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69. 07/03/2016

Dear Diary,

Guess who's back?! Me. Lavern. With her diary.

I've found that I have more time now, what with summer here. Also, though I don't always like this small condo, it does give me ideas, as strange and superstitious at it may sound.

Anyway, I have missed doing this, so let's get right back into it.

I'm about three hours away from home on the South Carolina coast. It is super busy because, ya know, MURICA DAY. I apologize for the caps yelling, but this is the time where Muricans eat hot dogs, drink alcohol, swim in the ocean at night, and set of fireworks, hoping not to kill anyone or themselves in the process.

Almost exactly a year ago, I was reading teen magazines in my dad's high school library out of boredom. I stumbled upon an article by Tyler Oakly. I kind of knew that he was on youtube, but I'd never watched any of his videos. The article was an excerpt from Binge, his new book... or maybe It hadn't come out yet... it doesn't matter. Anyway, I fell in love with his writing style, and I thought he was super funny. Then, time passed, and I forgot who this Tyler Oakly was.

Late at night maybe three weeks ago, I was deep in the interwebs and stumbled upon one of his videos. It was hilarious. For a week, I, ironically, binged on his content until I rediscovered his book, now available at my local library. I read it in less that two days. It made me laugh, cry, and everywhere in between. Even if you aren't familiar with Tyler Oakly, I would totally give it a read. Talk about an emotional roller coaster.

Welp, I'm going to go stalk some people on Movellas.... (:

Lavern <3

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