She's more than a fan

A young girl Selena, a fan of her favourite band "one direction" surprisingly for her she got to get in contact with one of the members , she didn't believe till things got closer and her destiny opened to her




hey you guys, like my ha-aair?

no Selena we're not interested


shut up cherl, what's wrong?

her mum is not ready to pay for her one direction concert ticket

really Abby, I can talk for my self,you know that


sorry....i thought we were all friends, so stop worrying cherl

yeah you can say that, your mum didn't cancel your ticket


you guys I'm going to class.. See ya( Abby says as she leaves them"


Bye Abby "Selena waved"


selena are you going to the concert


Cherl, I'm going but that doesn't mean anything,


no Selena, I will never get to see them,and you know how I love onedirection


I know... why don't you talk through things with your mum I'm sure she'll understand


no Selena I tried, so who are you going with?


I'm going with Julie


you are really lucky Selena, I must get to class now,see ya soon


bye cherl

bye!!(shouts from afar)


"Selena picks her phone and goes to class"



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