Unraveling Secrets

"When you follow your dreams and heart, you sometimes, lose the people in your life, that were right in front of you. But, you never realize, how important these people are until, you lose them." // Scarlett Collins, a girl who thinks, that her life, is completely perfect. She has everything in life, that a girl should have; a perfect family, a perfect boyfriend, the perfect life. But, then, why she unhappy? Then she meets a guy, he isn't perfect, yet, there's something about him, that makes Scarlett want to know him more. Scarlett is intrigued in this stranger and, has she allows him into her life. She finds that sometimes perfect, isn't ok. But, is everything worth it, when your life isn't perfect anymore. Secrets are unraveled, and Scarlett realizes, that sometimes perfect, has more to it, then what meets the eye.

Beautiful cover by ireumeun.chloe.


3. Chapter One


Chapter One



I guess, I should really begin my story, though, I am not sure, where to begin. Maybe, I should jump right in, into all the action and love, but, by doing that, I am sure you will be confused, and, so will I. So, maybe I should begin, at the start, of the story, though, I hope, you don't get too bored already. I'll start on the day of my sister's birthday, um, I can even remember it now.

Parties, a joyful and happy occasion for most of us. But, if you were like me, somebody who preferred to read a quiet book, and hang with my friends. Then a party, was nothing special, especially, if that party, was for your older, more glamorous and beautiful sister. When my older sister was born, my mother had taken one look at her and, named her Angel. Probably because they thought she looks like an angel, though, I couldn't see it myself. When you think of the word angel, you see beautiful creatures with wings, and even though my sister was beautiful, she definitely did not have wings. But, she probably had devil horns, somewhere in her mass of blonde curls. So, where was I, oh yeah, so today was my older sister's twenty-first birthday, and for my parents. It was a day to celebrate their older daughter's accomplishments in life, and point out, their younger daughter's failures in life.

As I glance at my reflection in the mirror, I see the definition of the word perfect, and I was, well, that was how everybody saw me. At school, girls saw me, Scarlett Collins, a beautiful but horrible little girl, who they knew was competition. If only they knew, how little I care about them. Having finally, curl my long blonde hair, I sigh in relievement. When you see in magazines, perfect look celebrities and models, you automatically think, they were born perfect. But, we don't really understand, how long and tiring it is, to look beautiful. That was a feeling, I had gotten used to. Even as a young child, I could still remember my mother, tugging my little blonde hair, and squeezing me into, beautiful little dresses. 

I had never been, the type of person, who was born skinny, and I wasn't even now. I was average now, but, when I had been much younger, I had been a very little chubby girl. It had been, ever since I was little, when I was born, I had been a chubby baby, and it was up to, the age of twelve, that my mum, had told me, enough was enough. She would not allow me, to become a chubby teen, apparently a chubby child was cute, but, a chubby teen was ugly. My mother had made me diet, and, made me do a lot of exercises, to lose all the puppy fat. It had been hard, taken years, for me, to look the way, I am now. But, it was all up to, my sister. My older, slim and, pretty sister Angel. It was all her fault, though, I guess I couldn't just blame her. It wasn't Angel's fault, that she was slim, beautiful and pretty, though, she was very lazy, and, it wasn't my sister's fault, that our mother, always compared us.

It wasn't fair, that mum, compared me, to Angel. We were two, very different people, and, there was nothing, that would make us, be the same. We liked different music, hanged out with, different people, looked different, dressed differently. I look very different, to my older sister Angel. Angel was beautiful, and, I was pretty. Angel, had long brown hair, and had lovely blue eyes, while, I had long blonde hair and, green eyes. Though, that was because, of our parents genes, Angel, looked a lot like my mother, while, I took after my father. My sister, was a mini lookalike of my mum, though, my mum looked slightly older, and, her brown hair needed dye, to continue to be brown.

Suddenly, a sharp knock interrupts, my train of thoughts. Abruptly, I turn my head towards my door, wondering, who on earth would be knocking on the door. Let me guess, I thought. There could only be, one person, who was annoying, and irritating enough, to knock on my door, now, just, when I wanted some peace.

"You're little boyfriend is here, Scarlett. Come now, before, cousin Dorothy, begins flirting with him," my sister's familiar voices yells out.

"Coming!" I scream in annoyance loudly, getting angry at her.

Gosh, these people, they never give a girl, just some time to be alone. Wait, did my sister, just say Dorothy. Urgh, cousin Dorothy, or devil, as I call her, was around fourteen years old. She loves making fun of me and, loved boys. But, going after Hunter, no way, was I allowing my fourteen-year-old cousin, to steal my eighteen-year-old boyfriend. Didn't the devil know, not to mess with me, I guess not.  Dorothy, or the mini devil, as I liked to tease her, was my very irritating, and, annoying little cousin. That girl had been, with more guys than, I had, and, she's fourteen, three years younger than me. She was like, the mini version, of the school slut Courtney, but, at least, Courtney wasn't my cousin. I couldn't even imagine, having Courtney as my cousin, it would be hell if, she was. It was already hard for me, having to spend, my primary school with her, but, even high school was, just enough. The thought, of having to see, her fake doll face, every time, it was a barbecue, or at, every birthday party, made me want to scream, and, puke.

Quickly grabbing my lipstick, and plastering it over my lips, before shoving my lipstick in my drawer, before running off to find Hunter. I quickly swing open the door and, run downstairs, to be met with a group of strangers. 

The sound, of party music, blasts loudly. I look like a deer, in front of a headlight, as I smooth down my dark blue dress, before going to look for Hunter. Everywhere I see, people are either grinding on one another or, playing a game of tongue tennis. Pretty young girls, are wearing, short dresses. Where was my sister? 

"Hi, Angel little sis, you look so cute," a guy compliments me, before messing with my hair, like a little dog.

