[Y] Rated. (Contains: Mature (Strong Language, Sexual References, Mild-Sex scenes, Uses Of Alcohol, Drugs, Romance, Mild-Violence, MAFIA) ‘We’ve had several reports of- I’ve lost count on how many have been reported. All of them linking to the same shit. Over and over, it’s like it never ends. Over and out.’ Three Locations, A Whole Lot Of Mystery, Crime Never Ends. Teenagers & Adults All In For A Chance To Earn A Living For The Godfather Lifestyle. Where Innocence Plays A Big Role In Survival.


7. Heartbreak, Corruption, Broken-Reports


L.A – City in California, Long Beach

There was ONE who wanted to SCARE others.

Three Hours Ago –

Logan carving a face into a pumpkin; resembling an image of a local drawing that went by the word: ‘Fear.’ Downstairs was no other than his younger brother who had been using the basement for spare parts. Shovelling up the remains of a brawl that went to shit. Clicking his fingers, he snapped a metal-like wire with both of his hands tightening on each end. Using a special kind of glue; he trapped in the air that tried to escape, and left a few holes in the top lid.

‘I swear sometimes you just can’t catch a break. I’ve had it up to here with pointless calls, knocking on doors and running away before I can answer. I get it, it’s just kids being what they are. But I can’t keep letting my own family feel afraid of the outside world.’

*** Phone Call ***

“Yes?” Logan tapped his fingers on the desk.

“L-Logan? Buddy! I tell you something bro, it’s all a little crazy up in here.” His pal sounded more than happy to be talking to a guy who cost him his job. “But a little crazy isn’t going to ruin my days of sunshine.”

“Get to the point.” Logan spat his words.

“A-Alright, alright. You see, we’ve got a little situation over here- we’ve lost more than a few grand, today. Now, I understand your family call the shots but I’ve got to call my own shots too. I need things just like you do- I have a family of my own… In case that slipped your mind when you stole my fortune!”

“What was that?” Logan stood up from his seat, holding the phone near a quieter location.

“Exactly. Seriously though, I’m not going to let my family take a fall for your wrongdoings. If you’ve fucked up; that’s your problem. Your family can take it all apart and maybe even do a little run for me. I need a good run after today, Logan. You FUCKED up.”

“Well, you can talk to my family when I get back to work.” Logan reached for his second phone.

“Oh no you don’t. Your actions, and your family are going to be quite a shit storm. I’d count your time if I was you. When trouble comes to my family, I have to sort it out.”

“Fine. We’ll do it for you- and your fucking family. But my brother stays out of it, understand?”

“Perfect. I understand you, but that kid won’t be harmed. I can promise you that he is going to be in better hands, though. Just promise me that I will be having more judgement than you.”

“Whatever man. It’s your funeral, and it’s better that way.” Logan ended the call.

“Hardly… I’ve got several funerals planned. You need to step in line if you think ‘my funeral’ is going to be a onetime thing.”

* * * END CALL * * *

L.A – City in California, Arrow Highway.

“Face it. When that so-called ‘beauty’ leaves you behind with nothing but those tall trees. She certainly won’t look back at what truly is sad to look at. A broken man down in shadows.”

Caden, feeling hurt and broken all at the same time- the voice in his head kept him thinking of the sadness behind all this. The loneliness that would follow after; stalking them both but making sure that Caden falls to the ground with the eyes fixated on the ground. Nothing else went through his mind, just the sad thoughts of losing Chloe to Carlos.

It wasn’t long until the picture cemented itself in his brain. Chloe driving away from him was no longer a metaphor to him; it was a true reality, a true image that he would have to watch. Slamming his fists off the gravel from the fire building up in his anger, cutting some of his skin from the collisions of such power. He watched as his heart panted along with his body thudding in and out, the sweat from his face made him realise how angry he truly was with her.

Knowing deep down that the real fury wasn’t over Chloe, it was all rising against a dude on the other side of a sly phone call. One name repeated over and over: ‘Carlos,’ and it just wouldn’t leave his mind alone. Pushing himself upright against one the tall trees sitting with his legs buried in autumn leaves.

“I always knew you’d do this to me…leave me behind, and never look back.” Caden whispered to himself looking down at his left bloody hand.

Chloe’s Drive

Carlos waiting at a location that Chloe happened to agree to; a meeting area where the two could talk to each other, face to face. Driving with her eyes becoming slightly watery from her feud back at the camp near Caden. She just couldn’t let go of what they had together, but Carlos was so much better at keeping her calm. Caden always failed to settle her, or even making her see sense. He would always tell her that ‘sense’ is always in front of you. If you don’t look how will you ever see what you leave behind? Chloe refused to believe any of it, and would always leave behind whatever without a second thought.

