I Am Lavern

--Winner of the Dear Diary Competition-- Prepare for rants, opinions, my life, and the general ramblings of an 8th grader (update: 9th grader) who lives in the smack dab middle of South Carolina.


68. 05/26/2016

Dear Diary,

I am so excited for summer! Not in the way that most kids are. You know what I'm talking about: no more homework, no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks. I am excited for summer because of one sole thing: being able to write again. I mean, I can write poems and little nothings over the school year, but I never complete anything out of the summer months.

I did start something yesterday called You, and I have moderately high hopes for it. I would be completely on board with it, but with my two 'successes' from last year, The Blackmail Project and When War Approaches, I did extensive planning beforehand, and, for this one, I only have a general outline. 

Anyway, I am going to finish up studying for government (BLEH) and then, hopefully, add a chapter or so to You. 



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