[Y] Rated. (Contains: Mature (Strong Language, Sexual References, Mild-Sex scenes, Uses Of Alcohol, Drugs, Romance, Mild-Violence, MAFIA) ‘We’ve had several reports of- I’ve lost count on how many have been reported. All of them linking to the same shit. Over and over, it’s like it never ends. Over and out.’ Three Locations, A Whole Lot Of Mystery, Crime Never Ends. Teenagers & Adults All In For A Chance To Earn A Living For The Godfather Lifestyle. Where Innocence Plays A Big Role In Survival.


8. Sanity, Mystery, Misery


L.A – City in California, Long Beach

There was ONE who wanted to HURT others.

24 Hours Later . . .

Logan sitting with the carved pumpkin staring him right in the face, his own sorrow emitted through the candle lit inside of this Jack-o’-lantern. He looked at his hands that continued to shake due to some strange chills running through his veins. He could feel the tension, his own body giving way to the pressure building up in his brain. Looking down at his pointed shoes, he could see a trail of dried redness spaced out leading further under the table. The clock behind him stuck on a continuous loop of tick-tock(ing) tick, tock, tick, tock.

The little hand was like this rope connected to a much taller hand, each click, each tick, each tock, it continued to make Logan feel spaced out. The pressure making him want to shout at himself in a mirror, his own mind losing sanity with the silence following after every individual sound that would clock his brain. His eyes widened as the thick wooden door opened a fraction letting outside light brighten on his face. His eyes squinted, his eyelids wanting to shut out the light for good.

An accent, a voice, this stranger behind the door was very clear, Logan’s brain put full power into clocking the situation. Simple, the man was from Texas, Logan didn’t have any second thoughts to spare on such a stranger, his own body wanted to give into the heavy weights he felt he was carrying the whole time. The man revealed himself, a kind yet noble person with a strong heart, his own reason for visiting was less than admirable:

“I’ve come here for one reason alone, and that’s to see how you are doing, Logan.”

Logan didn’t say a word, still stunned with the clock driving him crazy.

“Not going to say anything, huh? You always make things so complicated, I come here for a family visit, and you still just want to push everyone away?” The man’s voice started to sound like a much more caring person.

Logan’s eyes twitched as the light continued to spread in rays towards his pupils.

“Okay, I’ll get right to the juicy stuff, make it quick for ya.” Pulling out a silver metal box from underneath the table, he told Logan’s frozen face that it was a gift sent away. “It’s not just any gift, it’s more of a ‘I’m sorry for hurting you before’ kind of gift…

The tick-tock, click-clack, spiralling in his mind, he could not feel any sense of realism kicking into his almost empty brain. He held out a little, took a deep breath as he spoke in a very sleepy-lazy voice kind of way.

The stranger turned his head to the side looking at the open door, sighed as Logan moved his arms from the table.

“Hello?” Logan muttered, “I have no idea why you have decided to visit me, no idea at all, you just waddle on in like you’re the big shot, again, huh?”

Slamming his fist against the top of the silver box, the man spoke out in a much more formative approach. “I didn’t expect you to wake up after that incident yesterday.”

“…Incident? There’s no trouble here, just a little pain in my back telling me a backstabber has returned to fuck up something again.” Logan crossed his arms.

“I’ll admit you have no idea where you are, no idea why you just woke up to me sitting at your dinner table. I assume this is your dinner table, I threw out the Poker table, ha, ha.”

“Make it quick.” Logan’s voice started to sound irritant.

“Okay, okay, Logan, pal, calm down. Us Texas-teers, we, um, we try don’t we?” He pulled out from under his hat a piece of card. “Call me when you have your whole mind sorted. Right now, I don’t you have it in the right place.”

“Get your heart in the right place, and then talk to me about my problems.” Logan stood up with his body falling to the side.

“Jasper, remember that name, he is the one who wants your fortune.” The Texas man stood up with his silver box still sealed sitting on the table. “Mark my words, Logan, Diego doesn’t forget a trespasser.”

“You’ll miss your flight.” Logan continued to backchat his old friend.

*** Phone Call ***

Logan grabbed his phone from his thought to be empty pockets, answering the call with a slight headache coming on.

