[Y] Rated. (Contains: Mature (Strong Language, Sexual References, Mild-Sex scenes, Uses Of Alcohol, Drugs, Romance, Mild-Violence, MAFIA) ‘We’ve had several reports of- I’ve lost count on how many have been reported. All of them linking to the same shit. Over and over, it’s like it never ends. Over and out.’ Three Locations, A Whole Lot Of Mystery, Crime Never Ends. Teenagers & Adults All In For A Chance To Earn A Living For The Godfather Lifestyle. Where Innocence Plays A Big Role In Survival.


9. [Logan's Childhood Story] ~ 1/4


L.A – City in California, Long Beach

There was ONE who would END innocent lives

Logan’s thoughts pondered throughout the empty space around the room, his eyes fixated on the pieces of what used to be a phone. Putting the pieces together would make that ‘object’ return, fully present instead of just being this transparent visibility of what used to be something. The carved pumpkin looking a little limped, the eyes no longer showing a full stare, the curves all making less sense to what the face was once showing. It’s meaning had been carved away, rotten to the core; no longer visible to Logan as what was a happy face.

“I ask, I ask of you to hold me down, slam my stupid head off this table.” Logan spoke to himself, “let it take my place, become me as I slam the life into this stupid table.”

You are merely here; you just don’t remember the murders that you have commit in this world.

Logan shovelled using his two cold hands, sweaty palms collecting the loose pieces of what was once a phone. Staring at the shape that pieces formed in his left hand, he could see all sorts of images through it. His mind played him like a puppet always being controlled by someone else. He lacked the motivation to bring himself back to the real world, he couldn’t accept the simplicity of such a situation that stood in front of him.

*** School Days ~ Childhood Memory [1] ***

The clouds blinking with the flashing lights, the storm had hit the odd school pretty heavily, all sight had been clouded over. Darkness, thick mist, fog all taking over the school’s perimeter. Every area in the school was being looked over as miserable, Logan feeling the need to ask his best friend whether his feelings matter to the pack. His group, his wolf-like pack, he wanted to know whether they would accept him for who he really is deep down.

“Settle down children, I’ve just been told that this is a storm that is going to pass us. There is no need to worry, nobody panics, just remain seated and we’ll get on with the lesson.”

Logan couldn’t forget about the night before, where he had given his romantic side to a girl he met in the neighbourhood. Feeling like the new kid, he really had a better life where his family had moved him to. His old life was a mystery to him, he could only remember the endless nights of his mother crying alone in a room. Doors banging, walls shaking, the memory was there just not whole.

Feeling the palm of someone’s hand tap his shoulder, he turned on the second hand; “Yes?” Logan mumbled.

A boy his age staring at him like he had no idea what was going on, the boy was feeling aggravated by Logan’s stare.

“What? Have you got a problem or something?” He muttered, his hands blocked his face from Logan’s sight.

“No, but I will have a problem if you keep talking to me.”

“Um, dude? You looked at me, you spoke to me, are you sure you are okay?” The boy started to care a little.

“Yes, I’m fine, just stop talking to me.” Logan snapped.

“Logan! Swap seats with Alex, right now, I don’t want any more childish behaviour from you. Especially after yesterday…”

Logan stood up, his mind was quick to respond to the anger inside of him. Switching sides as Alex had a face full of misery on him, he rammed his left arm into his Logan’s ribs. Almost falling over to the force Alex had thrown into that warning, he didn’t feel the need to retaliate. Taking a deep breath, he sighed and sat between the two girls that already had wide white smiles.

Alexia was the first one to talk to Logan as he hoped that none of the girls were going to even think of engaging in a conversation with him.

“Hey, you got Alex moved? Wow, he was like innocent, and then there’s you who… just isn’t that innocent.”

“Duh, he is always moved, you don’t see him like I do, do you?” Caroline interrupted. “As long as he stays in my group, he’ll always be the one being moved.”

“Okay, I didn’t know, sorry, I kind of thought he didn’t even want to be in your group.” She crossed her arms.

“Right, how about you let Logan talk?” Both set of eyes stared at Logan as he tried to focus on the lesson.

“No, I don’t want any of that, I just want to finish this stupid paper…” Logan slammed his fist off the table.

