I Am Lavern

--Winner of the Dear Diary Competition-- Prepare for rants, opinions, my life, and the general ramblings of an 8th grader (update: 9th grader) who lives in the smack dab middle of South Carolina.


75. 07/30/2016

11:22 AM

Dear Diary,

Well, um, er, hi. I'm still not feeling all that great, but I feel this need to write, even if that writing's complete and utter [insert expletive of your choice]. I know I tried to write an actual movella a couple days ago, but that obviously didn't work. SO, I have decided to just write for twenty minutes each day. I'm already super ashamed of what I've written two days in, but I might as well continue because that's the only way to get better... right?....right?! Anyway, I just wanted to give you an update and tell ya what I'm working on. If you're ever bored, feel free to email me. It's, uh, lavern2002movellas@gmail.com. 

Have a great day,


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