corner of the vase. I take it off and put the flowers back. It read:


"Knowing myself i probably didn't tell you what i wanted in the park, so here it goes, this past year you have been the best girl ever! I convinced my dad to buy fake flowers because the real ones die easily and I don't want you to have dead flowers, I really...Like you. And it's not normal like , Its the like-like situation. Dana I know I have cooties..But i can take them off for you? I can even go to the doctor and have him take them off!"

Love, Hayes


While I read this card I immediately blush and smile at the thought that my crush actually likes me, my best friend likes me, and I like him...This is so much happiness and no worrying of cooties anymore,wow, We like eachother. Ha ha, can kids fall in love? Or am i thinking too much? Oh my god.




















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