“Logan, baby, I got like fifty pounds of the triple silver. Nah, I’m not talking that kind of silver, I got like the blue stuff too. Do you still need any of that good stuff, brother?”

Logan held onto the edge of the table squeezing with force onto his fingers. “I think you’re calling me at the wrong time. It’s not a good time to be calling me right now.”

“Good time? Are you fucking for real here, bro? I got like several bridges to go, more water under the bridge kind of shit. If you can’t take a little of this home for safety measures. FUCK YOU, I don’t expect you to have any good time, hope you choke on it, asshole.”

“As well as I hope you fall into a river, buddy.” Logan ended the call throwing the phone down on the table, as he watched pieces of it fly off around the room.

*** END CALL ***

L.A - City in California, Arrow Highway

24 Hours Later . . .

Awakening from his deep slumber, his body warmth no longer holding at a steady rate. His temperature draining his energy with his body slumped against a tree. ‘Did I really just sleep here?’ He lost track of thought, thinking that he had been asleep for weeks. Everything else that kept him in the right moment was just no longer there for him. No support, nobody to talk to, nobody who could help him out of the ‘stupid’ forest outskirts. The tall tree looked down on him, autumn leaves still piling over his legs. He recalled the pile over him being much thicker, the wind must’ve pushed off some of the loose leaves.

‘Chloe, CHLO, Chloe, CHLO, Chloe.’ The same name continued to swirl around in his head, he could feel every letter pulling at his brain’s tissues.

His second phone vibrated in his pocket, reaching around through the fallen leaves, he tried to pull out his trapped phone. A smile soon lit up on his face, it was Chloe, she was calling him after several nights alone in darkness. He had a little food, enough to keep him there for a two-day camping trip.

*** Phone Call: Chloe ***

“…Caden… I’m so, so, so, sorry for leaving you back there.” Chloe’s voice sounded like whispers in his ear.

His mouth moved a little, no words would come out, he looked down in shame sighing a little. A few words soon spoke out from the ones that mumbled in-between:

“Chlo? Chloe? Oh my god, is that you? Is that really freaking you?” Caden’s happiness was at the seams of bursting.

Chloe’s not caring attitude soon returned. “Shut up, big deal, it’s me, get the fuck over it.”

Letting out a slight tear, he whined a little: “Chloe? Come on, girl, what’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing, I just don’t need your whiny voice to wake me up.” Chloe’s aggression got a little tenser. “Just shut up, okay? I don’t need you right now, I’m calling to say that I do care about you not being back here.”

Caden sensed something was up, his mind pondered onto possible scenarios behind Chloe’s phone call.

“Okay, Chlo, fine, I just need to know that you’re better off without me. I appreciate you caring about me too.” Caden started to be a little more kind towards Chloe.

“You know, I have sent out a few friends to come and get you.” Chloe smiled behind her phone, she was so happy to hear his voice again.

- “But don’t think that means anything about us, it’s not us, and it never will be. Get it out of your thick skull. Goodbye, Caden.”

*** END CALL ***

Caden was more than pleased to hear that his name had been spoken by her yet again. It feels like forever to him, after she had ever called him by his own actual name. He remembered all the times Chloe had nicknamed him in the past. Throwing away the negative thoughts, he focused on what was to be done, to follow through with Chloe’s plan. Which was to just bring Caden back to the house, but not actually became a pair again. She just wanted him back around town, no more problems with her worrying for his safety on being alone out there.

7 Hours Later . . .

Arriving in a Ford Focus, several teenage girls stood up from behind the car seats. Caden rubbed his eyes, squinting them as two girls stood right next to him. He looked towards the vehicle as other people caught his eye; a muscular stranger who happened to be the driver, and another guy in the back of the Ford waiting with his arms crossed. He felt two not very large hands hook around his arms while then feeling lighter in weight.

“You need to get up, silly, you had us come here to get you.” A girl spoke in a Russian accent.

“Yeah, and Chloe sure has a bigger heart that she lets on. My god, did we have to travel a fair bit to get here.” The other girl pulled Caden onto his feet.

“T-Thanks.” Caden muttered, feeling the need to apologize at the same time.

