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23. 08/28/2015

6:20 PM

This movella officially takes 40 minutes to read. That is a pretty big chunk of my life. Also, it is the second most popular movella under the diary genre followed by Sam H-B's Somewhere in My Mind. I still find it really creepy that over 1400 people have read this. Anyone else?

Back to what I said about forgetting my trumpet. The teacher was a little disappointed, but he let me borrow someone else's trumpet with a clean mouth piece. It was a little bit gross but better than sitting there awkwardly the entire time.

In terms of school, I am going to going Youth and Government. It sounds really fun, and I think I get to go to Washington DC so that should be really awesome! Also, I would like to state that, although I don't hate math, I just suck at it. No matter how many times I review my notes or do any of that, I can be as good as everyone else. It just stinks. Why can't teachers just accept that, in terms of math, I am a helpless case?

It turns out that Lily appreciates quotes as much as I do. She has a few written down in her sketchbook, and we ended up talking about our lives through are favorite quotes. In short it was really cool.

I have just decided on something. I am going to try and make this chapter two thousand words long, so it will boost up the time to fifty minutes. How many of you think I can do it? This is the structure I am going to follow. I am going to tell you a quote, and then I am going to explain why it is important to me. Are you ready? I believe that I can do this!!

1. "To the world you may just be someone, but to someone you may just be the world."

- Dr. Sues.

This quote, to me, is saying that you don't have to be famous in order to be loved. I would much rather have one soul mate than a bunch of friends who I kind of know. This quote make me feel loved. It always brings me up when I am having a bed day. On to the next quote!

2. "People who hurt you are like sandpaper. You may get a little scratched up, but in the end, you are polished, and they are worthless."

- Chris Colfer

I know I already talked about Chris Colfer a fair amount in my Quotes movella that I have now taken down, but I am going to have so say that if I had to choose a celebrity role model, it would me him. By twenty six, he had gotten a golden globe, directed a movie, stared in a movie, starred in a TV show, been in Time 100 most Influential People, and he had written a series of novels. That is amazing for someone who was bullied all through his life and was constantly told that he couldn't do it. He just seems, compared to a lot of movie stars, human. Back to the quote! He pretty much makes the perfect metaphor for bullying. It is NOT pleasant at the time, but, like it or not, it shapes you, and generally it is in a positive way as an adult.

3. "We are all a little bit crazy; the only difference is that some hide it better than others."

- Michelle Hodkin (The Evolution of Mara Dyer)

One of my favorite characters said this line. Basically, these 4 teens have mental illnesses caused by an experiment. I think this quote applies to more than insanity. I think we all have equal amounts of every emotion, but how we deal with those emotions shapes our personality.  

4. "If you can't handle me at my worst, you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best."

- Michelle Hodkin

I have heard a fair amount of people discount this quote, but I still stand by it. If people can't handle you when you are crying, they don't deserve your laughter. This quote is almost a different way of saying that friends should stand by you through thick and thin. Onto the last quote!

5. "It has to be dark for the stars to shine."

- Unknown

This quote may seem pretty narcissistic on the outside, suggesting that other people are darkness, but I chose to believe that it has a better meaning - a deeper one. I think it means that you have to have the bad times so that you can appreciate the good times. It could also be saying that you have to start at a bad place to reach the maximum, amazing potential.


I honestly don't think that I have typed two thousand words as my goal was, but I hope that I got fairly close. Anyway, I hope all of you have a great day.

With Love,


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