Unraveling Secrets

"When you follow your dreams and heart, you sometimes, lose the people in your life, that were right in front of you. But, you never realize, how important these people are until, you lose them." // Scarlett Collins, a girl who thinks, that her life, is completely perfect. She has everything in life, that a girl should have; a perfect family, a perfect boyfriend, the perfect life. But, then, why she unhappy? Then she meets a guy, he isn't perfect, yet, there's something about him, that makes Scarlett want to know him more. Scarlett is intrigued in this stranger and, has she allows him into her life. She finds that sometimes perfect, isn't ok. But, is everything worth it, when your life isn't perfect anymore. Secrets are unraveled, and Scarlett realizes, that sometimes perfect, has more to it, then what meets the eye.

Beautiful cover by ireumeun.chloe.


4. Chapter Two


Chapter Two



When people look at me and Hunter, they think of a princess and prince, and in a way, they're right. Hunter was a prince, or he was a prince, to me. I could still remember, the first time, I had met Hunter. It was around a year ago, it had been my best friend Mia's sixteenth birthday. At that time, for us girls, turning sixteen, meant everything. Sixteen was, the perfect year for girls my age, sixteen was the year, that we were legally adults, we could do anything we want. It was a year, where we were between, being an adult and a child. Sixteen was a year, when we were naive and, innocent, and now being seventeen, we still were. Wait, where was I, oh yeah,  Mia's sixteenth birthday.

It had been hard to convince my parents, to allow me to go, especially as Mia's sixteenth birthday party, was not going to be supervised, by any adults. Though, I had lied to my parents, blatantly, that Mia's birthday party was, going to be supervised by parents. Maybe, if my parents had known the truth, that there would be a lot of people, and, that there would be alcohol, then, maybe they wouldn't, have allowed me to go. But, I was lucky, that they had allowed me to go, maybe if I hadn't, maybe fate, wouldn't have brought me Hunter, the same guy who would be my soul mate, and teach me how to love. But, I believed, that if two people, were meant to meet one another, then fate would bring them together. So, if I hadn't met Hunter, at Mia's birthday party, then, I probably would have met Hunter, some time later. I was sure, that we would have met one day, sooner or later. The first time I met Hunter, I hadn't known, that this would be the same person I would love, not to mention, that this would be the guy, who would teach me how to laugh and cry, and, how to truly love someone.

Hunter, even his name, sounds dangerous and beautiful, though, Hunter wasn't dangerous, he was far from it. If I had known, how kind and caring, Hunter was, then maybe, I would have acted more kindly towards him. But, the first time I saw Hunter, all I thought, was that he was extremely handsome, and the first time my eyes laid sight upon him, I had felt an attraction, that was bringing me to him, now, let me start, telling you about, the first time I had met Hunter.

The sound of Ellie Goulding's hit song, love me like you do, blasts through the air. I shiver in the cold, it wasn't particularly cold today, especially inside Mia's house. But, maybe I would have shoved on a jumper, if I knew, how many people were going to be at the party. When Mia, had said, she was inviting a few friends, I had assumed, Mia was talking about a few close friends. But, if I had known, she was inviting the whole school, then, maybe, I would, have said no when, she invited me. Well, I say, that I might have said no, but, I know, that I definitely, wouldn't have been able to say no, to my best friend Mia. Especially, if she gave me, her famous, puppy dog eyes, and begged me to come. It was like she knew, that she only needed to ask me, to come, and I would have come definitely. It was the time of friendship, me and Mia had. We were the kind of friends, that people had, instantly, thought would become best friends, and, at the start, we hadn't had, the best start to our friendship. We had even had a small battle, but it was that small fight, or as I call it, argument, that had brought us closer, into being the best friends, that we are now.

As my eyes wander around the room, I quickly mumble a hello, to all my friends I could see. I wasn't really a loud person, who preferred parties, but, a quiet girl, who always preferred a book to a movie. Though, some movies, like Harry Potter series, always made love the movies more. I was the complete opposite to Mia, who was louder, more entertaining and socialising, it was the fact, that we were opposites, that people, had assumed we would become friends, and we did. 

"Look, who it is, it's the freak," I hear a familiar annoying voice shriek loudly.

I didn't need to see, to recognise, whose voice it was, an annoying voice, like that, could only belong, to one person. I turn my head to see, Courtney Evans, the school's slut. She was irritating, annoying, and in total, a complete drama queen. If Courtney didn't like you, then she would hate you, with everything she had, and she hated me. Though, I couldn't understand, why Courtney didn't like me, it wasn't if I had done anything to her, unless, you count puking on her, by accident in third grade or, stealing her spot as prom queen, in prom. Yes, it had definitely been that, I hadn't even wanted to become prom queen, it had been my best friend Mia, who had secretly signed me up, for prom queen. If I had known before, I would have definitely signed myself out, but, it was too late now. Courtney was pretty, with round Bambi like grey eyes, and a smirk always plastered, on her face. I frown at her in annoyance, she was so irritating.

