[Y] Rated. (Contains: Mature (Strong Language, Sexual References, Mild-Sex scenes, Uses Of Alcohol, Drugs, Romance, Mild-Violence, MAFIA) ‘We’ve had several reports of- I’ve lost count on how many have been reported. All of them linking to the same shit. Over and over, it’s like it never ends. Over and out.’ Three Locations, A Whole Lot Of Mystery, Crime Never Ends. Teenagers & Adults All In For A Chance To Earn A Living For The Godfather Lifestyle. Where Innocence Plays A Big Role In Survival.


10. [Logan's Childhood Story] ~ 2/4


There was ONE who had MEMORY to kill others.

*** The School Days ~ Childhood Memory [2] ***

‘Logan, please say- state your full name into the system as we can begin the discussion of the case of Lorna Grier. Thank you.’

“My- my name is Logan McCarty, and I promise to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth.” Logan folded is arms.

‘Thank you, Logan.’ He thanked him sitting back in his chair, ‘Mr. McCarty where did you last see Lorna Grier?’

“I last saw her when Aaron, my cousin told me that she was going to be his by the end of the night.”

‘Right, and did Aaron say anything about how he would do that?’

“He was pretty syked, he wanted to get her on his good side. He told me that Lorna was very special to him, and that her father would kill him if he was to ever find out.”

‘Ah, so Aaron knew Lorna’s family? Did he ever discuss this with you?’

“…No, he told me that her father was a murderer, a real killer who wouldn’t let anything stand in his way.”

‘Right, and did Lorna ever come to you about her problems?’

“One time, she told me that I was cute. I didn’t really listen to her, she just went on and on about how Aaron was making her feel something, and I told her that it was all good.”

‘Logan, did you or did you not associate with Aaron?’

“We had our paths cross a few times, and I told him that I would support him with Lorna. I finally accepted it, just got over it like she wanted me to.”

‘I see, and Aaron didn’t ever get to you in a way? He never harmed you. No?  He has never annoyed you, made you angry, make you throw some violence his way?’ He smiled, thinking that he had got a story out of everything.

“Lorna and I, we were just like on-and-off friends, we’d share the good times, and the bad ones. Aaron just wanted her for other reasons, they probably did sleep together too. She told me how one night they were sharing a bed, but I thought it was just the sleepover he had been dreaming of coming true.”

‘Lorna shouldn’t have been doing that with anyone, and to make such a claim you would have to give me some more evidence. Like what place and time did this occur? When was Aaron and Lorna not in school?’

“Yes, that’s exactly it, they would ditch school and go to her house to share a bed. I swear, I’m telling the truth, Lorna and Aaron were doing that, and it sickens me you know? How she could let him do that to her, like come on, the dude doesn’t know shit.”

‘The real question now is how did you Lorna meet? She is younger than you, no?’

“…I met her when her crazy -so-called FATHER told me that I was the reason for her problems. I was the one making her life Hell, and do you know what? He’s so wrong, I made her life so much better, I hate that freak.”

‘Enough to want to hurt Lorna? Enough to make you want to see her cry? - Let’s face it, you two were dating once, you said that before walking into this room. So, you got yourself a motive, you knew you couldn’t be with her as her father made sure of that. Jealous when Aaron came along, you stepped in and got involved.’

Logan started to hesitate with his answers as he couldn’t keep his mouth open for more than a second.

‘Logan? McCarty?’ – He asked several times for Logan to pay attention.

“Sorry- what? I didn’t, I couldn’t, how did you… why would you think that I killed her?”

‘There’s the motive, you have many reasons to hate her. It’s not out of your line of work, you almost killed your brother just two years ago. You really do have the record of wanting revenge and almost getting it.’

“I told her that I would protect her, and Aaron, that freakin’ stoner couldn’t keep his mouth shut. Lorna didn’t go with him by choice, he forced her to go with him, and I had to watch that shit happen in front of me.”

‘Logan, stick to what’s been given to you. Did you or did you not visit Lorna’s house a day before she was found dead on school grounds?’

“I-I had a reason to visit her, she was sending me none-stop texts, I wanted to tell her that I felt the same way too. Aaron could just fuck himself, seriously, he was no good for her, and she made that very clear when I got there.”

‘What else made you visit her? It’s hard to believe you would just visit her knowing (to your knowledge) that her father would be there to hurt you. To make sure you stay away for good.’

“…No, no way, I didn’t go over there because she was ALONE, I went there because I had feelings for her.”

