Experience: Black (I Love Being Black)

It’s with both excitement and sadness that we made this spoken word video.

Sadness because the release of this piece of art has come at a point were cases of racism, police brutality and systemic oppression of minority groups are stretching towards yet another peak.

Yet we’re excited about giving voice to powerful poetry, that we hope can facilitate discussions such as the advancement of justice, equality and more nuanced debates about embracing “black identity”.

We humbly invite you to... Experience: Black


1. Experience: Black (I Love Being Black)





A spoken word performance by S.T.I.C.S Poets. 

S.T.I.C.S aka Sounds That Inspires Conscious Souls is an international artist collective from Sweden and Denmark. The stics crew are award-winning poets | TV Hosts | Musicians & Co-founders of The Ozone Battles.

If you liked the poem, then keep an eye out for the debut spoken word album entitled "Weapon of Choice" which will be out soon!


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