[Y] Rated. (Contains: Mature (Strong Language, Sexual References, Mild-Sex scenes, Uses Of Alcohol, Drugs, Romance, Mild-Violence, MAFIA) ‘We’ve had several reports of- I’ve lost count on how many have been reported. All of them linking to the same shit. Over and over, it’s like it never ends. Over and out.’ Three Locations, A Whole Lot Of Mystery, Crime Never Ends. Teenagers & Adults All In For A Chance To Earn A Living For The Godfather Lifestyle. Where Innocence Plays A Big Role In Survival.


2. Two Brothers, A Leader, A Father


‘We’ve had several reports of- I’ve lost count on how many have been reported. All of them linking to the same shit. Over and over, it’s like it never ends. Over and out.’

L.A – City in California, Long Beach.

Not too far away from the Aquarium Of The Pacific, several big brothers stood high and mighty playing card games. On a more serious note, they were busy collecting data from ongoing travelers. Every customer was seen as vital, essential to whatever was planned down this never-ending-road. Ethan being one of the older brothers, he had invited half of his pack of wolves. Half of them being actual humans of course, there was no time to collect a pack of vicious wolves for their hunt. Tyler being the second older brother had plans for an enterprise. Being with his father who happened to stick with them after a night of chaos; Logan, a man who had never given up on his sons. They were all he had left, after several events that led to the inevitable endings.

“Son, damn, it’s fucking great to see ya.” Logan introduced his son with a respectable manner.

“Damn, you turn up all raggedy. I swear old man; it has to be a specialty of yours.” Tyler laughed.

“Good to see ya too, son. They were on my back all night, chasing me, making me come to a halt near the end of the road. Like, so much traffic in just one area.”

Tyler laid down several cards on the table, smiling at his father, moving his eyes towards his brother.

“You didn’t bring them back here, did ya? You have a habit of leaving a trail behind, dad.”

“Father to you, son. I respect that more than being just a ‘dad’ to you.” Logan rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, yeah, makes sense. I mean, you were drunk a few weeks back. My ex told me that you were shouting; ‘I am the Godfather, and I don’t want any of YOU to forget it.’ Talk about embarrassing the fuck out of her.”

“Are we going to play cards, or, are we going to stand around like sloths in ties?” Logan slammed the cards on the desk.

L.A – City in California, Arrow Highway.

A woman with style, her hair falling down from removing her hair tie. Tanned, slim, a young adult who had been to several beach parties after nights of wildness. Her driver being someone she met along the way, someone that she was attracted to. Caden, from a University, he was all set for moving on up in life. The woman of his dreams happened to be at a beach party where he was trying to get loose. Chloe just happened to like him, after discovering that he is a very wild dude when it comes to a party. At first she saw him more as a free ride home, but it didn’t take long for her to have some kind of affection for him. Just his presence was enough to make her melt, she saw him more as a companion as time went on. Chloe was tanning even while her so-called babe was driving.

“Did you pack the lotion? Without that, it’s going to get hot in here.” Caden raised his sunglasses.

“Obviously. Why would I forget that? Just remember why we are driving… to get away from your family.”

“Yeah, don’t remind me. I thought University was going to take care of that problem. I guess it don’t quite work out the way you plan, huh?” Caden sighed.

Chloe’s tanned legs resting on the glove compartment glove box. With her feet up near the windshield; she was laying back during a full relaxation ride. Caden wished he could sit back and watch the car go into auto drive mode. She reminded him of his little dream; “That’s not going to happen, auto drive not going to happen.” Caden sighed, looking at her with a smile. She smiled back, but looked back towards the window lowering her sunglasses. He continued to keep the car going, driving it towards a new University building.

“Caden? Are you all about going fast?” She winked at him as her handbag fell on the floor.

He raised his eyebrows. “You don’t know me then, babe. I go as fast as I wanna, and there aint’ nothin’ that’s gonna stop me from zooming up and down that highway.”

She rolled her eyes at him. “Ha, I was only testing your limits. Don’t worry about it, I’d rather get there in one piece rather than several.”

“Yeah? Well, I could take this thing apart, forcing it into auto drive. E-hem, if that’s what you want?” He smirked.

She read him like a book, knowing exactly what he wanted. “Yeah? Ha, that sounds great. Can’t you wait later though? I mean, it’s not that far away.”