Stupid guy,  I thought. Next time, someone calles me cute, I would spit on them, and, if anybody touched my hair again, I would kick them. Would I still look cute, if I punched them in the face? probably not. I scowl at him in annoyance, before shoving his hand away from my hair. Stupid guy, I wonder. There was no point in looking for my parents, it looked like my parents, had decided, that my, older sister was grown up enough, to supervise her own party. How wrong they were, Angel, would never be mature enough, to supervise, her own party. She wasn't even wise enough, to look after herself, so, of course, anything, she supervise, get out of hand. The stale smell of beer and alcohol flies, around the room.

Doing my best, not go get pinched, or touched, I push past, snogging people, who I had never seen before. I couldn't even see, my sister anywhere. Just who did my sister invite? It looks like she invited, the whole school. Just wait, till my parents see this. My mother would side up to my sister, and allow her to do whatever, she wants. But, my father was strict, though, he was never strict was me. I was a daddy's girl, and my dad always sided with me, even if he thought I was wrong. Angel, was going to get told off for sure, maybe she would finally get grounded. That would teach her.

There was no cousin Dorothy at the party, my sister had lied to me. That girl, she knew, I didn't like socialising around with people much, so, of course, I would hate being at my sister's party. It was like if she knew, that I would hate, being at her party. I bet she did that on purpose, when I found my sister, I was going to kill her.

"Scarlett," a drunk voice slurs loudly.

I wonder, who would be calling me, as I turn my head to see my sister. She looks drunk, and she sure sounds it. She is only a  couple of metres away from me, but nearly hidden by a lot of her friends. Even when she was drunk, she looks pretty. Angel winks when she sees me, before going back to kiss some blonde guy. Did she even know the guy's name? The guy continues to kiss my sister, before placing his hand on her bum. Wait, what was going on?

"Hey, stop!" I begin to say, going to stop what was going on.

Nobody was allowed, to touch my sister like that. I might hate my sister at times, but, I wasn't going to allow, someone to hurt her. Knowing Angel, if I didn't stop her, she would do something she would regret.

Suddenly, a pair of strong and, warm hands, were placed on my eyes. It was like everything went dark. Who was it? I place my hand on top of the stranger's hand, I rub the hand, the hand seemed familiar, it was like a hand, that I had already touched before.

"Guess, who it is Princess?" a familiar confident voice tells me in my ear.

I could feel his lips on my ear, his voice. I knew who it was, but, I didn't want to spoil the fun.

"Well, I don't know, though your voice sounds sexy" I lie, wanting to see his reaction, it made me smile, as I hear him gasp behind me.

I knew, I could have said, his name. But, by doing that, I would ruin the fun, and I loved

"Well don't you have a boyfriend?" he asks me quickly, trying to get me to say yes.

I could hear the irritation in his voice, and I couldn't help but smile. I loved it when he got angry, it made me like him even more cute. His hands, on my eyes, was held tightly, I could feel, his heart beating, on my back. The instant connection, that we both had, made me know who he was, without even looking at him. I loved him so much, and, it was so cute, when he got angry or annoyed, especially, when he was trying, to not look annoyed. My poor little baby!

"Well, I do have a handsome, gorgeous, kind and loving boyfriend who I love, but," I begin to say, saying each word slowly, as I feel him smile behind me.

"But, what?" he asks me, questioning me, his throat constricting, with each word.

I could feel, his heart beat race and, I knew he was waiting for my reply. Our whole future depended on this answer. I knew, he was wondering, what was going on in my mind? I kind of felt bad for him, and I knew, he was anticipating what I was going to say.

"Well, if my handsome and gorgeous boyfriend Hunter, doesn't stop putting his hand on my face, I am going to scream," I tell Hunter, who immediately drops his hand, which was blocking my eyesight.

Hunter turns me around, so I am facing him. I look at him, he smiles when she catches me looking at.

"So you knew it was me then," Hunter states, smirking at me lovingly.

"Of course I would, wouldn't I be able to recognise your sexy voice, or your beautiful hands," I reply.

"So only my voice and hands are beautiful," Hunter states, a sad look, appearing on his face.

"No! of course not," I answer, brushing my hand against his soft hair.

"What are you looking at?" Hunter asks me curiously, raising his eyebrows at me.

"I'm wondering, how on earth, I got to have a handsome, loving, caring boyfriend, who loves me so much," I answer his question.

"Well, I think I am the lucky one. I got the most beautiful, sweet and loving girlfriend, who loves me so much," Hunter compliments me, I could see the love, in his eyes.

"I love you," I tell Hunter, telling him the truth, as I stare at him in love.

I never understood why, I got someone as caring and loving as Hunter as my boyfriend. It wasn't, just because he was handsome, that I loved him, but it was more than that. Hunter was sensitive, kind, caring and the most loving guy, that I had ever met. He cared and loved me more than, I could ever love him. He was the perfect guy, and I was glad, that he was mine. I never believed in true love, before, I met him. But, it was when I first met Hunter, that I started to believe in true love. Hunter was no prince, but, he was nothing, less than a prince. Hunter was absolutely gorgeous, with lovely brown hair, and the most beautiful blue eyes. His eyes show, his soul. Every time I saw Hunter, I couldn't help, but, fall in love with him again. He was tall, even taller than me, I was at five foot seven, and he was around five foot eleven. He had defined cheekbones, and soft smooth skin. Love, that was how I always felt when, I look at Hunter. A lot of girls have been jealous, of me, and I could understand. Hunter was like a real life Prince, girls, like me, don't get the prince, but, I did.

"I love you the most," Hunter told me sincerely, brushing my cheek delicately.

I smile when, I hear him, telling me those words, not because he said it, but because I believed him.

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