A Dame To Kill For



Set In Chicago 1931, Prohibition Is Everywhere, Sound Of Tommy Gun's Ring Out In The Early Dawn

With Gangsters Flooding This Town

Of illegal Alcohol And Soup Kitchens Being Setup Around The City,

And Then This Dame Walks In With Looks To Kill For, That I'm Distracted By Her Beauty That I Can Not Concentrate On The Task At Hand, Which Is Making Sure That The Cathouses We Control Are Free Of Low Life's Which Is Where

I Come In, I Work For One Of The Toughest Irish Families In Bridgeport, The Headquarters Are Located In A Irish Tavern Which Is On Halsted Rd.

Our Daily Operations Consist Of Loansharking, Bribery, And Prostitution

I Work For Mickey Doyle

As An Enforcer..

My Name Is Jimmy Sullivan,

When Mickey Doyle Was 17

His First Offense Was Ripping Off

Corner Stores And By The Age Of 20

He Was Jacking Trucks Of High End Merchandise, Furs And Even Radio's..

I Knew Mickey From School,

He Had A Gang In The Neighborhood Where I Lived In Bridgeport,

Their Were Four Of Us In The Gang..

Mickey Was The Leader

I Was An Still Am, An Enforcer

Brian O'Neil Was A Wheelman

An Then There Was Tommy McShane Who Died Trying To Rob A Bank

But Got Shot By The Police,

In School Mickey's Rackets Were Gambling And Intimidation,

Mickey Loved Intimidating The Other Kids In Order To Give Up Their

Milk Money, On The Other Hand..

I've Always Been This Scrawny Kid

Who Let The Other Kids In School

Bully Me Because I Was An

Easy Target,

Mickey Always Stood Up For Me

He Intimidated The Other Kids With

A Snub Nose Pistol,

Mickey Handed The Gun To Me

An Said..

" This Is Yours "

We've Been Close, Like Brothers..

Brian O'Neil Started His Own Racket Which Is Soup Kitchens And He Takes 15% Percent Of All The Soup That's Sold,

I've Tasted The Soup Which Smells Like Rat Poison But If People Are Hungry

They Won't Complain,

Now More And More Soup Kitchens Seem To Open Because Of

Brian O'Neil,

I've Been Working Days On End

Without Time Off Because What We Do Is A Dirty Business.. The Other Day Mickey Wanted Me To Collect A Debt That Was Owed To Him,

But This Prick Didn't Want To Pay

So I Scared The Shit Out Of Him

Thinking I Was Gonna Throw Him Off The Wabash Avenue Bridge

Into The Frigid Chicago River,

I've Got Other Things On My Mind..

Like Seeing This Dame Who Works At This Diner Over In Riverside..

Her Name Is Kathleen Donovan,

I Was About To Take Her To

Chez Paree A Local Nightspot

When I Got A Phone Call

From Patrick McReary

Saying That Our Shipment Of Alcohol Just Got Highjacked, I've Decided To Head Back To The Lucky Shamrock

And See What Mickey Wants To Do

As He Decide's I'll Smoke A Cigarette, Here I Promised Kathleen That I Would Take Her Out.. I Even Told Mickey, Minutes Later Mickey Comes Out Of His Office And Says He'll Let Patrick Deal With The Problem,

Before I Go Mickey Whispers In My Ear An Says..

" You've Got A Beautiful Girl "

So I Hail A Cab To Union Station,

Because Kathleen And I Will Be Heading Out To Los Angeles..

So Kathleen Can Follow Her Dream Of Being A Big Time Actress,

And Because I Want To Getaway From Chicago For Awhile.. As I Wait On The Train Platform I Notice A Mother Doting On Her Young Child,

Then I Spot A Newsboy

Selling Newspapers As He Says..

" Extra, Extra Read All About It! "

As The Train Pull's Into The Station,

Steam Billows From The Train

On To The Tracks..

The Conductor Emerges From The Train, Letting Everyone Know They Must Have Their Tickets Ready To Be Punched,

As I Board The Train..

I Hand The Tickets To The Conductor,

As I Sit Down

I Notice A Kid Sitting Across From Me He Looks At Me

An Says..

