Fuck You, Luke

It wasn’t like Michael actually hated Luke. More like the opposite to be honest. Or at least most of him did. That little part inside of him, which had a tendency of peeking out, whenever Luke did something cute, something funny or even something stupid, didn’t feel exactly like he did. It wanted Luke oh so very badly, but Michael knew that, that could never happen. Hell. Michael knew that he could never have Luke in any way. They were bandmates, nothing more.

In which Michael has a demon inside him, that desires Luke more than good probably is.


2. Chapter 2

It’d been quite a while since the incident after the show, and the shirtless incident on the bus. It’d been a while but there had been quite some episodes since as well. Michael felt like the demon inside him were feeding off of the comment Calum had made; saying that Luke wanted him just as much as he wanted Luke. The incidents had gotten worse from time to time; it slowly got harder and harder for Michael to keep the demon down. Keep the voice out of his head and keep the darkness from taking over his sight.

Today was interview day for a magazine and they were going to have pictures taken Michael just really hoped nothing would go wrong. He hoped Luke wouldn’t  do something the demon liked. He wasn’t sure if he was actually able to control the demon anymore. Well he had won every time so far, but it was clear to Michael that the demon’s desire were getting much stronger and it was worrying.

It was time, and Calum took Michael’s arm and soon they were walking down the street, hand in hand, as they always would have done back home.

When Michael saw Luke out of the corner of his eye, he didn’t even realize it, but he let go of Calum’s and put both that and his other hand in his pockets, trying to act like he didn’t care about, well literally anything.

When the four boys got in the building where the interview were taking place, one of the staff members met them at the doors and showed them the way, to where the pictures were going to be taken. The photographer asked them to stand in a particular way that would look ‘magnificent’ as he expressed it. Michael were about to say something when Luke stood half in front of him for the picture; but Calum shot him a glare and slapped his arm, to keep him from saying anything.

Michael quickly started feeling the heat coming from Luke’s body and soon his eyes started darkening right there. Luke shifted and accidentally brushed Michael’s thigh with a hand; Michael knew Luke would be blushing by now, but Michael couldn’t think more off it. The darkness were getting closer around his sight without any more warning, he felt something inside, making him lean forward until his mouth were right next to Luke’s ear.

I wanna hold you down and make you scream.” The deep raspy voice of the demon inside of Michael murmured, and he even felt it making him breathe heavily as he spoke, so it spread across Luke’s ear and neck. Michael saw Luke’s fists clench and a little smirk played around Michael’s lips, before the demon spoke again. “I wanna lay you out on the floor and turn you on.” The singer in front of Michael shuttered visibly and Michael’s smirk grew when he leaned back. Suddenly the darkness disappeared and Michael felt oddly weak.

The rest of the photoshoot felt long and Michael just expected the darkness to reappear any time, but it didn’t. At least no until it was time for the interview. Michael could still feel that Luke was pretty shaken by the things the demon had said to him, but he didn’t know what to say to make it better either. They’d gone to the next room where the interview were taking place and when Michael had taken place at the corner of the sofa, the darkness appeared again for just a few seconds, before disappearing. What his didn’t realize was, what when the demon had taken over for a moment, it’d reached out, grabbed Luke’s wrist and pulled him down beside him.

With four people in the small sofa, Michael and Luke’s thighs couldn’t help but touch. Michael really tried not to think about how close he suddenly were to Luke, but it was like his thigh were burning under the touch of Luke’s touch. The feeling of a burning sensation spread all over his body and he could literally see how Luke’s body trembled.

The darkness crowded his eyes again and Michael tried to fight it, but he soon found himself leaning in towards Luke’s neck and when the interviewer were busy talking to Ashton, Michael heard the low hoarse voice speak lowly. “I wanna take you out, make you beg for more.” Michael felt shivers run down Luke’s spine, he saw the way Luke bit his lower lip and his face flustered a bright red; and damn he looked sexy.

It was like the darkness inside of him, had a plan of its own. It didn’t stay and beg Michael for letting it have Luke. It didn’t crowd his eyes anymore it just sort of left Michael to himself, for the rest of the interview.

