Griffindor Princess : Chyrssi Potter

Chrystina Petunia Potter goes on adventures with her friends Stacey Laura Estelle and Austin Spangler, and her brother Harry James Potter and his friends Hermione Jean Granger and Ronald Billius Weasley, who Stacey nicknames, 'Giant'.


1. Epilouge

There was a slight earthquake. James looked at Lily. "Lily, hide the children. I'll hold Voldemort off!" "But, James-" "I won't be talked out of it. Go!" As Lily ran, there were no other sounds but the thud of James Potter's dead body hit the ground.

"Don't hurt them. Take me instead!" "Step away from the crib, girl." "No." There was a flash of green light and a thud. Voldemort laughed. "Foolish girl." Voldemort was gone. There were lightning shaped scars on Harry's forehead and Chryssi's hand. These orphaned twins were soon to become the most famous wizards in the Wizarding World.

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