" Hi, I'm Seamus "

I Reply Back And Say

" Good Morning, I'm Jimmy "

Seamus Looks At Me And Asks " Who's The Dame? "

I Say..

" Kathleen "

When The Conductor Emerges

To The Platform,

An Says..

" All Aboard "

As The Train Leaves The Station

I Get A Sense I'll Never See Chicago,

The Sounds, Wind Blowing

On My Face..

As I Make My Way Toward

The Dining Car

I Grab The First Available Booth,

Waitress Walks Over

And Says..

" My Names Becky,

I'll Be Your Waitress"

I Reply And Say..

" I'll Have A Couple Of Eggs,

Rye Bread On The Side "

She Says..

" Anything Else, Sir "

I Say..

" Coffee, Cream On The Side "

Kathleen Enters The Dining Car

After Having An Afternoon Nap

Walks Toward The Booth And Sits

As She Gazes At The Menu

I Look At My Watch,

Then Glance Out The Window

Just Then Seamus Enters

The Dining Car

Walks Over To The Bar

Pulling From His Pocket,

A Flask Which I Can Just Imagine

Has Alcohol Inside..

He Speaks With The Bartender

An Shows Him A Silver Flask

If Only I Could Be Earshot

Listening To Their Conversation

Just Then Seamus Heads For The Door

When He Spots Kathleen And I,

He Walks Over And Says..

" Funny, Meeting You Here "

I Reply And Say..

" Well It's A Long Trip "

Then Seamus Says..

" Yeah, I Just Stopped In For A Drink "

Kathleen Lifts Her Head Up

From The Menu And Waves

For The Waitress

And Says..

" I'll Take A Greek Salad

With Garlic Bread "

Then The Waitress Asks..

" Anything To Drink ? "

Kathleen Replies An Says..

" I'll Have A Cosmopolitan "

Then The Waitress Asks..

" An For The Gentleman ? "

Kathleen Answers An Says..

" A Whiskey On The Rocks "

Then The Waitress Turns To Seamus

An Asks..

" Can I Get You Anything ? "

Seamus Replies An Says..

" I'll Take Another Brandy "

Then Jimmy Cuts In An Says..

" You Can Bring The Bill, Darlin' "

The Waitress Goes Back To Her Podium

To Figure Out The Bill,

When Seamus Gets Up From The Table

An Says..

" It's Been Nice Talking To You "

Kathleen Gets Up From The Table

An Says..

" I'm Gonna Powder My Nose,

I'll Meet You In The Sleeping Car "

Waitress Walks Over With The Bill

As Jimmy Says..

" Keep The Change, Darlin' "

As The Train Makes It Way

Into Los Angeles

Arriving At Union Station,

Jimmy And Kathleen

Collect Their Personal Belongings

They Head Inside The Station

A Cab Arrives As The Cabbie

Walks Over An Puts The Luggage

In The Trunk Of The Cab,

An Asks..

" Where Can I Take You ? "

Then Jimmy An Kathleen Get In

As Kathleen Says..

" Take Us To The Most Expensive Hotel You've Got ! "

Then The Cabbie Gets In

An Makes His Way Toward

The Ambassador Hotel,

When They Finally Arrive

The Cabbie Asks..

" We Also Have The Roosevelt Hotel "

Then Jimmy Says..

" Nah, This Will Do "

The Cabbie Gets Out Of The Cab

An Grabs The Luggage From The Trunk As The Bellhop Puts The Luggage

On His Cart

He Wheels It Into The Lobby

As Jimmy An Kathleen

Walk To The Reception Desk

The Receptionist Says..

" Welcome To

The Ambassador Hotel "

Then Jimmy An Kathleen

Wait To Find Out What Room Their In,

The Receptionist Hands The Keys

To The Bellhop

An Says..

" Room # 519 "

Then Kathleen Says..

" Thank You, Have A Good Night

Back In Chicago,

Amidst The Chaos And Violence

A Mother Searches For A Son

She Never Knew.. So She Enters

The Lucky Shamrock An Walks

Up To Bar And Asks..