Well almost. For a second, Michael’s eyes blacked completely and he felt like a fire was burning inside of him, when Luke did something Michael would have never expected him to do. He put a hand on Michael’s thigh. It wasn’t something sudden; Michael could feel him trembling and hesitate for a moment, when he slid his hand from his own thigh to Michael’s.

That was all. Nothing further happened from Michael’s within. For a little while it actually felt sort of like it’d never even been there. At some point, both Michael and Luke actually forgot about Luke’s hand on Michael’s thigh; none of them remembered before Ashton elbowed Luke in the side, as to ask what they were doing.

Luke’s face blushed a dark crimson and he pulled his hand away as if he was burned. Michael felt nothing near burning though; after Luke removed his hand, Michael felt cold where it’d been, and now it was like he couldn’t forget the feeling again, of being touched by Luke.


The following days, Michael couldn’t stop thinking about what happened at the interview. It was burned into his imagination and it was like it just wouldn’t let him rest. He kept thinking about Luke’s face. Luke’s touch. Luke’s reactions to his words. Whenever his was alone, or the others left him with his thoughts, it images were there, right in front of his eyes.

It seemed like the incident had changed something in Luke as well. Luke weren’t as scared and jumpy around Michael anymore, and sometimes he even smiled and waved at Michael. Today was different though. Michael hadn’t seen Luke around the hotel even once, but somehow it felt like he was waiting for something. Like something was going to happen.

It was about late afternoon when something finally did happen. They weren’t playing tonight, so they didn’t have to hurry about anything. Michael was walking down the hall deep in his own thoughts, when just outside Ashton and Luke’s room, the door opened and a hand grabbed his wrist and pulled him inside.

Michael didn’t even get the time to think or even see who dragged him inside, before the door were closed behind him and he was slammed hard up against the door. Michael closed his eyes in slight pain and when he opened them again, the darkness were crowding his eyes again, and through the darkness he saw Luke.

Luke pulled a little back at the expression on Michael’s face. Said boy pushed off of the door and took a step forward; Luke stepping back further. A smirk spread on Michael’s face as he stepped forward again, walking the singer almost all the way to the back wall of the room; stopping right between the two beds. The kind of beds with a sort of roof over. Michael grabbed the wood on each side, holding the roof but kept his gaze locked at Luke.

I’m gonna push up to your body and sink my teeth into your flesh.” Said the demon and reached out for Luke with one hand. He grabbed Luke behind the neck, pulled him a little closer and let his teeth dig into the skin, right where shoulder met neck. Luke let his head fall back and a shaky sigh fell over his lips.

“Michael-“ Luke whined when the demon let go of his neck.

I can hold you up against the wall until you beg.” The demon whispered and licked up Luke’s neck, as to put a big fat line under the truth in his words.

“Please-“ Luke mewled and Michael didn’t hesitate. He pushed the singer back against the wall; grabbed his wrists and pinned them above his head, with one hand, while he let the other slide down Luke’s arm, before settling it on Luke’s cheek. Luke’s bright red face.

Sexy, can I?” Michael and caressed Luke’s chin; his face right in front of the blonde’s; he used all of his willpower to keep in control and push the thing inside him down. He wasn’t going to let it still away his first kiss with this boy. When Luke nodded, Michael leaned in and their lips connected for the first time. Michael far too late realized he shouldn’t have, because when their lips finally touched, it felt like the desire ripped through Michael’s body and he knew that there were nothing to do. He wasn’t going to be able to gain control of the situation again. When he opened his eyes as his and Luke’s lips parted again, everything he saw, were through a dark haze, and he knew the demon in him, had finally truly surfaced. “I wanna fuck you like a pornstar.” The dark voice smirked and if Luke were scared of what he saw in Michael’s face, he didn’t show it.

Luke sighed deeply and bit his lower lip before he moved forward to let another kiss settle between them and it was like the demon moved a little aside inside Michael. Like it let Michael take back control, as long as he shared. Michael felt it, and he knew he had no other choice but to share with the demon inside of him and so it happened, when Luke opened to him and let Michael and the demon, do to him what they wanted. The demon was the raw sex, while Michael held it back and made sure it was still gentle, for the singer.

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