My boyfriend is my brother

We do things we're not supposed to do..


1. Chapter one:

Chapter one:

"What's this? A piece of shit?! Do your work properly cauz as far as I remember, I've been giving you a big salary! Get out!" - me

My employee turns to get out of my office. I laid my back on my swivel chair and massaged my forehead. I've been recieving reports this past few days. Our stocks are starting to lower down. I need to get this in and make our sales higher.

I heared the door clicked and it opened. It's my secretary Lea.

"What do you want?" - me

"Mam, sir Leviste wants to see you at the lobby." She said stammering.

I sighed, what is that motherfucker doing here?!

I checked the time.. Yeah, its almost lunch. I grabbed my bag and went to down to the lobby to see him.

"Hey! I missed you." - Clyde

"What do you want?!" - me

"Owwww. Is that how you treat your brother?" - Clyde

"Shut up Clyde, I know you need something that's why youre here." - me

"Psh. Fine, I need a place to live in." - Clyde

I sighed. Probably, he wants to live in my Condo.

"Can I stay at your condo for few weeks?" - Clyde

"Why?" - me

"Why? Uhm, i dont have a place to stay." - Clyde

I groaned.

"Fine." - me

"Yessss!! We'll sleep in a room together okay?!" - Clyde

"Oh shut up dear brother!" - me

"So hm? Have you eaten your lunch?" - Clyde

"Im about to go out for lunch." - me

"Okay. Let's just eat together." - Clyde

I gave him a tiger look.

"Chill there little sis, Im the one who's gonna pay." - Clyde


I smirked and we grabbed our lunch together.


"You'll stay there okay? That's your room and don't you ever dare to get inside my room!" - me

"Yes mam." - Clyde

I went to the kitchen to get water when I felt him hugged me from behind..

"You still smell the same Beige baby." He said..

I can feel his lips on my ear, and Its a turn on...

I smirked at him.

"I missed you.." - Clyde

"Me too." - me

He then touched me down there..

"I missed this.. I missed being inside this.." - Clyde

I turned to look at him, his eyes were filled with lust..

We kissed..

Yes, you're right Im fucking my brother...

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