Drake Jones had done no wrong in his life... Until he was framed for murdering one of his closest friends. He set out to find the culprit and to clear his name. With no help from the police or anyone he knew, he was on his own on this treacherous journey.


2. Murder

          Lucas Campbell was a good person. He did charities, helped orphaned young, helped the homeless, and so much more. No one could think of a reason to kill him! But... Kutlace Strewbottom did, anyway. He murdered Lucas in cold blood, and framed Lucas' best friend, Drake Johnson for the murder.





         It was a windy night. Dark storm clouds covered the night sky, so no moonlight shone through. It was sprinkling ever so slightly and the winds were a light breeze, but quickly picked up. As the winds picked up, the storm came to life. Thunder boomed, lightning crackled, echoing through the almost deserted street. Only one man was walking down the street- Lucas Campbell... Or so Lucas thought. He had no idea he was being followed by Kutlace Strebottom- a serial killer on the loose. 

        Lucas kept his hands in his light brown leather jacket, his dark blue pants covering most of his black dress shoes. His black tophat flew off his head as the winds picked up. Lucas sighed.

       "Just my luck..." He said as he became soaking wet from the pouring rain. "The only time I forget my umbrella is the time it pours and my hat is blown off..." He shook his head as he caught his hat before it blew off completely. 

      Lucas, then, got the feeling that he was being watched. He slowly turned, his hazel brown eyes meeting dark brown, almost black eyes. The man standing there was familiar to Lucas and he immediately knew who the man was... Kutlace Strewbottom, the notorious serial killer. Lucas looked down, seeing a silver and black gun, which wouldn't of been seen if the rain drops hadn't reflected light from lamp posts around the street. The gun glinted in the rain.

    Lucas, then, looked back up, staying silent as fear glazed his eyes. Kutlace smirked, enjoying the fright. He pointed the gun the Lucas' chest and looked Lucas in the eyes once more, a murderous flare in his eyes. Lucas gulped and backed up, then turned and ran. Kutlace shook his head, still smirking as he put the silencer onto his pistol. He aimed right at Lucas' back and... bam! The shot was silent. Kutlace watched with pleasure as Lucas' body hit the ground and a pool of blood formed. 

    Kutlace looked around, pleased that there were no witnesses... So, he grabbed a glass from his coat pocket with his gloved hand and took the fingerprints of... Dark Johnson. He planted the prints onto the gun, an evil and murderous fire in his eyes. He set the gun down next to the body and turned and ran. 

   Lucas' body laid there until morning came five hours later. By then, the blood had dried, insects- such as maggots- had gotten into his body. People came out of their houses, some screaming. They called 9-11 and the police arrived. 

  "Stay back!" One of the officers told the people as they started to surround the crime scene. "Detective Ean needs his space so he can find clues." The people started to back up as more police showed up.

  "Drake Johnson...?" Detective Ean questioned as he looked at the small database computer, which held all the fingerprints of the people in the town. "He must've had a grudge and went too far for the punishment." He stood. "Find Drake Johnson!" He ordered his men.

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