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60. 02/25/2016


Dear Diary,
Well, it looks like this thing won, and I can tell you that I am the most surprised out of anyone that this complications of words won anything more than a handful of favorites. 
I guess this has, in a way, refueled my love for diary-writing even though it shouldn't. As I think I posted for a while, I wanted to win something this year, and I cannot express how happy this makes me. 
I guess this calls for a brief story of the last month or so. Here it goes:
It's sad that not much as happened lately. In drama, I performed a ten minute scene with a few people. It was fun enough because I was basically just yelling at my a couple of people for making bad life decisions. Now, we are learning how to do audition monologues, and I am doing a short two-minute monologue from Charlotte's Web.
In science, we're still learning about forensics. I sure do love learning about which bugs eat a decomposing body when!
In English we have moved on from a song analysis essay to a section on British poetry. After that we'll do Romeo and Juliet, which is surprising since most of the things we read center around death. 
In government, the teacher lectures. That's all I have to say. 
Moving on, we have the beloved Latin, the class I am in now. :-) It is alright, and I do alright - not much to say. 
The last class of mine is math, which I think is fairly universal. You lean a formula, you plug stuff in. 

I always think it's weird that my whole day, even just the parts where I am at school, can be summed up in relatively few words, less than a thousand. That's the point of a diary thought, I guess. I think it helps me not only get out my emotions, but also remind myself that I don't matter. Not in the no-one-will-miss-me-if-I'm-gone way but in a way that is somehow comforting...  

When I want to yell at someone, but can't; when I want to talk to someone, but have no one to talk to... This diary helps me in the moment, but in the long run, it Eli's me remember those times will past. Sometimes it's good to know "nothing is constant but  death and taxes,"

You know what? Maybe it's sad that thing like reaching an arbitrary number of followers, views, or winning this competition. Maybe. 
However, maybe it's a miracle that I've found so many people to talk with, to read with, to love and do the same for me.

Thank you, 

Dear Diary,
I’d like to explain the thoughts I had before I wrote this:
Hmm that math homework was really taxing… I’ll do something… How about write in my diary!
Anyway, here I am… Writing in my diary. 

I think everyone who has known me for any sort of time knows that generally dislike fan fiction, but lately I have felt a “calling” to write fan-fiction. So I read Twilight (Don’t run away in disgust. At least here what I have to say), and I enjoyed it. Then, I read the gender blended version. Then I watched those wretched movies. And FINALLY I read Midnight Sun, the draft, which is a draft of Twilight from Edward’s POV. That’s the thing though – it’s a partial draft. PARTIAL. 
Ah, now you understand – I vaguely want to finish said draft. 
If I do write, I might post it here, but not as a separate movella. 

Speaking of writing stuff, I am writing a movella based off of 2 Poor Kids by Ruth B. I might also post what I have so fair on here. Who knows?
I am waging the mental war of not wanting to be cheesy, but also not having the strength to come up with an actual plot. 

Finally, a couple of friends and I are trying to read all of the South Carolina Book Award Nominees. There are like twenty books for Junior, Picture Books, Children, and Young Adult that get this nomination. If I read all of them, I get some sort of prize. I don’t know… It’s kind of fun. 

I should probably get back to homework. 


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