Book Reviews 2015

I swallow book after book twenty four, seven. So I thought I'd write down my thoughts of said novels for the good of humanity, fairy kind and those bloodsuckers on the corner.


1. Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice

Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice

I have two confessions to make.
1. I have not read the Vampire Chronicles in order. The Vampire Armand was my first experience and since then I was hooked. It still remains to this day my favourite novel in the series. 
2. I watched the film Queen of the Damned before reading the book.
It is true that Queen of the Damned (QofD) is entirely different as a novel and the film ruined most of the storyline. In fact the only good thing of the film was Tom Townsend…
I did enjoy the layers of views from different characters.
The story of how Akasha and Enkil became vampires, the twins and wonderful Amel was, for me the highlight of the novel. I love anything to do with Egypt and the way Rice made the time period before Ancient Egypt, as we know it today, was really thrilling. I loved how she Akasha as a human ruler apart, showing her to be extremely gullible to any whimsical belief.

The idea of Akasha as a character…interesting and I do have to admit that her idea of women actually getting a foot on the world’s throne was a wonderful idea. Still to this day women are being subjected to men’s idea and it’s getting boring.
But yes I do have to agree that it went a little too far. Anne Rice kept Akasha’s values the same. I loved how she was such a powerful female. Yet a naive child not willing to listen to anyone. Akasha really had not changed and that in a way was frustrating. Even in her frozen state she flittered into a human’s body and was able to see the modern world through TV, music, radio…and listen to Lestat’s god awful “singing”. Which must have been a nightmare. Maybe that’s the reason she really woke up? To shut Lestat up.
Anyway, I would have thought Akasha would learn from these things on what the world had turned into. But no. She’s stubborn and frustrating.

I felt Akasha’s death was…a little rushed really and I honestly would have preferred something more dramatic. This is the QUEEN!!! Of the Damned and she was taken out by a crazed twin and a window…
To me it just seem a little lacking. As if Anne Rice didn’t know how to end Akasha’s life.

I would have also enjoyed more Enkil time within the novel. But the fact Anne Rice kept it has Akasha the one and only pushes that idea of women having a leading role.
Now onto the Beautiful Blonde Brat…drum roll please. Lestat.
As I stated earlier Armand is my favourite character. So Lestat didn’t really phase me. In fact he made me want to tear my eyes out…too soon? My apologises.
Yes he’s exciting, his fast pace. But I felt he was lacking, that he wasn’t as “wonderful” as everyone makes out. Maybe it was because he wasn’t holding my hand throughout the novel?
However I did like the last chapter where he’s in complete depression and begins writing out QofD.
I feel he was a little visually lacking within the novel…Am I throwing him to the wolves? He’ll be okay.  He’s fought them before.

I could continue to roll around in the novel and tear it about with my teeth. However you have a life to continue and I’d hate to waste your time any further. So I’ll roll this all up in a conclusion. Remember those from your essays?

Queen of the Damned was another exciting novel in the Vampire Chronicles. However it hasn’t hit my top three. Simple as.
Thank you for reading.
Lucifer’s Kiss

• An hour after writing this chapter I journeyed to the library and on the sale shelf was a copy of Queen of Damned. I looked at the last date stamped out and noticed I had been the last to read this copy. I bought it instantly.

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