" Hello, I'm Maureen Sullivan

I Was Told There's A Person Here

By The Name Of Jimmy Sullivan "

The Bartender At The Lucky Shamrock


" Yes There Is, But He's In California

Right Now ! "

Maureen Sullivan Is Shocked

To Learn That Jimmy Is In California,

She Sits In The Back Corner

Drinking A Glass Of Whiskey

When Mickey Comes Out Of His Office

An Walks To The Bar

Patrick McReary Says..

" Boss, Some Broad Is Staring At You "

Mickey Says..

" Leave Her Alone ! "

All Of A Sudden The Telephone Rings

The Bartender Picks It Up An Says..

" The Lucky Shamrock "

Then Mickey Asks..

" Who Was It ? "

The Bartender Says..

" Line Went Dead "

Maureen Sullivan Stands Up

Walks Over To The Bar An Puts

The Empty Glass On The Counter

An Says..

" If You Hear From Jimmy,

Can You Get Him To Call Me "

The Bartender Asks..

" Does He Have Your Number ? "

Then Maureen Sullivan Says..

" It's KLondike 2-8209 "

Back In Los Angeles,

Kathleen Gets Dressed

While Jimmy Lays In Bed

Reading The Los Angeles Times

Then Kathleen Says..

" Let's Go Down Stairs

An Have Breakfast "

Jimmy Gets Out Of Bed

Goes To The Bathroom

An Washes His Face,

As He Gets Dressed

There's A Knock On The Door

Jimmy Asks..

" Who Is It ? "

Someone Says..

" Room Service "

Jimmy Grabs A Gun

From Under His Pillow

Walks Over To The Door

An Says..

" If You Don't Identify Yourself

In The Next Five Seconds "

Just Then A Voice Responds

An Says..

" It's Seamus "

Just Then, Jimmy Opens The Door

An Says..

" What Are You Doing Here "

Seamus Says..

" My Uncle Lives In Los Angeles,

So I Decided To Visit Him "

But Jimmy Wants To Know

Why He's At The Ambassador Hotel

So He Asks..

" Why Are You Here ? "

Kathleen Is Growing Impatient

An Says..

" I'll Wait For You Downstairs "

Then Seamus Says..

" I'm Going To Grab A Drink

At The Brown Derby

An Would Love For You To Join Me "

Jimmy Says..

" Sorry, I Have To Meet Kathleen

Right Now In The Cafe "

Seamus Grabs A Cigarette

From His Shirt Pocket

Jimmy Offers To Light It For Him

An Says..

" Let Me "

Seamus Heads To The Hotel Lobby

As Jimmy Enters The Cafe

He Spots Kathleen

Sitting At A Booth By The Window

Walks Over An Sits Down

Kathleen Asks..

" Do You Have A Nickel ? "

Jimmy Replies An Says..

" Ya, What For ? "

Kathleen Says..

" I Wanna Put It In The Jukebox

An Play Something "

Waitress Walks Over

With A Couple Of Menu's

An Says..

" What Will It Be "

Jimmy Says..

" Give Us A Moment "

Kathleen Walks Over To The Jukebox

An Drops The Nickel In

Jimmy Walks Over To Kathleen

An Asks..

" May I Have This Dance ? "

Kathleen Replies An Says..

" You May "

As Their Dancing,

Jimmy Says..

" I Thought We Came Here To Eat "

Kathleen Says..

" I'm Not Hungry "

Then Jimmy Says..

" Why Don't We Walk Around

Los Angeles "

Kathleen Says..

" Didn't You Tell Me,

Their Holding Auditions For A Movie "

Jimmy Says..

" Yes, I Believe It Was For A Movie Called Whore Of The Orient "

Kathleen Asks..

" Who Would I Be Playing ? "

Jimmy Says..

" I Don't Know,

Let's Go Down There An Find Out "

Seamus Exits The Ambassador Hotel

Stops An Grabs A Cigarette

From His Jacket,

When A Gentleman Stops In Front

Of The Ambassador Hotel

An Asks Seamus..

" Do You Need A Light ? "

Seamus Lifts His Head Up An Notices That It's Bobby Ocean

Seamus Replies An Says..

" Thanks For The Light "

Then Bobby Ocean Puts The Lighter

In His Shirt Pocket

An Makes His Way Into The Hotel

As Seamus Gets In The Back

Of A Waiting Cab

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