Caden tried to keep himself under control, but he couldn’t help but see want her more. “I-I don’t think so… it’s kind of awkward, you know? Like, I can’t just tell-“

“Spare me the details, Caden. Ha, you don’t have to tell me that. I kind of figured you’d not be able to control yourself.” She giggled, her face getting a little red.

“See, I see you blushing. You can’t hide that from me either. Looks like we both had something to hide.” He joked.

Rolling her eyes, a second time, her voice being a little more into the idea. “Yeah? Hehe, you’re right. I can’t hide that, but that is something else entirely.”

* Beep, Phone Call Alerts *

“SHIT. Like seriously? Why always ruin a good moment?” He pushed himself back in anger.

Chloe reminded him to keep up the excitement. “Oh, just answer it. It’s not like he is gonna get this body. Hehe, and I’m not going anywhere, babe.”

He looked at her feeling reassured that she wouldn’t walk away from him. Picking up his phone, he answered it, the voice on the other side being a close friend from University.

*Loud music in the background* “DUDE. You gotta get over here man! There’s like so many here.”

Caden spoke trying not to rub it in his friend’s face that he was with Chloe. “Yeah? Damn, sounds like a blast.”

“You HAVE NO IDEA! There’s everything bouncy here. Like, you should’ve seen this one babe, she was like full into me man! Ha, it was my um… yeah, it didn’t quite go down how I planned it.”

Chloe giggled with her hands in a cup like shape around her mouth.

“Well, I wish I could be there bro. Sounds like a real party, I could just about hear what you said before. It was kind of hard, you know? The loud music and all that.” Caden tapped his fingers on the side of the window.

“Are you serious? Like are you kidding’ me right now, bro? It’s your boy, your homie man; Carlos.”

Caden smirked at Chloe, her flirting back with her long eyelashes. “Yeah, sorry bro, I’d love to come but… I can’t, it’s getting kind of late.”

“Are you on the other side of the world? Like, dude, it’s not late. It’s babe o’ clock. You’re missing out, brother!”

“Okay, well, I might show up all tanned and shit. Might just surprise you, that’s all I’m gonna say ‘bro.’”

Carlos laughing with joy, behind him a girl flirting with her sunglasses resting on her head. “Ha, yeah, yeah, um. Cool man, I’ll see you then.”

* Beep, Phone Call Ended *

UK – Bristol, Somewhere In Winterbourne.

* Dubstep, Glitch-hop, Knife Party, Centipede. Plays in the background *

“Sick party, man, fucking wasted like seven of them.” Max head banged off the wall.

“Nothin’ on me, I’ve got it all checked out here. Folks not gonna be home until like midnight, it’s getting crazy up in here.” Thomas laughed, drinking a large beer.

“How did you get all them all here? Like, so many of them all dancing around a complete cock over there.”

“Ha, I dare you to call him that to his face. He would most likely break you into millions of pieces.” Thomas joked.

“Yeah, I think I can handle that. Nothing too big for me, I mean… um-“

“Ha, don’t feel embarrassed. You fuckin’ said it, there aint nothing too BIG you can’t handle.” Thomas delivered a dead arm to Max.

Rubbing his arm with a slight groan of pain. “Ah, dammit, damn, you got me again, Tom.”

“Yeah, ha, ha, I always do. You are the easiest one to fool though, so, yeah, it’s more fun for me.”

In the middle of the room, Jacob dancing with a lampshade on his head. His dance moves looked embarrassing to watch for poor Thomas and Max, not that they paid much attention to his bad dancing. All too busy having a laugh with each other, and talking about the amount of girls that turned up to his party. Amelia, a girl with long black hair tied back, a lot of makeup with black eyeliner; giggling near Jacob’s bad dancing spot. Her friends having a blast of a time: Ruby, Sophia, and Grace all dancing near Jacob, making him feel all kinds of happiness.

The party seemed like a complete get-wasted day-to-night fun ride. Thomas had a deep regret, more of a secret kept from those that joined him for a party. He invited a guy who happened to invite his pals without permission. Not joining them in the party zone, they were out back smoking and some of them heavily drinking mixtures of alcohols. Thomas only invited one of them, the guy being named: Jack, a guy who had more of a plan rather than spending time at a party that he saw as cringe worthy.

“Check out this babe. She got the swagger there, fine hips, fine body, what is there not to like?” Liam laughed.

“Show us, show us, I wanna see that fuckin hottie.” His friend begged to see.

“Keep your pants on, shorty. She is more your type, the begging type. Eh, more like desperate.”

“I doubt that, she probably wants my D. See, ha, she wants it.” Liam’s friend jokingly pushing the phone near his crotch.

