[Y] Rated. (Contains: Mature (Strong Language, Sexual References, Mild-Sex scenes, Uses Of Alcohol, Drugs, Romance, Mild-Violence, MAFIA) ‘We’ve had several reports of- I’ve lost count on how many have been reported. All of them linking to the same shit. Over and over, it’s like it never ends. Over and out.’ Three Locations, A Whole Lot Of Mystery, Crime Never Ends. Teenagers & Adults All In For A Chance To Earn A Living For The Godfather Lifestyle. Where Innocence Plays A Big Role In Survival.






22/08/2015 (Announcement Date)

Copyrights: Luke J.R (Originally Written By Luke J.R)

Movellas (I Do Not Own This Obviously) 

" You are never truly safe. Not from him, he just don't get it like you all do. He finds someone that he feels connected to -and then... just like that, everything comes to a murderous massacre. Not much from this individual, nobody knows whether it truly is teenage boy. Very stealth-like, always on the move. And constant fear all around him, of course, this makes the individual unstable, feeling left out. Before you know it, there's nobody left in his life. Everything comes to a close, an END. Once he has started to believe what his mind continuously tells him, he argues with it. No friends, they wouldn't understand him. Right? Not quite. Nobody is ever safe with this Monster around. He is bringing Hell to everyone's doorstep, and if you are lucky to be away for this 'Monster,' you might find yourself feeling safe. Only until you then discover that he is not the only one who feels like this . . . "

Phone Call For You Sir / Madam.

" You've made a fool out of me, and I can't let you go hurting others out there. Even if you are making their days better than mine. Remember, I'm not quite the talkative guy here, you are very talkative, a bitch mouth? I take it? No problem. You talk about me, that's fine. You make a fool out of me, and I sense it (you're not so fine) even if I told you that you are on helluva girl, that's all bullshit. Sorry, I really am. You've made this happen though, just like you did back on that 'Vacation of yours.' - Oh well, I like to cut things short. Good thing we have an understanding here. "

Wrong Number! Delete this Number from my Phone, make it go away! 

" Removing me is one of your biggest mistakes in your-so-called history. I think it can only go one way, how about you? "

Seriously, remove him from this Phone.

" Oh, and I look forward to seeing you then. It's great, it's great to talk to others who UNDERSTAND you. "

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