I Am Lavern

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6. 08/07/2015

9:03 AM

I am very annoyed right now. I assume, by now, that it is fairly common knowledge that I had bronchitis and sinusitis for around three weeks. I still have a rattling cough but that is it. I don't have a fever, green snot, drainage - none of that, but my dad is forcing me to go to the doctor. I am, by a medical definition, not sick. I do not have a fungal, bacterial, or viral illness, so there is nothing that a doctor can do for me. I am fine.

Now I have to waste 2 hours of my time going to the doctor, and they probably aren't going to give me any medication. They are just going to say "Hang in there!" like a stupid cat poster. He is afraid it is going to turn into walking pneumonia, but if I don't have any drainage, how can it turn into walking pneumonia?

Enough about my personal life. Let's go to Movellas. It is kind of sad that Musical Autopsy passed this movella, in views, in a day by 100+ views, but I am still really glad that it is well received.

I have to go get ready for the doctor now,


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