The Run


4. Antonia

" Antonia?" I whispered.

" Yeah, what matter with that?" Antonia said.

" But I found your mother's dairy. You were dead." I said

" Really?" She took the book. Oh no, I have a same name." She smiled. 

" Oh, anyway are you a vampire?" I asked.

" Um, yeah, I'm am. What about you?" She asked.

" Oh yeah, I am." I said.

"I've never heard of a vampire who is kind." She frowned.

" Really? Oh I did see one." I lied. Not that Max isn't nice, honestly.

       Antonia smiled. I bent down to give her some water from the river. When I got it, I looked back to Antonia was there last time. She was gone. I looked up, down, left, and right. She was all gone. I sighed. I will catch up with her soon. We maybe have different age yes, but at least we have close age. I'm 18. I had just done with school. I went back to Alice's hiding place. Let me tell where it is. It is a attic. A forest attic. I know it sound strange. It is sound strange to me too.      

 " Hello, Austin." I said to Austin next morning.

" Hello, Bella." He smiled. " And are we dating?"

" Yeah, I guess." I laugh softly. 

" Real dating, huh?"He whispered. I pretend to not heard it. 

" I better to go." I smiled to him. I was like Oh my god! I had just met him. I was so stupid! But I love him. I love him! I said to myself around until I hear a roar. At same time, I jumped with a horror. 

" You scared me!" I yelled.

" You love Austin, huh?" The strange voice said. " Yeah, I maybe love to help." 

" Where are you?" I called to forest.

" But I can't help because you are a vampire. Austin is a wolf were." Voice roared. " And I'm mad! You steal him from us!" Voice roared.

" I'm s-sorry! And I mean it!" I shuffled. 

" No, I don't think so!" Voice yelled.

" And I'm going to kill you." 


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