I Am Lavern

--Winner of the Dear Diary Competition-- Prepare for rants, opinions, my life, and the general ramblings of an 8th grader (update: 9th grader) who lives in the smack dab middle of South Carolina.


50. 01/02/2016 - 50th Entry

10:45 PM

Dear diary,

In general, today was just... a good day. I got to see my cousin, I am writing my 50th diary entry, I read half of my book, I am planning a story... just a good day. 

The story is called Apathetic. I am still working out the details, but it is basically about a sympthatic girl in a word of apathy. I can't wait to stary writing the chapters.

About the book, I am reading the second book in the Twilight saga. It's not the best book, but it is quite addictive. 

My cousin is, well, cute as ever.

Anyway, please check out Apathetic, and I hope you have an awesome day!





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