"And, look who it is, the slut!" I exclaim at her, causing her to give me a burning stare.

Suddenly, I spot my best friend Mia, she looks so pretty today, the white slim dress she is wearing, really suits her. I am so happy, that she chose that dress, after all, I had picked that dress for her, last week, when we went, birthday shopping. I had told Mia, that the first time, she had worn that dress, it had fitted her like a glove, and I was glad she was wearing that dress. I notice, that Mia looks too busy, engrossed in a conversation with a stranger, and I go to speak with her. Mia turns her head to look at me, and waves as I approach her.

"Hi! Scarlett," Mia says, giving me a hug, and then looking at the guy.

The stranger was handsome, with lovely brown hair, and beautiful blue eyes. I start to wonder, who on earth, could he be? I had never seen the stranger before, and, I had never seen, Mia with him before either.

"Mia, is there supposed to be, the smell of smoke, over here," a boys voice calls Mia.

"I'm coming, stupid boys," Mia mumbled, before taking notice, of me and the guy, who hadn't been, formally introduced yet, "Oh yeah, Scarlett, this is my cousin Ben's friend Hunter, and Hunter, this here, is my gorgeous friend Scarlett, and yes, she is single," 

I frown at Mia in disapproval, who smiles, before running off, in the direction of the boys voice. I shyly look down, not knowing what to say, to this stranger. It wasn't the first time, that I had been shy. I had met Mia's cousin ben before, he was around nineteen, and last time I had saw him, he had confessed his secret, about being gay.

"Hello, this is slightly awkward," I confess, shyly, wanting the stranger to talk instead.

"Yes, it is. I am Hunter, as Mia just said. So you know Ben?" Hunter asks me.

"Yes, we met around five months ago, when he came on holiday, he's really nice," I reply.

"Yes he is, he's my friend, good friend, should I say. So, I am guessing parties aren't your thing," Hunter states, it wasn't like he was stating a question, but, like, he was stating a response.

"Well, it doesn't look, like it's your thing either," I reply back sharply, watching him, as he stood alone in a party.

"No! it isn't," Hunter replies, before scratching his neck nervously.

He kind of looked cute when, he was scratching his neck, but, I wasn't going to tell, him that. Shy guys always looked, the cutest.

"Am I making you nervous, Mr," I begin to say, stepping towards him.

I didn't know what I was doing, but, it was kind of fun, seeing his act shy, around me, and I liked being in control.

"Mr.Hilton and, no, you are not making me nervous," Hunter replies back, his face right next to me.

I gasp in shock, at our closeness, and smile, as I think, that if we went any closer, we would kiss. I hadn't even had my first kiss yet, though, I have always wondered, how it would feel like.

"I, I don't know what to say," I blurt out in confusion, staring at his pretty blue eyes.

"Kiss me," Hunter dares me, cocking his head to a side.

"Do you ask, all girls to kiss you?" I question him, anticipating his reply.

Say no, I thought in my head. It wasn't what happened, to a girl, like me every day, especially a handsome guy, asking me, to kiss him. If I was Courtney, I knew I would have kissed him by now. But, I wasn't like Courtney, I was a good girl, who had good manners, and knew how to behave and act around people.

"No, I only ask gorgeous, and beautiful girls, like you, to kiss me," Hunter compliments me.

I didn't know, if it was because Hunter complimented me, or that, he made me feel special. But, I pressed my lips upon his, and smile, as I think. I just had my first kiss, Hunter slowly breaks the kiss, before looking at me curiously.

"What are you looking at?" I ask him curiously.

"I'm wondering if, you're a princess, or just an angel, who fell from heaven," Hunter replies smartly, brushing my cheek, gently.

"None," I answer him, honestly, wondering, what he was going to say next.

"No! I definitely think, you are an angel who fell from heaven," Hunter tells me, before kissing me.

I never understood, if Mia hadn't left me that day, or if I hadn't gone, would I have met Hunter at all? Would I be as happy, and in love, as I am now. I didn't believe, in true love, before I met Hunter. But, by meeting Hunter, I learnt how truly beautiful, and, special love is. Love is something beautiful, something priceless, that has no value. I can't tell you, how love truly feels like, love can only be experienced, by those who have been in love. I have been in love, and I know the feeling. Love is beautiful, and I am so lucky, that I was able to find love in Hunter. I don't know, how long, we might be in love for, but, I believe, our love will last forever. True love never dies, and I know, the love, that me and Hunter, have between us, will always remain forever.

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