My boyfriend is my brother

We do things we're not supposed to do..


3. chapter three

When we arrived at Mom and Dad's place..

A slap welcomed Clyde which made me gasp.


"Don't you dare raise your voice at me Claire Beige!" - Mom

"What's happening?!" - me

"You're brother here just got someone pregnant!" - Mom

I gasped.. he what?!

I looked at Clyde and he just looked at me like he's really sorry.

I feel my eyes sting.

"W-who? H-how?!" - me

"Shiela." - Mom

I sobbed.. He got my bestfriend pregnant.

Shiela is my best friend and one of our most trusted workers in our company. She is Clyde's assistant.

I can't take this..

I ran as fast as I can..


I don't know where I am and I dont care. All I wanna do is hide from everyone.

I cant believe he betrayed me, he cheated on me.. With my bestfriend and what's even worst is he got her pregnant.

I covered my face and sobbed hard. Im here at the park somewhere I don't know, It's dark and scary but I dont care.


I looked up and saw him.. clyde.

"What are you doing here? Leave me alone!" - me

He sat beside me and tried to hug me but I pushed him.

"You're an asshole!" - me

"I can explai--"

I didn't let him finish. I slapped him hard.

"Explain what?! Her pregnancy explains it all! You lust over her and that bitch lust over you too so you guys had sex and you got her pregnant! And that explains that you cheated and that itchy-little-bitch betrayed me!" - me

My ex-bitchfriend knows my relationship with Clyde. I really trust her but now? I really wish she wouldn't show her face to me cauz I swear to God I'll kill her!!

"No, it's not what you think baby." - Clyde

Eventhough its dark, I can see his eyes getting teary.

"You don't know how much it.. HURTS!" - me

I sobbed really hard.

"Baby, if you would just hear me out." - Clyde

"Hear you out?! I dont care whatever you'll say cauz what's clear is you cheated!" - me

I stood up but he held my hand.

"Baby.." - Clyde

"Dont baby me jerk! We're done!!" - me

And I ran fast.. But as I get faster and faster.. Everything went black and last thing I heard is a noise of a car and Clyde shouted my name..


Sorry for this lame update. I'll do my best next chapter. :)

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