The Run


3. The Cancer Diary

I can't believe what I hear Alice said. I hope she is joking. This time I saw Alice was behind me. I sighed. " Why you do this to me?

I didn't mean it, Bella. We just dating to make them helping us." Alice said

"How? They like to help to make a love?" I frowned 

"Yeah, that what vampires always to do to avoid them." Alice smiled.

"Oh, sorry, Alice." I smiled back.

"It is okay." She laughed. "You have a beautiful smile." 

"That what Austin said." I said.

"Really, it is a dream. And that kiss." i laughed.

"No it is true."

"WHAT THE!?" I yelled.

"Yeah I know. He really loves you. I think you should date him instead me." Alice laughed.

I couldn't answer, but laugh.

About couple hours later, I was walking around the forest until I found a diary. It was about few pages.  So I deiced to read it.

She began her new life by darkness and Illness. Her face was pale. When I touched her body, I imagine that she would wake up and laugh and kiss my cheek and also say I love you mommy. But her body was lifeless and cold. I should have done better. I'm lousy mom in this world. She has suffering with cancer. I should have been there with her when she died. She was only sixteen! Lots of tears busted out of my tears. I dashed to my house, and quickly washed the dishes. It helped me clam down. Suddenly, I saw her ghost, I dropped the glass plate and I can hear it cracked. She was holding a book or something. She put it on the desk. That moment she put it on the desk, she was suddenly was gone. I picked it and opened it. My thoughts were full images of her.

They decided I have a rare blood cancer. I'll have a suck surgery. Also I have a tumor in my lungs, my arm and my livers and my left kidney. I'm in stage 3. Doctors say I'll maybe survive if tumor don't t spread out fast. Tumor maybe will move up to stage 4. I should not be worried. I don't have stage 4. I am only fifteen years old. My birthday is two days away. Everyone feels for about me when they see my oxygen tank and suddenly they feel sorry. I'm little bit tired of that. I sat on my chair in my own bedroom, which my parents got for me for my 8th birthday. Unusual,I already fell tired so I stand up and walk on my way to my bed. It is about 20 inches away. But I hardly see anything. I begin to feel something painful but I don't know what it is so I shut my eyes.


I woke up. I'm not in my room, instead I was in somewhere else. I can't tell because I hardly see anything. There is many strange face. My parents was there. They look worried. Today is my birthday, but what's happening? I don't understand what is happening, I thought. I been feeling pain and numb anywhere so I can't tell where. Too painful. My head turned to my right side to left side, my eyes point to my left side of my body. I saw something red. Blood, I thought, Seriously what is happening? I look at my parents, my images and thoughts begin to fade away. My name is Antonia, I thought before I close my eyes. 


I feel worse when I wake up. I wish I could stay sleeping. But I open my eyes anyway. It did not work. I try it again. It not work. I give out a big sigh. I am so tried anyway, I want to have little bit more sleep. I shut my eyes. Or not, I thought. I begin feel worse in a moment. I try to open my eyes but it not work! So I decide to scream. Nothing happening. I try scream again. Then I hear a voice say "What is happening?" I stop. But pain just get worse and worse.So I can't help but scream anyway. "Will Antonia be okay?" A familiar voice says. Mom! I thought. I want her be here. "MOM? If you are here stay here! It is painful!" I scream. " I hate to say this but your mother left here about a moment ago to pick up your father, but I'm afraid that you won't survive this. I'm sorry, I have to get you to sleep." My last thoughts are I can't survive? This is last day of my life. And my images and thoughts begin fading away. My last tear was burst out my eyes. 