“Don’t mention it, you’re lucky that we even accepted Chloe’s offer.”

Caden looked up to see the two girls, they were both quite tall with different hair colors making each one stand out more. The one on his right, purple hair with a mixture of darker colors. ‘smoke?’ he remembered Chloe having a similar style once. The other girl to his left, the more aggravated one, annoying tone with no patience whatsoever; blonde hair with a mixture of lighter colors. One had long hair, the other had much shorter hair, he figured they were both rather sisters or best friends.

“Caden, my name is Caden.” Out of nowhere, Caden wanted to introduce himself, feeling like an idiot not long after muttering randomness.

“I’m sorry? Are you for real, you think I want to know your name?” The blonde one being arrogant yet again.

“Call me Angel, that’s what my name is… ha, she doesn’t really care but I’m sure you do. Right?” Angel looked sternly at Caden’s sweaty face.

Caden didn’t say a word, Angel looked away from him walking back to the Ford. The other one being mean, not nice to be around, Caden didn’t want to stay with her much longer. Being pulled with a lot of rough pulls towards her, she dragged him across the floor, not caring at all whether he injures himself or tears up his clothes in the process.

“Stupid, Angel, not even strong enough to drag you across the floor.” She spoke to herself, Caden smiling thinking it’s funny that she would do that.

After a whole lot of grazing his skin, Caden was pushed over to the Ford, as Angel lent her hand to him lifting him up from the dusty ground. The other girl still not saying much threw her fist into the glass window. Slamming the door shut, as the driver turned for a brief second, looking away in fear hoping that she never saw him smirking.

In an attempt to break the awkward silence, the driver tried talking to them: “So, dude? You been here like, all by yourself?”

“Yeah, dude, I’ve been out here alone. Chloe left me here, not going to keep that from y’all.” Caden face palmed the moment he said it.

“And I see you’ve met Angel; she isn’t one to fool around. Know what I’m saying?”

Caden looked at Angel, looking away as she took a glance at him. “Yeah, I get it, she sure was kind, though.”

Angel smiled, the other girl looking Caden dead in the eyes from a very small distance. Caden’s waving slowed down, as he looked down trying to block out the angry face not far away from him.

“So, do you always get lost or something?” Angel asked a question towards Caden, hoping that he would speak up a little.

Caden didn’t say a word, he just wanted to go home, the thought of talking to another girl other than Chloe made his mind feel uneasy.

“Dude? That’s cold, real cold, like she asked you a question.” The driver put the car into reverse, Caden smiled knowing that they are no longer going to talk to him.

“Chill out, Daniel, I’m sure he is just a little shocked that we came all this way to get him.”

“I don’t care, if he doesn’t talk, why do we even bother helping him at all?” Angel mumbled, hoping that nobody heard her.

Daniel didn’t shut up like Caden had hoped for, instead, Daniel was trying to start a conversation with him. Trying to get more information about Chloe, and what she had with Caden that was so special. The other girl too was starting to want in on the conversation. Angel not really caring, she crossed her arms and looked out the window.

“So, dude? You and… Chloe? How the hell did that happen?” Daniel took a turn to the left, the car’s movement pushed Caden to the side.

“Yeah, like, how did you two actually find some kind of connection? I mean you were a freaking loser back at that tree.” The other girl clearly wanted to make Caden angry.

“Shut up for a second will ya? Destiny, you always have to make others feel low… I’m asking a legitimate question here, hoping that the dude will speak up for once.”

Caden now knowing the bitch’s name, he too wanted to wind her up like a ticking bomb ready to go off. Destiny sat back in her seat holding up a teen magazine trying to ignore what Daniel had just said about her. Caden felt the need to talk about Chloe, he started to feel that with her name being thrown around so much, it seemed right to tell them.

“Never mind how we got together, but I know how much I loved her. I still- I still love her now, bro.” Caden sighed, looking outside as Angel’s reflection shined through.

“Alright, good enough for me, I bet you two went all the way, hey? Like all the way, she was so right to leave you, though. I don’t think you are really the right guy for her.” Daniel joked.

Caden didn’t see it as a joke, he took it to heart throwing out an insult back at Daniel.

