[Y] Rated. (Contains: Mature (Strong Language, Sexual References, Mild-Sex scenes, Uses Of Alcohol, Drugs, Romance, Mild-Violence, MAFIA) ‘We’ve had several reports of- I’ve lost count on how many have been reported. All of them linking to the same shit. Over and over, it’s like it never ends. Over and out.’ Three Locations, A Whole Lot Of Mystery, Crime Never Ends. Teenagers & Adults All In For A Chance To Earn A Living For The Godfather Lifestyle. Where Innocence Plays A Big Role In Survival.


5. Aggression, Bullying Bitch, Darkness Devourer


L.A – City in California, Long Beach.

There was ONE who was out to make himself a Fortune.

Not far from Logan’s location; a man who for his entire life had been body building, fixing up his body to be in shape for any kind of sport that could show up on his schedule. Muscular, lighter clothing, along with a blue scarf that he wears to support his favorite sportsman. Interested in what the others think about his new looks, but more concerned with how a quick buck can be made. How he can accomplish what he dreams of without too much effort. Carrying around in his left hand the latest newspaper that was released in the morning to the public citizens.

Walking down one of the paths towards the central park; not too far away from the Long Beach, where he had already moved from. The sunlight was starting to irritate him due to it being too bright near the sandy floors. He was more focused on finding the nearby Park, to make an effort with his second fortune of the day. As he would call plans ‘fortunes,’ due to his step father always telling him that ‘money don’t grow on trees.’ It was an interesting thought; he had already convinced himself that there were more ways to make wads of cash.

Almost brushing away, the two guys who were at the entrance of the garden section of the Park; he found himself having to talk to them. They wouldn’t just let him enter, seeing that the dude hardly had anything with him in the first place. The two guys; blue shirt, red shirt, they both had a favorite colour. Unlike Jessie who was not that interested in colours, he just wanted to meet some other people at the center of the Park.

Speaking in his own voice; a little squeaky one of them.

“You’ve got no reason to come here, bro. This Park don’t need any of you beach fuckers.”

“Yeah? Well, I have a reason to be here unlike you who is just standing around watching the birds or the elderly.”

“…Right, go ahead then, I’m sure you’ll find that ya not wanted around here. Be my guest, have fun. DICK.”

Jessie nodded, smiling until he heard the word ‘dick,’ this made him feel less like a badass from the moment he stepped over the small narrow gate. The other dude’s friend laughed behind his back, finding it funny that Jessie was insulted. Jessie didn’t take long to remove the thought of being laughed at; as he felt more smiley after noticing that the two were just complete morons. A waste of time to be exact.


“Hello? What do you want, Logan?” Jessie answered the phone with not too much enthusiasm.

I’ve got reasons to hate you right now. In fact, looking at these papers that are left on the desk, I can see that you’ve been busier near the beach.”

“So what? I find myself a lot of babes there. You know something? Because I’ve spent most of my time looking around the place to find a more concrete answer.”

“JESSIE, this is not just your everyday sports game. This is- we’re talking BIG CASH, making ourselves a living. Those babes will think twice- well, the ones that ignored you.” Logan laughed.

“Yeah, well, I don’t need ya shit right now. I’ve had enough drama back at the beach.” Jessie looked down, not impressed at all.

Right, I’ll make it quick. You need to talk to Tyler, make yourself useful again. Find yourself a REAL job, and maybe get yourself a babe while you’re at it. Can’t have any distractions, and they are quite that to be fair.”

“Later then. I’d rather spend more time in the Park; it’s a beautiful day today. Make yourself useful and enjoy it.”


Jessie approached the center of the Park; others looking around, some feeling confused and others feeling lost. Other people that were visiting the park were just using it as a second pathway to get home. It didn’t take long for him to be stopped yet again; a smaller dude with quite messy hair, dark jeans, and a black coat. Jessie soon caught a glimpse at two girls behind the guy; quite slender, a little chubby near the hips but not quite heavily built. Both blonde, while the other one did have some light black dye going down the sides of her mid-cut long hair.

“Get yourself up, we got a badass over here.” Nelson was the first to stand to give Jessie a welcome.

Jessie feeling less than impressed, looked to the direction of the second girl. Not to be called stupid, Nelson saw right through Jessie’s eyes and started to scratch away from the surface of what Jessie liked.

“Ah, you found yourself a good one there. That is a fucking cheerleader! And yes, I mean that quite literal.”

“Cool, not really interested in her though. Why are you here?” Jessie kept his cool.

Moving both of his hands as he explained himself, Jessie could see that he was quite one to talk with body language. “No-not at all. You don’t just come round here, bro, and expect me to play happy families.”

“Yeah, but I need a good deal. Something to bide my time on saving up for something worth killing.”

“Sick minded. I like it, and you might just have got Katarina interested there. She’s quite the girl to dive into Horror.”

