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4. 08/05/2015

10:05 AM

I am just going to share my favorite quotes of all time. I have memorized all of them, and I am too lazy to look them up, so they might be paraphrased a little:

"There is NOTHING wrong with you. There is A LOT wrong with the world you live in."

- Chris Colfer

"To the WORLD you may just be SOMEONE, but to SOMEONE you may just be the WORLD."

- Dr. Sues

"Gay, Straight, Orange, Purple, Dinosaur -- I don't care; be yourself."

- Darren Criss

"We're all a little bit CRAZY; the only difference is some people hide it better than others."

- Jamie Roth

"Humans are the only animals that let their children come HOME."

- Bill Cosby

"If you can't HANDLE me at my WORST, you sure as hell don't DESERVE me at my BEST."

- Marilyn Monroe

11:43 AM

I feel like I only update when I am bored, hungry, or when I have something to rant about. This should be a pretty long entry because I am all of those things. Before I get into my long rant with unavoidable mini rants scattered throughout, I shall tell you about my day.

Today, I woke up at 9. The first thing I did was, of course, go on Movellas, then I watched the vlogbrothers video from yesterday, came into the living room, and ate a yogurt. Then, I attempted to update a few movellas with complete fail. Writing a script is harder than I thought it would be because each episode is like a really short novel in terms of the plot. I am going to try to upload an 'episode' every week, but it might end up being every other week.

I know you are really anticipating that rant, but I want to talk about one more thing. So my movella, When War Approaches, is entered into the Dark Light Competition.  20 novels have been entered, and mine is only one of 3 that is completed. Mine also has the most views by about 100. That doesn't inherently mean anything, but I just feel good about it.

The topic of the rant, the infamous rant is... fan-fiction. I know that you have heard this rant before, and you are pretty much on one side or the other. I am not saying that I have never read a fan fiction. In my year or so on here, I will bet that I have read about 150 fan fictions. I can  recall 3 that, after I finished them, I though I enjoyed that.

Fan fiction has it's place in the world, but it makes me so mad that fan-fictions get so much attention simply because they are fan fictions. Let's talk about the most popular movella of all time: Stole My Heart by HazzalsMyPrince. In the first chapter, a girl is abused by her father, and she runs away. I am not going to point out the grammar, but I just can't even. The 3rd, 5th, 6th, and 9th have images of people about half naked and/or being intimate. So, let's say I hide the fan-fiction. The popular movellas are taken over my romances, alcohol, and drugs, but I'm not here to rant about the messed up minds of 13 writing erotic movellas, I am here to rant about fan fictions.

If you go to the comments section, they are all positive comments written by people with band names in their username, and they are all less than 10 words long. If someone says: great job! on my movella, I say thanks, but I know that, especially if I don't know them, they probably haven't read it.

I totally rate fan fictions from books and TV shows over those about people. These people actually exist. What would Harry think of he read the fan-fictions about himself? I would be so embarrassed.

I also don't really understand the motivation behind boy band fan ficitons. I mean, with book and TV fan ficitons, you can develop the characters and take their stories beyond the screen or the page, but with boy band ff {I am getting to lazy to write fan fiction over and over again, so I am just going to go with ff}, you are telling people's lives.

Let's do a little role play. You are insanely poplar for your latest hits. You knew it would work because it targets insecure teen girls. You log onto Twitter, and a fan has sent you a link. You click on it. Even though you are married you read on, horrified, about you raping, kidnapping, and bullying people. Is this what your fans think of you?

Yes, so please think twice before you write a ff. Don't get me wrong, I love movellas. It is much better than Wattpad because of it's stronger community and stricter rules.

Tell me what you think about ffs in the comments! 

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