He wasn't always this way.



Couldn't give a shit less about anyone.

That's not the Harry I know.

But the Harry I know is gone.

Lost forever in the sweet bitterness of my memories.

Never to be seen again.

This is the new Harry.

The scary Harry.

The bad boy Harry.

And some how.

I can't get enough of him.


3. Empty promises

Harold?" I feel tears forming in my eyes but I'm sure they would freeze before they make there way to the surface. "The names Harry doll face." He takes a drag of his cigarette before blowing it in my face. "What happened to you?" I ask scanning his body once more.

"Life happened." He lets me go turning his back to me. This can't be Harold. He was a Corky little nerd. Not this... Thing.

"Why did you do this to yourself. You look so... Odd." He swiftly turns around pinning me back against the wall. "That's the thing doll. You half to be odd to be number one. And I'm always. Number one." He's scaring me and intriguing me at the same time. I don know if it's the leather jackets or the tattoos. But it leaves me wanting to know more.

"Harold. Your scaring me." I breath. His face is just inches from mine and it's terrifying. "The names Harry." He growls. I try to form a sentence. But my mind is drawing a blank. My words are all stuttered and jumbled.

He comes closer and whispers, "I almost forgot the sound of your voice." I can feel his bottom lip touch my ear before he backs away again. "Tomorrow. 5'o'clock. Your coming with me. I'll meet u at your house." What is he talking about? Before I can respond he disappears down the alley. What am I going to do?

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