That Night

When a killer comes back from your past and killer kills your parents and kidnaps you.


1. Chapter 1

Wake up wake up! I feel hands on my shoulders shaking me.  I open my eyes very quickly. My little sister Jessica was crying. " There dead Jessica said. Its surprised me, the last time I herd that words is that night....... my words carried off. A couple years back in my fathers restaurant when me and my best friend Aspen were cleaning up my fathers shop a man came in with a gun. We didn't see him because he was wearing a black mask. That night was horrible. We tried to fight him off but he was to strong. My father went to the bank to cash a check before it closed. We were all alone. He told us to give him the money and no one would die. I did as I was told. Aspen wasn't going to let him have it. She told him no. Then he tried to slap her but she scratched his face and his mask came off. He told us he wasn't going to kill us. But now we know what he looks like. He grabbed Aspen what happen next was horrible.

" Sara get up", I stared up at her with tears in my eyes. " Who's dead"? She looked at me with wide eyes. " Mom, Dad they are dead"! She shocked me with her words. " No they aren't your crazy". " come on Sara come see". I jumped out of bed and headed straight to moms and dads room. When I open the door to my parents room I stared to cry so hard. I screamed at Jessica to go call 911. I ran into the room. Blood was everywhere. It was like that night. I screamed and cried to mom to wake up. Then I herd sirens.


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