I am in the middle on the road when I woke up. I notice a car is driving toward me. It went though me! I'm a ghost? Am I a freak? Full of images flood my brain. I pinch my shoulder to make sure it is not a dream. I feel nothing which means it is dream. I shut my eyes and I wake up in a bed. I gave out big sigh. It is not true. Wait! I did survive this! I try to get out of my bed but my left side is still very painful. Oh, darn. I have to ran away, Just have to do it. But I'm not that dumb I just don't want to still be here. My parents will force me to stay here. I'm not surprise if they did that. I see a wheelchair next right side of my "bed". I can get out "bed" and sit on it. I force myself to get of my "bed" I put my right arm on the wheelchair. I pull myself up with my other arm, it is painful also. I push the top of the bed with my right arm, then finally I stand up. It is getting worse. I put my right arm on wheelchair, and sat on it. Feels better than before, I think. I force myself to move the wheelchair. I move the wheelchair to the table. I take out paper and pen and write a note to my parents. Then I am on my way.

Outside, it is cold. I shrive. I keep pushing the wheel with my good arm. It is hard to do it with just one arm. I need my sleep. I waste my few hours of my sleep time, but it is worth it anyway. I find a good hiding place if my parent call police to send to look me at this night. It is on top of roof. I have to do it. I force myself to put my left arm on side of wheelchair and raise my arms to the ladder. I pull myself up. I stand still until the pain is gone. Then I push the wheelchair to the bush to hide it. I'll figure it out next day. I just do these steps over again until I get to top of the roof. I cuddle myself like kitten on millions of the dirt leaves.

The sunrise woke me up. I look at the bell tower, it is 6:59 morning. I look down making sure there is no police there looking for me. I'm sure my parents will look for me first thing in the morning and call the police. I do the floor crawl like the snake. The floor has broken my part of the skin on my right side. I make sure that my left side is not on the floor. I try put my legs on ladder each time and my back is bent backward because I don't want to fall off. I hold my right hand to ladder. Accidentally, I open my right hand. I fall. I scream loud , louder, and louder. Someone grabs me. A boy I think. I have always wanted to have a boy who saves me, but Its too painful to think. My left side is full of red. Oh no not today, I thought! " Logan, who this girl that you saved?" A voice said. "Shut up, Nick! This girl is hurt! Blood is everywhere around her, I think she has cancer! Now get yourself here! Help me!" The boy name Logan screams. I shut my eyes. For third time, oh darn.

"What's your name?" Logan asked. "Antonia." I say weakly. Blood still spills on the floor, still moving bigger. "Age?" He asked. "Sixteen" I say weakly again. I feel like I am going die soon. Two faces rush to me. My parents! Oh darn! Bur oh darn isn't my best word ever or something. I wish to shut my eyes and pretend to be dead! I have to do something but I didn't because Its so painful to do it. Logan muttered something to my parents and he points out to top of roof. Oh darn! I don't want to get trouble so I shut my eyes and accidentally I pass out. I hear last words. My parents saying "Antonia! Don't leave us!" Then they broke into sobbing. "Antonia?" My mom say softly. My heart beats are running lower. My real very last tear running down my cheeks. 

I remember when I was six, I went to my BFF's birthday party, My best friend, Antenna, she and I thought that I'll die soon because I broke my leg. We cried so hard as hard as heartbreaking. Now I real will be dead forever. What would I gonna do? 

Dear Parents, 

Don't worry I'm fine now. I am an angel now. And my left side is all better now.




Tears are running down my cheek. I have to go to the funeral tomorrow for Antonia. She is truly gone. I have her book. I decide to called it "The Journey of the Cancer". I go to sleep. I woke up next morning. I look at time clock, 6:59 am. I smile. I get dress up. I am all ready to go. I walk and drive off with my dear husband, and make sure that I don't lose Antonia's baby sister like we did lose Antonia. I'm not old I'm 31 years old. I was pregnant when I was in middle school. My husband said "We should have told her that she'll have new baby sister". I feel more upset "I know it is my fault." It is truly. She is not been watching, I'm sure. Then I look side of the window. And I see sky made a words. Here's what it said:

I have been watching.


I just can't believe it when I finished this. Why it is in here? I wondered. This is a vampire test not a cancer test. "Hello, can you help me? Maybe a glass of milk?" A young girl said. She looked like about sixteen.

"Um, sure." I went to get a glass of milk. Then bring it back to the girl.

"Kindness make it everything." She smiled.

"What your name?"

"Antonia." She smiled. I started at her with a horror.

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