‘A few texts and it’s “let’s forget the past,” and just move on?’

Logan snapped slamming his fist off the desk; “I didn’t kill her!”

‘Well if you didn’t, you would have known who else was at that house when you arrived, right?’

Logan looked down as he sighed, knowing so much about Lorna’s house party. “She had herself a party, I suggested to her that something to brighten the mood would really cheer her up. Plus, I just wanted a party, and her house was perfect for one of those.”

‘Okay, and at this “party,” did you see anyone acting suspicious around Lorna?’

“Aaron, that little freak was trying to get her to go downstairs into the basement. I was told by her through text messages that she needed me, and all I got was ‘basement, come quick,’ I went down into the basement…”

‘Right, well you never told us about her basement. Hmm, and you didn’t think to report this to the police? That she was acting kind of weird? I mean, it’s so strange how you can both go from hating to loving in a matter of minutes.’

“I’ll shine some light on it then, when I got down there she was crying so much. Her makeup all over the place, and her mascara just dripping down her face. I could see how long she’d been in tears for.” Logan looked down.

‘Was she with Aaron? Logan?’

“She was so upset, I comforted her you know? I got her like to calm down, and we tried to share a moment together.”

‘McCarty, did you see Aaron with her?’

“And she all like ‘I love you,’ out of freakin’ nowhere!” Logan started to lose his mind a little, looking at the desk not blinking at all.

‘Logan, LOGAN, did you or did you not see Aaron down there with her?’

“I said ‘I love you too,’ I’m an idiot, stupid me falling for her again.”

‘…Ugh, okay, enough, interview ended at—‘

“No, Aaron wasn’t there. I made sure of it, don’t worry, he wasn’t in the basement with her, she was there alone crying for me to help her. Okay?” Logan looked the officer dead in the eyes.

‘Right, and you didn’t think to ask where Aaron was? Last thing you told me that Lorna was being harassed by him. Him wanting her to go in the basement together.’

“Yeah, I know, and it sounds unbelievable, I’m shocked too, I was shocked.”

‘Not really a likely story, it doesn’t add up, Logan, it doesn’t make sense.’

“It makes enough sense to me that Lorna had told Aaron to G. T. F. O.”

‘No, Logan, I don’t believe that Aaron who has been found to be guiltier than you, granted- told her to join him in the basement. There was no real evidence before, and what makes you think the basement will give us that evidence you believe we have missed?’

“Look at the evidence you have, Lorna was murdered, killed by someone who really knew how to stab a person. I’d do it myself, but no way would I ever have harmed Lorna.”

‘Logan, what happened after you and her in the basement? Did anyone talk to her after that?’

“She told me that the party was still going on, and I told her to call it off, this party was clearly getting to her. She was crying because the music was hurting her, making her think of all the problems she had.”

‘So, why couldn’t you have stopped the party? Why not against her wishes?’

“She was too good for me, I wouldn’t lie to her, and I wouldn’t betray her, and turning the party off was a bad idea. We both knew that this party was going to end with us being together, so who really cared what would come out of the night?” Logan smiled.

‘McCarty, did she ever tell you that Aaron was uninvited?’

“No, I thought he was invited, he was there long enough before. After that, I didn’t see him, I really didn’t see his stupid punch-able face after the start of the party.”

‘Yes, we found evidence that supported this, party goers who were at your house party told us more than we needed to know. Your side of the story interests us the most as you were with her according to your “story,” and I still don’t believe she wasn’t with Aaron.’

“Why is that? Why can’t you accept that the scum was no longer there?” Logan spat Aaron’s chosen nickname.

‘Because we found Aaron’s clothing locked in a Toy Chest, and several boxes contained quite a number of his belongings. His parents told us that a lot of his belongings had gone missing ever since you started to appear in this love triangle.’

“Bullshit. His parents are just as stupid as he is, everyone knows that Aaron is a little thief, stealing from all those he befriends. Do you really think I would steal something from that loser?”

‘Which brings me to my second question; why, Logan, did we find traces of dried blood on Aaron’s shirt? That by the way you had hidden in a box labelled: ‘Family memoirs’ – Did you just have to hide it somewhere obscene?’

“I. Didn’t. Hide. Anything.” Logan gave a stern warning to the officer, “You should be out there looking for the real killer, finding the real answers that support my story. My story is the truth, get that in your head.”

‘Third, why did you try to burn the invitation? We found it lodged back under all the boxes, I’ll admit you certainly like to cover your tracks.’

