Unraveling Secrets

"When you follow your dreams and heart, you sometimes, lose the people in your life, that were right in front of you. But, you never realize, how important these people are until, you lose them." // Scarlett Collins, a girl who thinks, that her life, is completely perfect. She has everything in life, that a girl should have; a perfect family, a perfect boyfriend, the perfect life. But, then, why she unhappy? Then she meets a guy, he isn't perfect, yet, there's something about him, that makes Scarlett want to know him more. Scarlett is intrigued in this stranger and, has she allows him into her life. She finds that sometimes perfect, isn't ok. But, is everything worth it, when your life isn't perfect anymore. Secrets are unraveled, and Scarlett realizes, that sometimes perfect, has more to it, then what meets the eye.

Beautiful cover by ireumeun.chloe.


5. Chapter Three


                                                              Chapter Three


Everyone looks at me and Hunter and, assume we are the perfect couple, and, I guess we are. I am not going to lie, and, say that we have never fought, with each other, because, that would be me lying blatantly, and, I don't lie, well, I try not to. Since, lying does nothing to you good, it just complicates your life, and, if your life is already complicated, it makes it even harder, for you to understand it. But, if you lie too many times, then, you forget, the truth, it only gets you, into trouble. I am not going to lie, to you, that I have never told lies. I have told, small porky lies when, I was little, and, I have told bigger lies, lies that still remain unrevealed. Though, I know, that by revealing those secrets, and, lies, it will hurt some people. I know, you shouldn't lie, but, if it is for, the better good, then maybe, small lies, are okay, especially, if you have, somebody else to think about. 

I couldn't wait to get back to school, just after the long summer holiday. About two weeks ago, I had gone school shopping. A time for me, to spend my parent's money, on school items. I had gotten a new school bag, pencil case, folders, pens and of course, books. I loved books, and, had spent around thirty pounds, on five new books. Books, which I was still reading, I had finished one. Normally to school, I either got a lift from my parents, or I walked, since, I only lived around twenty minutes, or I got a lift from my best friend Mia, but, today, she hadn't come. I look around, through the crowd of students, and, wonder where my best friend was. I knew, she would come to school today, if she was ill, or had a dentist appointment, she would have told me.

Suddenly, I hear, a familiar voice call out my name, I turn my head to see my best friend, Mia striding towards me. Mia was pretty, she wasn't drop dead gorgeous, but, she was one of the people, who was naturally pretty. She has lovely black hair, that she recently cut short, and dark green eyes, when she catches me looking at her, she waves her hands at me.

"Scarlett!" Mia yells at me loudly, running towards me quickly.

The sound, of Mia's high heels, announce her entrance. I was never able to understand, how a small girl, such as herself, was able to run so fast. She was only five foot, two, but even with her small form, she was able to run, very fast. Mia looks very pretty today, wearing slim fitting jeans, and a cashmere jumper, she looks very chic. Mia hugs me tightly, and I gasp in shock. 

"Can't breathe," I mumble in pain, feeling my lungs constricting.

I was never able to understand, how a small girl, like herself, was able to hug me so tightly. She had a lot of inner strengths, though, I knew, she worked out a lot, always going to the gym, and engaging in a lot of exercise and activities. Mia played basketball in school, and she was the school's tennis champion. Mia, was the definition, of the word healthy. She was very popular, due, to her participating, in many sports. When you think of sports, you automatically, think of a strong guy. But, in our school, when you think of the word sports, you think about, the word Mia. You should, never let her looks, intimidate you. Her slim, and small form, made her look weak, but, she was anything but.

"Sorry," Mia says, breaking the hug, before, looking at me with interest.

"What are you looking at?" I ask Mia, wondering what she was looking at.

I wipe my face in frustration, wondering if, there was something on my face. I didn't think, that there was food on my face. Though, it wouldn't, have been the first time, that I had accidently, splattered food on my face, and walked around in public. Mia steps close to me and, picks a lock of my long blonde hair, before staring at my neck, curiously. I gasp and, shove, Mia's hands away from my neck. She looks at me and, then smiles at me. Mia raises her eyebrows at me and, then gives me a look. A look, which she gives me when, she thinks, she knows something, that she shouldn't know. 

"I'm looking for love bites," Mia says blatantly, before shrugging her shoulders, at me innocently.

"Mia!" I exclaim in shock, shaking my head, at her in disbelief.

I couldn't believe, some of the stuff, that came out of Mia's house. Trust Mia, to ask me, a weird question. Though, it couldn't be as bad as, the time, Mia asked me, if each time you kisses, would it taste different. I know it sounds crazy, but, that was how, my friend Mia was. We might be as close as sisters, but, there was at times, where I thought, Mia belonged in the zoo.