Alexia moved her papers away from Logan’s fists of fury, she couldn’t accept his annoying attitude. Caroline still smiling, she watched Logan grab her papers not caring that he was going to get himself into trouble.

“Logan! How many times do I have to tell you to stop interrupting this- forget it, just give Caroline back her papers, she needs to finish her work as do you.” The teacher stood up from her chair.

Logan stopped, it was as if the whole room had frozen with everyone inside the area. He could feel the tension, the feeling of being alone soon entered his mind, he started to doubt himself for being in the same room as them. Speaking in a low voice, he answered back the teacher with more of a rude response than friendly.

“Shut up, like seriously, I’ve had enough of you- you always calling my name!” Logan started to tear the papers in half.

“No, Logan, stop it or you really are going to have to wait outside.”

“Good. I hope the man outside gets me, I hope he takes me away, Dad!” Logan raised his voice at the teacher, all the other classmates gasped.

Caroline continued to smile, giggling under the hand held against her mouth. Alexia trying to ignore the drama in the room, writing down what she believed was the answers in silence. All the other so-called workers trying to concentrate, more of them staring at the teacher, some looking at Logan all with shocked faces on them.

“…Logan? Oh-my, I-I really think you are going to have to see the Nurse, Logan.”

Logan stood up from his chair lifting the chair off the ground holding it in fear. Behind him three terrified students trying to work in peace, Logan threw the chair as it almost hit a girl on the left who was wearing thick black glasses.

“What the- “

“Shut the, UP” Logan walked over to the girl trying to hold her glasses in place.

The teacher watched on, she really had no idea what Logan was going through. Hoping he would sit back down, but instead she failed as a teacher, failing to look out for her students.

“No, no, Logan!”

Logan lashed out at the girl as the others watched him throw his fist into her left lens. Caroline no longer smiling, she too was shocked to see such aggression from Logan. The sight of him, the way he looked, she still couldn’t help herself, still smiling underneath that fake-shocked-face. The girl fell face first on the floor, her chair sliding back as the other two ran to the other side of the room.

“I hate you, Dad, you always said that ‘everything would be okay,’ you told me that I was this ‘good son,’ you called me freaking ‘perfect!’ I HATE YOU.”

Logan looked at his two hands, one more bruised than the other, he stepped back looking at the girl in tears on the ground. Her left eye had swollen, her eyelid closing slightly, she was already having problems with her eyesight. Picking up the chair again, he pushed himself into the back corner of the room shaking in fear. The teacher rushed over to the girl as all the other students had crazy thoughts on leaving the room.

“I didn’t do it, he made me do it, I lost myself to him.”

The school soon caught the attention of those who wanted to help, police swarmed around the main entrance as they ran in towards the lunatic. Logan kept his nerve as he held out for someone to help him. Police entered the room staring at Logan as the teacher escorted all the other students out of the room. Nobody was to say anything, but Logan wanted to break through the corner. He had an image in his mind showing him that corner getting further away from him, and no longer would it hide him from everyone else.

“Okay, kid, calm down, calm down…” An officer took his first step towards the boy.

“You just- you just want what he did to me. You just want me to go back in there. Go away!” Logan swung the chair back and forth.

“Easy, just put that chair down, and walk with us. You don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to.” The officer tried a calm approach.

Logan started to nod, he started to agree with the officer. “Okay, I’ll go- I’ll go with you.”

“Easy now, just make sure you don’t miss a single step.” He continued to encourage the boy.

“No, no, I can’t let you just do that. No, I don’t want to go with you.” Logan took several steps back waving the chair in front of him.

“It’s okay, I’ve got you, just take a step towards us.”

“No, I don’t trust you, he just wants me to suffer, he wants me to break away for him.”

“It’s okay, come on, I’ve got you.” He held his hand out.

“NO, I will not follow your stupid rules.” Logan threw the chair at the officer, just as several others ran in towards Logan.

“Stop, don’t interfere yet.” The supportive officer said as he rubbed his bruised arm.

It was too late; the two other police officers had jumped in to deal with Logan. One holding the boy by the scruff of his neck. The other holding his arms behind his back, he was in a submission, and was not allowed to leave the room alone. The supportive officer couldn’t believe they went ahead with their original plan, just as Logan broke down shouting at them like they were monsters.