“You can keep that. Fuckin’ ‘ell, there was no need for that. If you want her so bad, go fly to US and get her.”

“Not a bad idea. I’d do it if my folks weren’t a bunch of holdups. They just always fail to keep this life going.”

“No chance, bruv, you won’t get her anyway. She maybe wet, but she isn’t ready for your short-stick.” Liam mocked him.

Stepping out from around the corner of the house, Jack, his hood up with his motorbike sitting beside the wall. Liam backed off from his other friend, stopping the jokes as he saw Jack walk towards them. Reaching into his left pocket, Liam grabbed a stack of cash and held it out towards Jack’s location. Sylvester, another pal of Jack’s held out a small box that he had been keeping in his large right pocket of his jacket.

“Liam! Oh, wow, good to see ya bruv. You fuckin’ sure found a good party. A real keeper.” Lenny winked as he stepped out half-drunk from the porch.

“Y-yeah, no problem, bro. Anytime, just looking’ out for my family.” Liam put on a fake act.

Jack snatched the box from Sylvester, opening it with a lot of speed, no hesitation at all. Pushing down on the outside of the box, he pulled out the item inside. A small pocket knife, placing it in his left pocket of his jeans. Liam slightly shook up, continued to hold out the wad of cash trying to stay calm. Jack looked Sylvester in the face, an unexpected expression on his face. Looking angry at first, but soon smiled and laughed a little.

“Good one, man. You got it, I guess I underestimated you, bruv.” Jack did his street handshake with Sylvester.

Sylvester wiped his hands on the front of his large coat. Jack stepped away from him, walking towards Liam and his pals. Lenny collapsed on the floor, face first; his arms laid out on the ground. Liam tried not to laugh at one of his pals falling flat on his face. His arm grew tired from holding out the wad of cash for so long. Jack approached him, not caring about personal space. He got right up in Liam’s face, staring at him with a fake smile.

“Ha, ha, oh bruv, I’m sorry. The look on your face, fuckin’ priceless.” Jack crouched down in laughter.

Liam tried not to take him seriously. But Jack’s mocking continued to annoy him. “Yeah, I guess.”

“Shut up, man. It was fuckin’ hilarious. Nothin’ compares to that goddamn face, ha. Ha, ha, oh my god. I’m sorry, here, take some of it. Ya might need it to wipe the dirt off ya face.”

Jack tapped the palm of his hand off Liam’s left cheek, a slight slap smudging oil across his skin. His fake smile turning into a smile of making Liam look stupid. Liam kept his cool, trying not to retaliate. Sylvester chuckled at seeing Liam be humiliated in front of his other pals. Liam looked at Lenny, seeing even him laughing in his mind. Trying to control his anger, he kept steady and gave Jack some time to step out of his personal space.

Closing Liam’s hand for him; Jack placed a single note in the palm of his hand. Stepping away, he smirked from the sight of Liam’s oil-like face. Walking back to his motorbike resting against the wall of the house; he switched the penknife to his left hand. Carving his initials into some of the bricks layered as the wall.

“Fuckin’ idiot. I hate that guy, such a prick.” Liam spat in disgust on the floor.

Sylvester tormented Liam by rubbing his own face as a gesture to remind him of the oil-face. Liam rubbed some of it off, looking like an idiot in front of his other pals behind him.

“Don’t know what ya all lookin’ at. None of ya had the BALLS to stand up to him, all hiding behind me like fuckin rats.” Liam smiled after speaking the truth.

- Inside The House –

After an hour had passed, Amelia was no longer dancing near Jacob’s bad dance moves. They had moved to onto the couch, making out as a sick-pervert Thomas watched them get at it. Sophia flirting towards Thomas, but Thomas too stupid to realize that she was interested in him. Even after her spelling it out for him on a refrigerator. He had ignored the message she left him, grabbing himself a bottle of booze. Ruby was keeping a line holdup due to her vomiting in the bathroom. Grace still dancing trying to get the attention of the DJ surrounded by many others dancing, girls and boys.

“Tom, I just went into the backroom, the checkered shit. Nice room that is, you missed something’ though.”

“What did I miss this time, Max?” Thomas snapped. “Don’t tell me, I missed some dude freaking out in a room. No? Okay, I missed some dude pretending he has tits?”

“Don’t fuckin' joke about that, man. Not cool, no, you just missed some letters spelling out some fuckin’ words.”