“Yeah, well, I’m not the one driving two ignorant bitches like some kind of big shot with fake muscles trying to muscle right in on their bodies.” Caden snapped.

Daniel looked down thinking how hurtful that was, Angel didn’t take it to heart, she ignored it as she was too busy being absorbed into her own day dreams. Destiny too ignored it, feeling the need to say: ‘buzz, what is that sound? A bug or something?’

“Harsh, bro, forget I asked.” Daniel sighed again, driving the car with no more words coming out from under his breath.

‘This is going to be a very long journey…’ Caden sighed, hoping the nightmare would end.

~ Chloe’s Drive ~

‘Hello, Chloe? It’s your mother, I want you home… I want you to come home, baby.’

No answer, not even a call sent back to her mother, the phone just sat on the side of the table vibrating every so often. A large shadow from the kitchen loomed over the kitchen tiles, the living room flooring, and the beautiful patterned wallpaper. Still no sign of Chloe, and only a shadow to show that someone is home.

“Chloe? Are you coming out?” A feminine voice spoke from one of the rooms upstairs.

“Is she coming out? Is she going to show herself?” Another voice, a little more masculine spoke out.

“She isn’t coming out, I told you, she isn’t going to be here much longer.” Another voice, much deeper replied to the two voices.

“Not even once? I won’t get to see her again?” The first voice becoming timid.

“You will get to see her, just not in a way you wanted to. Look, she doesn’t need all this aggro right now, she has a lot on her mind. Just let her be, yeah?”

Upstairs, lighting differed in all rooms combined; kitchen lights were off, outside lights were on, bedroom lights were also off, and the only other light turned on was the hallway lighting. Every other room was dim, not enough light, or just overall dead. The two voices revealed to be two slightly younger kids, just a year or two off Chloe. One having thick brown hair with spiky waves round the middle. The other being one with long hair, black, as it goes into beautifully tied knots around her head. She looked like a princess, one would say.

“Are you going to tell them about Caden?” A more adult voice spoke from downstairs, she seemed to care more about Chloe than Caden also.

“Not yet, she just got here, well, she’s been here for a while.”

“If you don’t tell her, I will, I’m not letting you keep lies from her. The bitch deserves to know.” She sighed, not actually liking Chloe it seemed.

“It’s good enough for me, SO, what isn’t it good enough for you?” He snapped a little.

“It’s good enough for me when you tell her the goddamn truth.” She tried to calm herself down, relaxing her tone a little.

The two kids walked downstairs while the girl walked away from them both. No sign of Chloe, and her phone continued to vibrate as it was soon silenced by a larger figure.

Knocking on the door upstairs, the girl spoke out trying to be civil, hoping that they could get along together. No aggro, no problems, just a nice friendly chat together.

“My name is, Kayla.” She sighed, “I know you know that, you heard it before, but come on, I need you to open this door for me.”

No reply, Kayla started to think that she had fallen asleep on the other side. Just pure silence in the room behind the door, it was also clearly dark in there, no light coming from the cracks in the walls. No light emitting through the narrow gaps in the doorway.

“Okay, I’ll leave this out here, then. It’s your favourite, Cherry flavour, I’m sure you’ll love it.”

Kayla walked away from the door heading for the stairway, Chloe’s phone was no longer on the table, it had been moved or stolen. The two kids continued to run around having fun in the rooms full of darkness. Kayla walked right into the guy she wanted to talk to:

“FELIX, you almost gave me a- oh, forget it, you almost scared the life out of me!” Kayla jumped out of her skin.

“Yeah? Good, it’s always nice to scare you sometimes, makes my day better. Even nights,” he smirked at her.

“Good? Are you for real, don’t answer that.” Kayla slapped him around the face. “Where’s Carlos?”

“He is out at a party as always, I’m sick of him going off to these parties without me.”

“Yeah, well, you’re better off here looking after the ones we promised to baby sit.” Kayla’s sarcasm was really forceful.

“Yeah, that’s right, I gave up drinking with friends, with my best pals for this…” He sighed, soon putting on a fake smile as he felt another slap coming his way.

A knock on the door, and a stranger now standing at the door in a mask awaited them on the other side.

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