“I HATE YOU, I don’t want any of you near me. Get off!” He screamed kicking several of them in the kneecap.

“Calm down, son, just try to relax.” Talking calmly as he escorted Logan out of the building with his arms tied behind his back.

All the students gathered round the teacher as she watched Logan be taken out of the classroom like he was a true criminal. She couldn’t believe that Logan was behaving in such a way, and refused to accept that he had a mental health problem. The others just stared into the eternal hallway that didn’t have an end, they could see that Logan would just keep walking on this endless pathway to nothingness.

~ 8 Hours Later ~

Police have reported that there has been a Mad Child running loose in a school near Lakeside, and have refused to believe that one person is responsible for this other child’s breakdown earlier today. There have been many witnesses coming forward, students of all ages helping the school on finding the real one to blame. Others have come forward with information that could move the case a step closer to being solved.

~ Next Day ~

Police have reported that the ongoing case is no longer looking close to being solved. Upon searching the child’s room, they have found several illegal substances. Whether this belongs to the teenage boy, there is still no evidence that has been found that can halt everything, and reveal the true guy responsible for all this. We’ll be back later with another update on the case, stay tuned.

~ 10 Hours Later ~

The case of a teenage boy who has now been found in suspicion of being associated with a drug mule. There has been no evidence to support whether another person has been in the house with the boy. No trace left behind, and Police are now calling the public, local residents to come forward if they have seen anything unusual, suspicious behaviour from a neighbour? Police are very determined to solve this problem.

~Next Day~

A local resident named: Ethan Shak has come forward with enough evidence to support the case’s defendant. The victim of the crime has been held responsible for possessing several bags of cocaine, whilst others have now told the Police that a girl’s body has been reported, found on the premises of other school grounds. Police have already found a connection to the victim and the one held responsible. We’ll keep you updated if anything else changes in the case, stay tuned.

~ Next Day ~

Police have confirmed that the teenage girl aged: fourteen years old has been identified as ‘Lorna Grier’ a girl who had moved from Scotland to get away from her abusive father who was also found guilty of murder on several occasions last year. There have been no reported last sightings of Mr. Grier, but Police are starting to suspect that Mr. Grier isn’t responsible for the death of Loran, and it is now looking like someone has murdered this teenage girl without a motive.

~ 10 Hours Later ~

Police have found several suspects over the past ten hours, and are now warning local residents who live in the area, or even those who have children going to the school – to be cautious, and report any sightings of anything that is out of the norm. If anyone is to talk to or hear from Mr. Grier, we ask of you to please come forward, and help us solve the case by discussing where you have last seen Mr. Grier, and whether or not you knew anything about Lorna’s health problems. Thank you, we’ll update you again, stay tuned.

~ A Week Later ~

Lorna Grier was the first victim to fall to the hands of supposedly Mr. Grier. Whether or not he is responsible is still a mystery as nobody has stepped forward to share some light on the situation. Another girl has reported that she was being stalked by a tall, thought to be a teenager, male wearing a dark blue hoodie with thick leather gloves. He was last seen at the Lakeside Bridge; everyone is now being warned that this boy could be linked to Lorna’s murder case. Another teenager shared some information with us that three teenage males were last seen heading down an alley that leads to ST.  Croft road where Lorna has been living with her step-brother. These three teenagers have been reported, and will be shown to you through images taken by our reporter. Thank you ever so much for coming forward with this vital information.

~ Two Days Later ~

Lorna’s house has been searched by the police as Ross Grier, step-brother of Lorna Grier was not pleased with them searching through his household. Throughout the search, police have found a possible murder weapon, and several photos taken that were hidden in a secret compartment that goes into the bedroom wall. Police have also discovered blood linked through DNA to Lorna Grier. Police are now saying that it’s possible that Lorna was taken from her house by force, and the murder happened somewhere on the way to her school. They say this seems the most logical as Lorna was only found with several stab wounds, and no other causes of death found on her body. There has also been DNA traced back to Mr. Grier, and another one being a teenage boy named: ‘Alistair Fritz’ – Police are now on search for these two criminals.

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