I Am Lavern

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41. 10/10/2015

9:39 PM


Today has been, well, pretty good. I started the Movellas Survey (Go Take it Now!!!!) which (I think) is going to turn out really well, As of right now about 24 people have taken it over 7 hours, so I'd like to think that's pretty good.

Today has also been good because I talked to someone my age (not including y'all) for the first time in almost a week which was, you know, nice. We saw The Martian which is one nerve racking movie. Throughout, you are more stressed about the dude getting rescued than the actual dude. You know, the classic symptoms: clenching your hands, hyperventilating, biting your lip, and so on, and so forth.

Anyway, I thought it was really informational, as far as movies go, and it was interesting to watch.

Afterwards, the friend and I went to dinner and stuffed ourselves even further. Then, in the car, we fangirled over different books and movies, looking up pictures of said books and movies all the while.

Words that autocorrect does not know (on a completely separate tangent): twerk (thank God), fangirl, fanboy, gangnam, bae, selfie...

Yet it knows: groupie, OMG, LOL, tots...




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