Jessie was more interested on finding out the other girl’s details. “And the other one? What’s her name?”

Nelson becoming a little defensive- showing more of a threatening side to Jessie. He stood right in front of him and kept the cheerleader from even getting more than a glimpse of Jessie’s looks.

“She don’t just go with anyone; she has rules to follow. Gotta’ respect a fucking cheerleader, she’s quite the special one.” He nudged Jessie; “if you know what I mean, ha, ha.”

Jessie kicked Nelson in the groin, hoping that he would stand down. “Out the way loser, I’ve got more business with her than I do with you.”

She watched as Nelson fell to the floor holding his groin with both hands, feeling the sudden pain that followed after. He could feel his stomach aching a whole lot more as the pain continued to flow in his body. The cheerleader stepped towards Jessie with a slight giggle, whilst the other blushed behind Nelson’s torso.

Katarina surprised both Jessie and Nelson when she pulled out a hard silver baseball bat from under the bench. His eyes lit up as he remembered that she was into Horror. The cheerleader introduced herself as she put on thick cherry lipstick whilst looking in a small silver mirror.

“Angie, and that’s all you have to know about me. My name, my place, and that’s pretty much the details.”

“Quite a small talker, huh?” Jessie smirked.

Her cheeks went very red for the first time in a while; as she only ever did that when she felt really nervous.

“…Yes, and you just had to make me feel that. Dammit, you really got me now. Nelson is hardly boyfriend material.”  She laughed it off.

Katarina threw the baseball bat as it rolled on the floor towards Jessie’s feet. He looked down for a split second before focusing more on Angie; feeling that she was the one for him. Katarina feeling a little jealous rolled her eyes and walked over to the two. He smiled more as he saw that two girls were interested in him at once.

“You look amazing… for a cheerleader.” Jessie spat out a random compliment.

“Yeah? Well, you aren’t too bad yourself. I don’t really see myself as amazing though, cute, but amazing? No way.”

“Sorry, I meant- you look beautiful.” Jessie acclaimed.

“Yes. Real beautiful.” Her sarcastic tone pushed Jessie away.

Nelson no longer on the ground flat as he was now on his knees with his humiliation that wouldn’t just go away. Katarina saw that Nelson wasn’t going down easy, and picked up the bat to hand to a not-knowing-anything Jessie.

“Take it, make this loser pay for treating me like a bitch.” Katarina slammed the bat in Jessie’s left hand.

Angie tried to step away from it all, but she felt more included as she too saw Jessie as a nice guy.

“Don’t just hit Nelson, at least tell me why you have to ruin his pretty face.”

Jessie chuckled. “I’ve got enough going on, girls. I can’t just break this dude’s face.”

“He made you look bad though, I was almost going to laugh at you, cutie.” Katarina whispered.

“If you think violence is really going to sort out your ‘fucked up mind,’ go ahead.” Angie treated the situation like speck of dust. Not really caring on the outcome.

Jessie closed his hand around the handle of the silver baseball bat and scraped it across the wall towards Nelson kneeling on the gravel. Angie moved away trying to ignore what was going on; Katarina saw more potential in him and stayed to watch the violence he was persuaded to commit.

“BREAK HIS FUCKING FACE. He doesn’t really have much to lose you know, just a bloody nose that’s all.”

“Give me some time, then, if you really want to see Nelson get a broken nose- then sure. If it shuts you up and leaves me with Angie over there, good enough for me.”

Katarina nodded, hesitant towards just walking away; she wanted to stay with Jessie as she liked him a little. Jealousy was really starting to become the problem around Jessie. The two girls were just out for a good time, hoping that Nelson was going to give them both a great night. As they hadn’t expected a nicer boy to show up, Jessie to be precise. As he turned around the corner, it made more sense to stick with him.

Jessie watched as Katarina did a ‘joke kick’ into Nelson’s left thigh. She found the situation funny, finding it more amusing to kick him around than just beating him up herself. Her second attempt to make violence happen was to push Jessie into Nelson, as it didn’t go down too well; Jessie stood firm and took a swing at Nelson’s left ear. The metal part of the base collided with Nelson’s left ear; leaving a serious bruising near the rims to his cheek.

“There. I did it, and that’s going to make him cry. You said hurt him, so yeah, I did it because I too hate this dude. He is not the kindest of people, sure, but he had a reason to get what was coming to him.” Jessie felt bad a little.

“YOU TOTALLY FUCKED UP HIS ROSY CHEEK. TAKE THAT YOU BITCH.” Katarina getting a little too excited.

“Now, you need to go, and leave me- Angie, and make it happen fast. I can’t just keep doing things for ya, not without a price.”

She nodded, and went in to steal a quick kiss from him. Jessie tried to push away at first but enjoyed it as she was a good kisser. Angie saw the kiss as she stared at Jessie with eyes like a hawk.