“Oh… cool, just words? Like random letters all laid out?” Thomas looked at Max with slight concern.

“Yeah, like some letters all spelling out your name. Pretty weird, gotta be a joke from your sister. Only she would do something so childish.”

Yeah, obviously not you, Max.”  Thomas spoke under his breath. “Good, I guess that explains it.”


The DJ made an announcement, putting the music to a stop, but soon building up again to a louder volume.

ALL EYES ON ME – William Plays in the background.

Thomas waved, trying to shout ‘thank-you,’ over the loud music playing on an insane volume. Jack’s motorbike’s engine turned on, as he revved up the bike, pushing it to the side of the driveway. He looked back at Liam with a second smirk, laughing inside his metal helmet. Playing loud music as he steered it towards the road, he did a single salute as he swirled round the bike performing a show-off trick to some of the girls that had come to see the motorbike. Some of them cheered, while others spoke to each other saying how much they would like to ride with him. Even one going far and making a sexual joke; ‘I’d rather ride him, he is a badass.’ Another one not impressed with Jack at all; “He is just a show off. Such a jerk, trust me.” Hannah walked back not interested in Jack for as long as the other girls around her.

Sylvester grinned at some of the girls, trying to make an impression on one of them. Liam watched as Hannah walked away, he had seen someone he could relate to.

“Sylvester the creep?” A girl with short hair spoke out loud.

Even after hearing that, he continued to wave at them whilst looking ridiculous at the same time.

“Ew-Ew, that’s that guy that tried to film making out with Alisha.” Another girl with a few tattoos laughed.

CREEP, CREEP! CRE-E-E-EP! A group of girls screamed out at Sylvester making him back into a corner.

They then laughed at him as they walked back inside the house, the door opening let out a lot of music. As it closed, Liam sighed, rolling his eyes at his pals and Sylvester.

- Jack’s Location –

Arriving at his location, he steered towards McDonalds resting his motorbike against the metal barrier. Two girls caught his attention the moment he stood off and brushed himself down. They soon looked away as three older girls walked towards him from around the corner of the parking lot. Two girls looking a little short in size, and one of them in the middle who was just a little taller with more makeup on than the others. They walked in their own style towards him, as he took off his gloves and flirted with the middle one.

Don’t say anything about a party, you’ll lose them before you can explain yourself. Jack thought to himself.

“Girls, It’s great to see ya again. Didn’t expect to meet you three here.” Jack embraced their presence.

“Hold ya mouth shut, Jack.” The girl on the left made a warning to Jack.

“Sure, sure. Ha, whatever you say.” Jack placed his left hand around his mouth.

“Ha, I always like to do that with ya. Nobody else makes that funny but you.” She giggled, no longer angry with him.

“Jack, prove to me why I should care. Why should WE care that you have turned up? I’m sure you forgot about us, probably don’t even remember our names.” The taller girl rolled her eyes at him.

He stood a step closer, holding his hands up to the sky. “Oh yeah? That what you think?” He smirked. “I know who I’m talking to, I’m not fuckin stupid. Tall one, don’t tell me, A-Alice. Yeah, that’s it.”

“Good. So what if you remember my name? I’m not interested in your schemes.” She turned her back to him.

Feeling that he was losing all three of them, he could see that the other two were very hesitant towards even looking at him.

“Wait, the left one is… Sarah.” Jack moving his hands as he spoke to them. “And the one on the right is Caroline.”

Alice turned round to face Jack, smiling a little. Caroline looked at Sarah, and giggled after what Jack had said. Jack looked behind him, looking back at them confused. Alice started to smile more, turning more into a giggle as she could see how stupid he was. Caroline blushed as Sarah made a ‘X’ symbol with her two fingers from both hands. Jack scratched his head as he could see that they were laughing more at him.

“You didn’t even notice? Ha, wow, that’s the Jack I love.” She giggled.

“Shh, shush, don’t tell him. He’ll find out later.” Caroline whispered to Sarah.

Alice agreeing with both of them, she knew it going to be a fun night after all. Jack had managed to entertain them, making them want to listen and even give him a third chance. As he had already broken his second chance after landing Alice’s father in prison two years ago.

All three of them walked closer to him as he looked just as confused as he did when they started laughing at him. Alice flirted with him, holding onto his left hand as Caroline and Sarah giggled behind him, pushing him towards the exit of the parking lot. He had no idea what was going on, but he liked the secrecy behind it all. As he let them escort him to wherever it was that they wanted to go. 

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