The Run


2. A gentleman named Austin

"Ugh, what time is it now?" I said when Alice waked me up, she did not answer me. "Time to get up, get ready for another day." Alice said as she stood up. I checked my watch, it is 6:47! Ugh, why should Alice wake me up that early? I thought. Then I remembered I'm at the Run test. I sighed. I knew I have to get up. I stood up. I noticed that Alice has already made pancakes for breakfast. 

"I think you should not to make pancakes, they have strong sense for them." I said.

"Clam down, I know, they hate pancakes." Alice said.

"Oh, sorry." That all I can say. 

"Okay, pancakes is ready. Two or three?" 

"Two, I guess."

I think you should get three pancakes to get enough energy for today."

"Okay" I whispered, knowing three pancakes is too much for me.

    Alice gave me three pancakes. I thanked her. I walked out the door, I looked at the sunrise. Max have to be here somewhere. " Beautiful isn't it?" Alice said behind me. "Yeah, very." I said. We was quiet for few moments and watched the sun rise. 

     When it was over, I went to river to get water. When I realized that I forget to bring the bowl. I heard something like roar. I suddenly looked to see what happening behind me. I was shaking. I saw a gentleman, he was handsome, good-looking, and little bit scary. 

"Hello, who are you?" I said with my voice shaking.

"I'm Austin"

I started at him. He seem waiting for something.

"You? What is your name"

" Oh, My name is Bella." I said with my voice shaking again.

" Nice to meet you, Bella." He gave me a hand, so I admit him a handshake.

"You are cutie. Do you know that?" He whispered. 

I didn't dare myself to answer him. So I just started at him. He chucked. 

" Want to see around here?" he offered. 

"Sure" I said, smiling. 

        " You have a nice smile." He said. "Thanks." I laughed. This time I heard a familiar voice. "Bella, help me! They is here!" A voice yelled from somewhere around in the forest. Alice! I gasped. "We have to help Alice!" I yelled. "Let's go, then.!" He roared. We  run fast as we could. 

      Alice was fighting with two of the werewolves. I yelled to tell them to stop. One of them with brown hair looked at me, then both was coming after me, because of I'm human, maybe. I run toward them and hit softly on blond hair one. "Ha, you fight like girl!" He roared. "Oh really?" I sound like I don't care. I kicked him leg hard as possible. He yelled in painful. Austin laughed. I looked at Austin. "Seem like you are good fighter." He laughed again. I smiled at him. That one with brown hair run away.

      "Thanks for saving my life" Alice said for sixth time. "You are welcome, Alice." I smiled. 

"I'm going get bowl of water for us. Wanna to come with me, Bella?" Austin said.

" Sure, Austin." I want to stay but I have no choice. I don't want to be rude. 

" So, are you a vampire?" I asked Austin on halfway to the river.

"Um, yeah, I'm vampire. What about you?" He whispered. 

"Oh yeah, I'm a vampire! Duh!" I lied. I don't want him get me killed because I'm a human.

    "You are so beautiful." He said. 

He kissed me.

His soft lip touched my, I could smell his breath, of strawberry.I kissed him back. We was finished for next couple of minutes. " I love you" Austin said. I started at him. But inside me I loved him. 

     I groan when I waked up. Something is painful. I saw something red spilled over me. 

" Who spilled the juice?" I groaned again. Austin and Alice laughed.

" And why you two so close?" I asked both of them. 

"Um"Alice said.

"WHAT?" I yelled.

"Keep your voice down, Bella!" Alice yelled. "They can hear us!"


" Fine, you want know the truth?" Alice whispered.

"YES!" I yelled

" We are dating, Bella." Alice said slowly. 

I gasped. 

" I loved Austin" I said without knowing that Austin was listening. 

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