"I was curious, so where's prince charming?" Mia asks me, looking around us.

"I have no idea, who you are talking about?" I question Mia, wondering, who she was talking about.

Prince charming, I didn't know, any Princes, especially one called charming, was Mia going crazy? Wait, I could imagine, who Mia was talking about. She was talking about, my real life, fairytale prince.

"Oh you know lover boy Hunter, you know, you have him at your fingers, though, I don't understand how," Mia begins, talking about Hunter, "he is like a love sick puppy, you are so lucky,"

Yes, I know, I wanted to say, but, I knew, that would sound, vain, and, I was anything but vain. It was true, what Mia was saying, I knew Hunter, loved me, more than anything, and, for that, I knew I was, extremely lucky. It wasn't every day, that you found yourself, a nice, genuine and sweet guy. When, I first met Hunter, I had assumed he would be like other guys, guys who didn't know how to treat girls, or only dated them for one thing. But, Hunter wasn't like that, he was truly genuine, a gem, and, I wasn't going to lose him.

"Stop it!" I tell Mia, feeling ashamed.

Suddenly, I feel, a pair of strong, masculine and familiar arms, wrap around my waist, and a familiar face brush his lips, over my neck. I didn't need, a mind reader, to tell me, who it was.

"Hunter," I mumble, knowing he could hear him.

"Aww, you guys are so cute!" Mia exclaims loudly, her voice, causing other people, to turn around, and, look at us.

"We," I begin to say, feeling slightly embarrassed.

It wasn't like, I was ashamed of being with Hunter, because, I wasn't. We had started our relationship happily, and, we still were. There were, many things, I could be embarrassed at, like, how embarrassing Mia was, or how annoying my older sister Angel was. but, I have never felt ashamed, or shy, with my relationship with Hunter. Hunter, was like, one of the best things, that had, ever happened, in my life. I wouldn't know, what to do, without Hunter, and, even though, it has only been a year. I just couldn't imagine, living without Hunter, my parents loved Hunter, though, that was only usual. Anybody, who has ever met Hunter, couldn't help loving him, with his easy going attitude, with his kind and, caring personality.

"We know," Hunter speaks on my behalf, before spinning me around, so I could face him.

Hunter goes down on one knee, and I immediately gasp in shock, wondering, what on earth, Hunter was up to? I could feel, the atmosphere goes quiet, it was like, all the students had stopped, doing whatever, they were doing. I look around, and, see, everybody looking at me and Hunter. I could hear Mia squeal behind me, in excitement. That girl, gets excited, over everything.

"Wait, what are you doing?" I ask Hunter in shock, as he takes out a small box from his pockets, and places it on his hand.

Was he proposing to me? I had never expected this, looking at Hunter, I couldn't help, but, wonder, what Hunter was going to do?

"Happy one-year anniversary princess," Hunter says, before standing up, and, brushing the dirt, from his trousers.

One year, it hadn't been a year since, we dated, it was around eleven months. There was still, two more weeks, till it was our one year anniversary since, we dated. So, I couldn't help, but, begin to wonder, what Hunter, was trying to tell me.

"But, it hasn't been a year, since we dated," I reply back in confusion.

I was slightly confused, at Hunter's reply. But, I knew, that whatever Hunter said, was correct. Hunter was always right, everything, he told me, was right.

"Though, it has been a year, since we met, and that is truly special," Hunter says, kissing my cheek, before looking at me.

He opens the small box, and I sigh in amazement, as I see a beautiful ring, with small diamonds, and pretty engravement. Mia squeals behind me, beginning to hum, wedding music. My heart beats races, and I could feel, beads of sweat, trickle down my face. I look at Hunter, who winks at me proudly.

"Oh my gosh, he's going, to propose to her or, going to automatically, marry her," Mia immediately blurts out, without thinking.

I look at Mia, who begins skipping, around me, and Hunter. This was a perfect situation, for Mia, to dance around. I knew Mia, had been waiting for an opportunity, to celebrate an occasion, and, get rid of all the energy, she had, and, Mia had a lot of energy. Mia, had more than enough energy, for one person, she was the one, who had enough energy, for the both of us.

"Well close, it's a promise ring, for my beautiful, girl," Hunter answers, slipping the ring out of it's box, and, slipping it on my left hand.

"Why, it's so expensive and beautiful?" I  tell Hunter, wondering, why he had bought, such an expensive present, for myself.