* * * Phone Call: Carlos * * *

“H-Hello?” Chloe wiped her eyes as she parked her car on the side of a highway without a second thought.

“Fuck, Chloe? Where the HELL are you? It’s getting a little cold out here. Might just be me, though, forgot to have a shower after all the madness from last night. My head is just all over the place right now, baby.”

“-Carlos? Can you not just wait a while? I need to clear my head for a sec, I feel so dead.” She looked down in sadness.

“Alright. Fine, take all the time you need. If you don’t get here soon- you’ve bailed out on something so good. Heck, you’ve missed out on what you should’ve taken since all that time ago…”

“Whatever. Thank you, I don’t expect you to understand what I’m going through.”

* * * END CALL * * *

Police Station – 24/7 – USA

“There has been a report that two mid-aged hooligans are pulling their weight around a little too much. According to an anonymous phone call; we have just enough to send it forward. Two suspects no doubt about it, and these were not just the first calls that came in. Last week we had a call that two mid-aged hooligans wearing their hoods, and a lot of clothing- bling, whatever, you know what I’m getting at here.”

Stepping forward dropping the papers on the desk, he tied up his own hands speaking in fear: “Not that we should fear these hooligans, and neither should the public. They are probably just some whackos, druggies- Look, we have zero evidence to support such reports. Now I’d do what I’m about to do, because this isn’t going to end well for either of you…”

“What? What are you getting at?” Surprised to hear this coming from a fellow friend of his, not to mention another police officer. Him and his team stood close to the wall trying to understand what was going on.

His eyes tearing up nothing but watery eye lids with tears sliding down his cheeks. He pulled out a pistol and held it out to each one of the police officers. “Sorry. R-really sorry to have to do this. You…wouldn’t understand what they’ve got against me.”

“PUT THAT DOWN, CADET.” Shouting out in the room that now dropped silent.


Falling down against the wall leaving a trail of fresh blood drippling down the bricks. Two shots fired with the crying deranged officer trying to keep his head together.

“Call backup. You hear me? Call backup!”

“I mean it guys, if you knew what was going to happen- you’d be doing the same fucking thing! I just-just can’t let them do this. Let them away what I need to hold onto.”

“If you just explained—we could help you.”

“No-No-No, you can’t understand this. Everything that is about to come here is going to break the system.”

“Okay, sit down, put your gun down, and we can talk about this.” Putting his hands up as the murderer put his gun down on the table.

“Okay, we can talk then. Discuss what will happen to you in full DETAIL. And when it’s all over- I’ll put an end to it, yeah? Yeah? Good. It’s good that we can talk about these things.”

“How did you even- hide this from us? Surely we would’ve known all this.”

“Some things are so well hidden; it even amazes a guy like me. A corrupt officer, I’ll admit I never followed through with the system. Hell, I even tried to make a difference. But when you know what I know, people I know, you try to sleep it off. It NEVER works though, and it just comes back with so much more risks.”

“Explain to me. Tell me what it is that you feel, what you’re afraid of— “

“Fearing it is not going to put an end to it, friend.” Slamming his fist off the table he quickly switched in his hand a knife. “They supply, I deliver, and that’s just the start of this insanity.”

“Deliver? You’re a police officer, you deliver justice! You do not take any criminals in your own hands. Unless we are so busy that it requires such a monstrous act.”

“I’ll do as I wish, and I suggest you respect me or your throat will be crying too. And I’ve done this before- before you even question my authorities. I just want to keep you all away from what is inevitable. You see, you are all going to die either way. I was going to join you but I’m kind of a messenger here.”


“One more, just one more and it’s all over for you.”

“Hang on a second, please-please just to put the gun back down. Talk to me, tell me what it is that we can’t handle. You’re being pathetic, I’m going to have to take your badge off you, your ID, and everything else that you signed up to gain.”

“Ha, ha, ha, you can have it. But I should’ve told you this, this isn’t just an everyday crime. This is something that is going to put everyone in peril. They needed me to make sure that it all followed through back here.”

“Fine. Shoot me then, if you feel you can follow through with it- and live with murder on your hands, in your mind. That’s all good- you can just put an end to all the feelings you feel too.”

Crying out loud with his voice breaking, his arms shaking almost dropping his gun. He looked around at the bodies bleeding out all over the walls. “Never blame me for this. Blame yourselves.”


Falling limp, his body dropped to the ground in his friend’s arms. The alarms went off with more officers running into what was a barricaded room. Kicking the door down; first aid was at hand helping those that were in agony. Unfortunate but true; there were already too many that had lost their lives in a single room.

Too late. Too late . . .

UK – BRISTOL, Somewhere in Winterborune.

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