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--Winner of the Dear Diary Competition-- Prepare for rants, opinions, my life, and the general ramblings of an 8th grader (update: 9th grader) who lives in the smack dab middle of South Carolina.


10. 08/11/2015

8:53 AM

I honestly don't know what I am supposed to talk about. I don't really have a rant in me right now. I am mostly just tired and bored. I have to finish reading And Then There Were None, one of the three summer reading books, today. I also have to do some of my summer math. Ugh. I guess I  am going to eat a snack and get right into it.

Also, I am getting kind of nervous for the end of The Dark Light Competition - it is in just two days! I have seriously edited 2 out of the 13 chapters. That is going to be all I will work on tomorrow. I would love some CC!

I guess I better get working on all of that stuff...

11:47 AM

This was going to be a mumble, but my computer refuses to allow that, so here you go:

Introduction: I am too tired to write an actual chapter, yet I am bored. The following passage is a product of said boredom
Disclaimer: (I should just have this on copy and paste) I realize that I am talking to a varied audience, but my rants today will not be that serious. Anyway, I am not discounting anyone' opinions or beliefs or the way they live their life. You should never apologize for your opinions. I am trying to comedic in a way. This means over generalization to make a point. Don't try to take the following passages seriously.

1. I know I am late to the party, but I would just like the talk about celebrities for a moment. There are 3 major ways that singers become famous: Working their way slowly up the food chain, being so bad that a video goes viral, or being a product of a show (Disney). Here are example of each of these in the same order: Plain White Ts, Rebecca Black, Ariana Grande. For these reasons, statistically, 67% of singers are bad role models. However, there are some crappy bands that were "discovered", and there are some people who go loco after puberty, so this means that around 95% of singers are bad role models. I do not believe in celebrity role models unless you plan to go into the profession they are in. Justin Bieber? Not a role model. He should be in jail. Even if you want to be a singer, you should also choose someone you can relate to aka not Zayn Malik.
For instance! I want to be an psychologist, and I kind of want to be an actor. Yes? One of my role models is a councilor at camp who is a psychologist. Good role model.  Another one of my role models is a dude names Adam W. who is an amazing music teacher and, my piano teacher, Jane N. I get not wanting your parents to be your role model. I don't want to raise my kids as they have done so far, but that is not the point of this first rant. Choose who you model yourself after wisely.

2. This rant is way over due. I know some of you are fan girls, and I have my moments, but I want to make something very clear. The now 4 members of One Direction do not care about you. You are being played. I understand you not believing me, so I shall support my statement, like a good ranter. Think of their first single: What Make You Beautiful. Who does it apply to? Girl ages 12-18. All of there songs are pointed toward tween - teen girls. They are playing you. Think of their songs for a moment. They all apply to the emotions teen girl go through. I am not going to act like Kiss You didn't get stuck in my head, but I realized that my age group likes songs that target our insecurities. I would love to see you defend them.

3. I kind of doubt that any of you are cheerleaders or football players. You very well may be, but, as I said, as a whole we are a collective group of introverted people who like to write. If you are not, good for you. Anyway, the year that you go into middle school, the whole social hierarchy changes. In the lower school, everyone is friends with everyone, to an extent, but everything changes that year. Why? Here is my point, and I would like to address both genders. If a person comes up to you, and they are not the most attractive person, do not treat them like scum. I don't get this generation, and yes I know I am part of said generation. Who cares if someone as acne? Who cares if your nose is weird? The answer: stupid people who you shouldn't be dating anyway.

I would continue to rant for eternity, but, sadly, I have a little less than 500 characters left, so I kind of am forced to stop. I may continue ranting in the comments depending on when I have lunch.
I hope you found this vaguely entertaining.

PS I have always wanted to use up all the possible characters in a mumble, and now is my chance! I have no idea what to say. Um. My name is Lavern and I am from The United States of America. I like to read, write, and rant. I have a little less than 100 characters left. I am excited!! This kind of seems like an overreaction.

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