L.A – City in California, Arrow Highway.

Chloe is using you to make herself stand out. You are more of a Jock than you realise, kiddo’.

After a night of disagreement, the feud continued to spark out with Chloe awakening to a breakfast that Caden had prepared for her. She opened her eyes with first glance at a Happy Meal sitting on the side of the driver’s seat. Sitting up as she rubbed her eyes, trying to see more clearly. The Happy Meal was real to her delight, as she then became less impressed with the surprise- noticing that it was hardly a proper meal. It’s the thought that counts. So they would say, but she wasn’t interested in the thought. She was more focused on the good and bad in her ex-boyfriends. She never really saw Caden as a proper boyfriend in the first place, she felt that she had been lying to him from the moment he was told such a stupid rumour. Gullible, she went along with it to assist Carlos.

‘Hardly the happiest meal of my morning wakeups, thanks a lot Caden.’  She sighed.

The second surprise is one that she hadn’t expected, not that she expected the Happy Meal surprise in the first place. Caden tried to jump scare her by jumping out from under the car, his fist slamming off the window. It made her smile for a few minutes until she dropped the act, finding it even more stupid that he tried such a thing. In her mind; she saw Carlos as the Alpha Male, seeing him more as the right guy for her than Caden turned out to be.

“Ha, ha, oh god. Sorry, Chlo- I hope you liked the surprise.” Caden spoke from outside the car.

She soon realised that he had left the car keys on the inside. Chloe locked the car for the night as she couldn’t sleep much due to burglar-themed nightmares.

Smirking on the inside, she even let out a giggle as Caden rummaged through his pockets looking for his keys. Dangling them on her pinkie finger, she could see Caden no longer feeling in a funny mood. As he first thought it was a prank she had played on him, he realised that Chloe wasn’t trying to be a practical joker.

“Need ya keys? Hehe, you should’ve taken them with you.” Chloe giggled more, finding it even more funny that the dumbass forgot his keys.

Outside feeling less than giggly, Caden tried to keep cool.

“Come on, Chlo- don’t just ignore me. It was a JOKE, and I’d do it again if it makes you smile like you did then.”

Ignoring him, she picked up the phone to call Carlos, she had high hopes that Carlos would invite her over.

* PHONE CALL * - Carlos Answered –

“Yo, baby, what a fucking night it’s been over here. Finally starting to realise that Carlos has rubbed off on you? Good girl, you are more than capable of making your own goddamn decisions.”  Carlos’s smug face hid behind the phone.

No longer hesitant to talk to Carlos, she spoke in her sexy tone to try and get even with him.

“Yeahhh, baby- I really want you to come over. Caden was such a bad choice, I feel stupid for letting myself fall for him. You were really the one for me. Hardly the right one for me though.”

Caden could hear some of the words that the two spoke inside the car. The moment he heard Carlos’s voice, he started kicking the car door in anger. Chloe teased Caden by sitting closer to the driver’s seat, allowing the phone call to emit sound through the window.

“I have no idea how you got away from him. That guy was like a buzzing fly attracted to shit.” Carlos burst out laughing.

“Babyyy, stop it, me and him were o-okay. Not quite perfect for each other, but then again, who is? He just wanted me for his stupid camping trip. And yes, it probably would’ve ruined that sexy hairstyle you fell in love with.” Chloe smirked.

“Well, come on over then. If you can’t come mine, I’ll come yours- we can really get some work done that way. Your sister might get a little jelly though; I know how funny she can be when it comes to being jealous of this body.”

 Chloe blushed as she remembered Carlos sitting on the beach with her. “Yeahhh, she has a right to be jelly. You and that bod are more than enough for me. Caden doesn’t really have that much muscle, not much fun. Not fun at all, he just makes picking me up a challenge.”

“Duh, the hypocrite is not quite the charmer. He fails on all levels, no wonder he tried to steal you from me, baby.”

“I’ll be there then, see ya around five? Yeah, I’ll be there whenever. Just answer the door without hesitation, hehe.”

“I’ll keep a look out for those fine legs you have, Chlo. You have such a sexy body, oh god, better than Megan.”


Chloe pushed the car window down a little, as she wanted Caden to hear what she had to say.

“Caden, CADEN?” Chloe called out.

Caden stood not far away from the car as he looked at Chloe with clear evidence that he had cried a little.

“What?” He blubbered, feeling the need to cry more.

“Have you been- No, forget that. You had your chance Hun, but now you blew it. I gave you a great time though, and that’s good enough for you. I mean it was good enough for all my other boyfriends…” She boasted.

“Is this your idea of breaking up with me? I mean, you make it sound so harsh.” Caden spoke the truth.

“Hehe, I don’t really know. You tell me ‘happy meal fucker,’ like I’m really worth that? Carlos actually knows how to treat me. He always has, and you just try WAY TOO HARD. Seriously, I hated that night alone.” Chloe winded up her window.

