2. Two


   'So Cal can't come, huh' Ashton dragged his bags lifting them into the boot of his car.

   'Nope' Michael jumped into the passenger seat.

   'That's a shame. He was really looking forward to this'

   Ash climbed into the car and started up the engine. The four of them were planning this camping trip in the summer all year. Now Cal couldn't make it because of his family vacation which left the three of them. Ash, Mike and Luke.

   Turning on the radio, Ash began to drive down the road. 'Where's Cal' Luke asked from the back. 'Were you not listening, he's on a vacation with his family' Mike sighed.

   'Oh, that sucks'

   'Yeah well I'm surprised mommy's boy was even let out of his playpen' Mike chuckled to himself.

   'Ha ha, whatever' Luke mumbled shoving his headphones on.



Cal's POV

   For a few moments I was sure I must be dead. Then sensation began to creep cruelly back into my body. It felt like someone was holding a blowtorch to my freezing skin. My legs cramped up as if my muscles had been slammed in a door repeatedly, I cried out. I was alive all right. Death could never hurt as much as this. A trickle of blood ran down my cheek from the cut above my eye.

   I reached for my calves, trying to rub the muscles into easing off. Where am I? How long had I been lying here? Many hours. It was growing dark. The moon was full and heavy in the greying sky, like a huge boulder about to drop and crush me.

   Thick mud slurped at my shoulders. I was lying in shallow waters. Further out, I could hear the foaming rapids.

   How far down the river had I drifted? I surveyed the rushing water. A little way upstream, a line of stones stuck out of the water. They acted as a kind of breakwater. If I had knocked into one then been pushed behind the line ... Yeah, that was it. The gentler current had then carried me here to the river's edge.

   I took a deep, shuddering breath. I'd made it. I'd had an unbelievable adventure, but I'd made it. Through the pain, through the shock - or maybe because of it - I found myself laughing.

   Exhausted as I was, I knew I had to make my way back to the cabin. Mom would be worried. So would Dad and Mali, but they knew I'd come back because it's happened before. Me leaving the house. I always came back in end though, after clearing my head. Just this time was a little different.

  Walking a slow and steady pace up the hill. I retrieved my clothes, it felt nice to feel the material on my skin. My whole body was aching. I winced in pain each few steps I took. I could feel myself going dizzy and my eyes blurring. In the distance I could see the dim light from the cabin, shining through the trees. Almost there, I kept repeating it to myself. Almost there.



~Authors Note~

Hey Dudes and Dudettes

I know this is a short chapter but just wanted to update for you. I have no idea if anybody likes this or if its good. I hope you do like it though. If any of you have some ideas let me know please, I have a few ideas in mind so bear with me. Thanks <3

Love Beth:-) x


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