The Run


1. Beginning of the Run

"You can outrun anyone" Max said about couple of months ago. I just can't stop take a mind of him.  Pictures of Max flooded over my mind. "Are you ready, Bella?" Max's sister Alice whispered. " I don't think so." I whispered even more quietly.  Then I heard a voice "Please, could all of you prepare for the vampire run test." My leg was shaking. " But I'm only a human." I whispered to Alice. She started at the wall. That makes me not sure if that she did hear or not. I sighed. 

"FYI, I heard you. Don't forget that I can read minds." Alice said.

"Oh" That all I can say.

"Unsaul for the vampire, but I'm shaking. Honestly."  

"Me too"

She sighed. "All I can is thinking about Max. " I said quietly. 

"BELLA! How many times I have to tell you?! Max is even more stronger than a vampire."

"Like Superman?"

" I think so, maybe. But he could die, not likely superman that he can't die." She frowned.

"What is wrong?" I asked. She won't answer. Her yellow eyes looked at mine. Suddenly I heard that voice again,

"Ready" The voice said. My leg was shaking. 


Alice burped.

All I can think is Max. I stood still waiting for something to happened.

" She is the first dead meat!" Other voice yelled. I looked behind me, Everyone is already gone. Alice was gone too. I can't even move.About ten seconds, nothing's happening. Then I waited with my leg shaking for ten seconds more, something bad I think, is happening. I heard a low growl. The wall, not a wall but a gate, opened. The pack of the werewolves is coming out of the gate. 

" Oh no" I mumbled to myself. I begin to run fast as I could. My legs was still shaking, even harder. I groaned, it is very very hard to run and have a leg shaking at the same time. I begin to feel something strange so I looked at my arm, my pale body is begin fading away instead pale, it is white as cloud. This time, I saw Alice welcomed fast me to her "hiding place". I zoomed to her hiding place. Alice gasped. 

"What?" I said

"You have red eyes"

I dared me  to answer her no matter what, even I don't want to.

"Really? I hope you are kidding."

"I'm not kidding."

" Are you sure?" I whispered 

"Okay, it is all gone."

"Okay." I sighed. I begin to turned to another way, but she stopped me " Are you sure that you not a vampire?"

I started her and don't dare to answer her.

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