CHLOE, don’t you dare leave me here. You have all my stuff in there! And- I did like you, I liked you a whole fucking lot. Like, how many times did I tell you ‘I love you ‘and I told you so much more too.”

Not interested. You wasted my time, and now you can waste your own time getting back home.

Caden shouted his mouth off, calling her many nice things but soon becoming more angered by the thought of Chloe driving away from him.

UK – BRISTOL, Somewhere in Winterbourne.

Murder was an option for ONE guy, but it was also an actual thought for another.

Not far from Max’s house was no other than Jack standing with bloodied knuckles, his arms extended from his ribs revealing his chest a whole lot more through his white shirt. Dark grey hoodie with dark coloured jeans. His spikey hair no longer fully revealed to the public, just showing the fringe of the spikes. The weather outside contained heavy rain, a storm that was expected by everyone thanks to weather forecasts. His phone started to vibrate in his thick left pocket; ignoring it as he walked down the street towards Max’s home.

When someone gets in your way, you find another way out. Sometimes the other way isn’t the right way.

Max’s House

“Yo, Max, I can’t believe I stayed man. It was such a great after party to what was a sick party.” A mate of his tapped him one the back.

“Do you think next time; we could be a little rougher?” A girl giggled as she walked out of the front door.

Max nodded, finding it funny that he had got a chance to spend some time with Jack’s sister. Unaware of Jack’s plans to cause some serious damage to those he can’t accept living around him.

* Message * Yo, Jack, are we still down for what we had promised each other? – Unknown

Jack reached Max’s house within five minutes, the walk wasn’t long from the local store to Max’s home. Around the corner to the house; two other hooded guys stood around with a younger girl being pushed against the fence. Jack knew both of them and was greeted with his warm welcome that was expected every time he’d show up. The young girl looking exhausted, she cried out for her older brother, but the two bullies continued to abuse her.

“Chill the fuck out. You rather stay with me, REG, Zig, and make yourself useful. I mean come on, you asked for this, we are trying to give it ya.” Ziggy laughed.

“Her problem is getting your fat d…” REG paused as he saw Jack walk up to them.

“Right, so, you two showed up. I wasn’t expecting you to actually go through with the bullshit. I mean, I can understand you, Ziggy, but REG? Ha, ha, the guy who fails to fuck up right? Come on.” Jack mocked REG.

“Riley, that’s my name, ya dick.” Riley revealed his name without feeling afraid.

“You can explain it all to me lads, make yourself feel welcomed. I mean, it’s just a little revenge to burn out the tension between my fucking sister.” Jack slammed his fist against the fence.

The young girl startled by Jack’s actions as she bit part of Ziggy’s hand.

“Ouch, fuck, you have sharp teeth, bitch.”

“Yeah, sharper than the blade that’s going to go through that pussy up there.” Jack joked.

“You… guys are just jerks, I mean, you said that you’d drop the problems. Drop the BIZZ with my bro, but you haven’t. You just want to use me, and ruin my life instead of his.” She cried out more.

“Let her go. She might as well run free because that Max has got it coming to him.”

“Ha, I heard that he has been seeing your sister. Damn, you must be MAD.” She giggled, finding it amusing that Jack’s bad boy attitude was being mocked.

Jack grabbed the girl from the top of her shirt, and ripped it in a violent outburst of anger. She covered up the torn up shirt with her hand, trying not to expose herself in public. Ziggy finding it hilarious that she was being bullied by Jack; he kicked her into the fence. Riley tried to apologise, actually feeling sorry for the girl. Proceeding to humiliate her further; Jack threw her into the grass patch where a dog had left behind its daily nasties.

“Oh SHIT, like, oh shit, ha, ha. Fuck! You got her man, you got her right in da pussy.” Ziggy laughed at her ass in the air.

Jack stood near the girl looking down at her as she was more than hesitant to stand up. Knowing that the humiliation would ruin her completely, she stayed flat down with her ass in the air; her front thighs quite deep in dog shit. She was afraid to stand up, and Jack saw it more as an opportunity to threaten her.

“When you see this hood, you should run. Don’t they teach you that at school?” Jack laughed, thinking that his hoodie was a reason to scatter.

Ziggy always more excited and getting carried away with violence; he chanted for Jack to cut her.

“Cut her. Fucking cut her, make her feel what your sister is feeling back there.” Ziggy shouted.

Feeling vulnerable, humiliated and just overall uncomfortable; she cried more reaching for her phone that had fallen out of her pocket. Jack being a complete Jackass, stomped on the phone smashing it into pieces with every stomp being more aggressive. Ziggy’s face lit up as he could see everything that Jack had done to make this girl cry. Riley stepped out of it wanting to actually help her out.

Jack Was Becoming A Monster . . .

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