"I would spend all the money in the world, for my beautiful girl, who else, would I spend my money on?" Hunter tells me, as if, I was crazy.

I could hear, people talking about us, and I knew, everyone eyes were on us. It wasn't like if Hunter was poor, no, he was extremely wealthy, that was, one of the reasons, that had made me, assume he was, going to be a rude, and snotty guy, who would, look horribly upon everyone, who was poorer, than him. But, the fact, that Hunter has spent, so much money on me, started to make me feel bad. It looked like the ring, cost thousands, though, I knew it probably cost millions. The ring itself could, probably buy so many buildings, but, instead Hunter had bought it for me. The ring was, so beautiful, and, I felt, so special, as I rub the ring, in shock and surprisement.

"I love it so much, thank you so much Hunter, the fact, that you bought me something so special, makes me feel so lucky, to have you," I reply, hugging Hunter.

My eyes spot the ring, and I turn it to read the engravings. Hunter, breaks the hug and, sees me, reading the engraving. I rub my eyes, as it is written in another language, and, turn to look at Hunter, who smiles at me warmly.

"Te amo mi princesa. Nuestro verdadero amor , no tiene límite y durará para siempre." Hunter whispers to me, reading the engraving.

"What does it mean?" I question curiously, wondering what it could mean.

"It's Spanish, and it says, I love you, my princess. Our true love has, no bound and will last forever," Hunter answers my question, looking at me with love.

"I didn't know, you know Spanish?" I say, wondering, what else, Hunter was going to do, to surprise me.

Was there anything else, that I didn't know about Hunter. There were so many things, that I was currently, recently discovering, about Hunter.

"It's my, mother's tongue when, I saw this ring, I knew, it would be perfect for you. But, I have one more surprise," Hunter tells me, surprising me even more.

"Now, what, will you continue to surprise me?" I say.

"I love surprising you, now, there is one more thing, which I hope you will love," Hunter tells me, before beginning to unbutton his t-shirt.

I hear girls, gasp and begin squealing in delight. It was like, they had never seen, a guy take his t-shirt before, it wasn't like he was stripping.

Suddenly, Hunter places his hand on his chest, he grabs my hand, and I enfold my hand on top of this.

"This is something I done, only for you," Hunter says, taking his hand off.

I gasp in surprise as I see my name, written on Hunter's chest. I touch it delicately, and I notice Hunter wince in pain.

"Why did you do this, oh my gosh, Hunter, does it hurt?" I say, blowing on the tattoo.

I knew Hunter loved me, but, I never thought, he would love me, this much. A tattoo, oh my gosh, I couldn't even imagine, the excruciating pain, Hunter must have gone through. I was scared of everything, from little needles to, injections, so seeing Hunter with a tattoo, scared me.

"It doesn't hurt now," Hunter tells me, smiling at me.

"Why, a tattoo, and why my name?" I ask Hunter, wondering, what on earth, he could be thinking.

"A tattoo to prove my love for you, and, of course, your name, whose else name, would I write, but, of the girl, I love," Hunter tells me, stating me his feelings.

I kiss Hunter's, tattoo and, look up at him in love, he knew, he didn't, have to do anything, to say he loves me. I already knew, he loved me, more than life itself.

"You know you didn't have to," I reply to Hunter, getting upset, tears brimming in my eyes,

"I wanted to Scarlett, anything for you," Hunter proudly announces, he catches me crying, and, wipes a tear, that falls, delicately on my cheek "Don't cry, princess"

Princess, I loved how, he called me that. Only, Hunter was allowed, to call me princess, and, every time, he said that to me, it felt like butterflies, fluttering in my stomach. 

"I love you, Hunter, so much," I tell Hunter, looking into his eyes.

"I love you the most, princess," Hunter replies, brushing a lock of my hair.

It wasn't the fact, that Hunter got a tattoo, with my name, or the fact, that I loved him, made me cry. But, it was the fact, that I believed him. I knew Hunter, would die in a heartbeat if, I told him to. His love was, true and, beautiful, I could never doubt his love. By doubting his love, it was like, doubting if God existed, you didn't have to always see it, but, you can always know, that it existed. I didn't know, if I had done anything, to earn his trust and love, but, every day, I spent with Hunter, made me love him even more. I wasn't worth Hunter's love, and, I knew it. Somedays, spending time with Hunter, made it felt like a dream. There was a fear, that was constantly in my heart. My greatest fear was, losing Hunter. I wouldn't know, what to do without Hunter. Hunter wasn't a part, of my life, but, he was my life.

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