“This is ridiculous! How can you blame me? Were there fingerprints? No, were there any signs that pointed towards me, Logan McCarty? No. And why do I know? I’m not the killer, and I told you Aaron was out of sight, I never saw him after that the start of the party, and I was thankful for not seeing his smug face.”

‘McCarty, ha, it’s very obvious when you about it, all the evidence links to you. Fingerprints? We found none, granted, but we did find blood in your house. We found Lorna’s accessory in your house, her necklace in your bloody fingerprints. That’s right, we didn’t find any fingerprints at Lorna’s house, you didn’t think to cover your house too, huh?’

“BITE, ME, I didn’t do shit, and you can’t prove it. I was taken away from my school to get away from my father, and I’m so happy to be rid of him, and happier to be rid of stupid-two-faced Aaron.”

‘So, why Lorna? Why Aaron? What did you want from Lorna? And what did you want from Aaron?’

“Aaron, easy… I wanted him to suffer for treating her like shit.”

‘So you killed him, hid his body and we have no idea where, but you sure as hell are going to tell us.’

“Careful what you say in the interview, sir. I really think you could be fired for making a false claim.”

‘I’m not accusing you, I know for a fact that you are responsible for Aaron’s disappearance. You saying “I never saw him after that,” just proves my point. You didn’t see him because you were outside getting rid of him.’

“More evidence, I think you need more evidence to support your stories. None of them really make sense, and mine is just the truth, so, yeah, you can really see the problem here.”

‘McCarty, if you ever wanted to keep Lorna safe, tell me, tell us the truth.’

“I’ll admit that you had great theories, they really made me feel nervous to be honest. I felt like I was going down for it, oh damn, you really know how to scare me.”

‘McCarty, you can end this, and if this is all your work, don’t continue it, let us help you end this problem.’

“I’ll say it one more time for you and the idiots listening in there; I DID NOT KILL, LORNA.”

‘And Aaron?’ He folded his arms looking directly at Logan, “What about Aaron, huh?”

“I didn’t lay a finger on that dude, I didn’t think to hurt him, I didn’t want to kill him, but I sure as hell would have if Lorna hadn’t been there for me. He is just so unlikable, I hate his guts, I hate him, and I hope he falls over breaks his neck and dies.”

‘You sure have a lot of hate for Aaron. I think we’ll end the interview here, keep you held up, and we’ll talk to you again tomorrow morning. You really need to stop preventing us from finding the truth here.’

“Good for you, I’ll spend so many days here hoping that Aaron dies, but I’ll also be praying that you fall over and the truth kills you too.” Logan slammed the door not allowing the officer to finish his interview.

~ Lorna’s House ~

“Officer Jacob, we got something over here.” An officer called out lifting out a loose floor panel.

Looking at Jacob, he raised his left eyebrow then looking down as the panel was lifted. “Oh my- That can’t be, what’s down there?”

“Blood, that sure as Hell is dried blood, sir. How did he hide it under the panel?”

“I’d say that he used the wooden panel’s side of the plank to inflict a head injury, is it possible that he hit her with enough force to make her fall unconscious?” Officer Jacob exclaimed.

“Possible, but not very likely, I think he just missed a spot.”

“No way, he was so good at clearing the evidence downstairs, what makes up here any different?”

“He would have to have had short time intervals where he could do all this unnoticed by the others downstairs. The party music could have blocked out her screaming, and possibly even the loud thump- if what your saying is true, and she was knocked out by the killer, it would make sense how she was moved.”

“To inflict the knife wounds, it’s possible he moved her somewhere he knew where the blood could be washed away?”

“There’s a carwash not far away from here, do you think he moved her there?” Officer Jacob was sure that he had figured out the mind of the killer.

“You know, that sounds like something this killer is capable of, finding places to hide bodies.”

“Get a DNA test on this blood, I have a feeling it’s not Lorna’s.”

They had taken a sample as they took it back for forensics, checking it over to see if the killer really had killed someone else too.

~ Time passed ~

“Yes, we have a match, it had traces of ‘Aaron,’ his last name, Sheehan? I think Aaron was murdered upstairs, but where’s the body?”

“Aaron was lighter than Lorna? Would anyone agree with that?”

“Yes, I’d say he was lighter in weight, but taller in size.”

“Right, so the killer wouldn’t have had any problem moving Aaron’s body somewhere else. I want units searching, asking questions at the car wash. And I want others down in the basement looking for more evidence.”

(Right away, Sir)

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