I Am Lavern

--Winner of the Dear Diary Competition-- Prepare for rants, opinions, my life, and the general ramblings of an 8th grader (update: 9th grader) who lives in the smack dab middle of South Carolina.


37. 09/22/2015

5:48 PM


I am debating how to sum up my emotions and feeling right now. Oh! I just thought of a word - crap. That right, I feel like crap. I am tired and very stressed. I am tired because, well, school, and I am stressed because, well, school. Do you want me to go into more detail? I have an essay due tomorrow, and I have a Latin test, AND I have a band 'test'. I am tired because I am discovering that 4-5 hours of sleep every night is not exactly rejuvenating.

Alright, let's try to think of some positive things. I have food on my table, I go to a good school, I don't have any major psychological issues.... Yeah, honestly that did not make me feel much better.

Sorry I haven't been writing much "story" stuff lately. Right now I have a lot an emotion and not a lot of inspiration so that, without a doubt, affects my writing.

I try to be a positive and nice person, I really do, but I would like to apologize in advance because I am way more likely to be rude in this state.

I also have a cold. I think a forgot to mention that. My throat hurts along with the rest of my body.

Argh, I should probably lay down or something.



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