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3. 08/04/2015

10:39 AM

I have had writer's block before, but this? This is a whole new level of no ideas. I can't even think of anything to write for this. This is the fifth time I have restarted this, and I refuse to restart again. Usually, when I get writer's block, I force myself to write. I can tell you that so far that is not working.

I guess I will tell you about what I have done today, and what I plan to do. Maybe some great idea will strike me! I got up around eight, brushed my teeth, ate a yogurt, took a shower, and then I played piano for about an hour. I got two songs by the Beatles: Blackbird and Let it Be. I like them okay, but Say Something is still my favorite. I plan to upload a video of me singing and playing it sometime this week on here, so yay!

My dad wants to see either the new Sherlock Holmes movie or Minions, but I don't really feel like sitting down for two hours if you know what I mean.... 

This is going no where, and I am sure you are bored out of your mind, so I am going to make some covers in hope for inspiration.

Wish me luck,


4:33 PM

My writer's block has gotten a little better, but I still need some inspiration, so I am going to do an article thing:

I S S U E S  W I T H  M O V E L L A S

Movellas is a website in which writer's can express themselves. It is a great tool, but it also has its downfalls. The multitude of fanfictions, the software on which text is uploaded, and the concentration of age and gender are some of the problems that this website faces.

Firstly, an overwhelming number of movellas are fanfictions. There are thousands of one direction fans, the most popular fandom, and thousands more that support different fandoms. This leads to less variation in plots, fame simply from the genre, and bias throughout the popularity sections.

Text can be typed into the movellas website or transferred from another typing software. The typing software has many flaws including the lack of information, not being able to edit on mobile devices, and the occasional glitches.

The final problem that Movellas faces, is its concentration of teenagers and girls. A majority of members are between the ages of 13 - 18, and the majority of the population is feminine. This causes similar plot lines, a lack of diversity in general, and may contribute to the multitude of fanfictions.

Despite the fanfictions, typing software, and lack of diversity, Movellas is a great tool for writing and reading. It, like all websites, is going to have its flaws. However, it is a powerful social site that is gaining popular and will for many years to come.


That is my attempt at a simplified 3.5 essay. I guess I am trying to get my school brain back. Man, that essay makes Movellas sound horrible. I love it here, and I don't know what I would do without it.

- Lav

5:57 PM

I have defeated writer's block!!!!!! I posted a new movella - Eternity about 10 minutes ago. I usually plan for about a week before I post something, but I want this to be completely different. I am telling it like a script, so yes, completely different.

I want to go work on that, so I will try to upload another entry before I go to sleep.

Wish me luck,


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