Sex tape


1. how i met 5sos

I was getting ready for the 5sos concert with my bestfriend Chantelle.... We were so excited we actually managed to get front row seats!!when we were ready we wanted to leave early so we wouldn't have to wait forever in the line. When we arrived we saw the 5sos bus, we were the first people there!! We got our tickets out and gave it to the ticket man... Whatever there names are? So we have them the tickets and got to the front row. I then noticed Ashton walking on the stage sorting out his drums... "Oh hey first people here" he said..."yup" hey then grabbed out hands and pulled us on the stage.!!!

When we got up he took us through to the sitting area and introduced us to Luke,Calum and Michael I genially couldn't believe what was happening I was genuanly so gob smacked was I seriously back stage with 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER!!!! We sat down and started to get to know the band and here things from them and not just the Internet! Getting to know them in person was amazing..

After a while getting to know them they wanted to get to know us for a while, so we told them our hobbies and actually got to know them pretty well, getting to know them in person was amazing...

After the concert they asked us if we wanted to go to Australia with them (we're 19 btw) so we agreed and they insisted they paid us there and buy us new clothes 😉 it took us AGES TO GET THERE.. But when we arrived it was amazing ? 😆💞

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