Dancing in the Dark

This is my story for the Dark Light writing competition. Um, I've never written one of these stories before, I guess it's good to get out of my comfort zone so here goes nothing


1. How It All Began

You can't start a fire.

You can't start a fire without a spark.

The gun's for hire. Even if we're just dancing in the dark.  

 I​ covered my head with my fuzzy pillow, the one she gave me a long time ago. My mom was listening to Bruce Springsteen again for the fifth million time, at one o' clock in the morning. It was no use, I wouldn't get much sleep anyways. School begins in seven hours.


The living hell bubble.

I decided to turn on my small TV that just had the five basic channels. Getting up, I placed a blanket which had my name printed on it, Alex​ , in the door crack so my mom wouldn't see the glare of TV ​ when she walks by. Flipping through the five channels, nothing was on besides advertisements. Alex Trebek ,telling the seniors to go with his insurance plan while the older ladies in the commercials were fan girling over him. Ugh, I rolled my eyes in disgust, so much for that, I decided to turn off the TV. *********************************************************************************************************

I woke up with a start.

3:07 A.M.

I groaned as I sat up. It's so hot, mom must have forgotten to turn on the air conditioning. My palms were sweaty, that certainly disturbed me. I got up but my feet quickly reacted to the scorch of the heat on the hardwood floor. My mind was beginning to panic, even though it was probably just my imagination working up. I reached for my shoes and quickly put them on, not caring to tie them.

"ALEX!" I could hear my little sister yelling from her room.

I moved the blanket from the door crack and smoke engulfed my room. I shrieked as the blanket had caught on fire causing my hand to burn.

"Lissy!" I touched the door knob, not caring how steaming hot it was. My eyes popped wide open as I saw the flames burning across the hallways, the living room, and then my sister's room. I had to get her out. With searing pain, I ran through the flames, feeling the blisters on my feet that were forming. The smoke was certainly not good for my asthma.

"Alex, please get us out, we need to get Momma!" Lissy started crying  as I broke open the window with one of her lamps. I ripped open the screen with my hands and went back over to Lissy.

"What about Momma?" Lissy bawled as I carried her over to the window.

"She might already be outside waiting for us to get out," I say, trying to calm her down, but I knew it wasn't true.

My mother's suicide attempt had worked this time.

I carefully lifted Lissy through the window, making sure that none of the broken glass had gotten on her. I watched as she went to the sidewalk. I ignored the little pings of pain as I went through the window and hurried over to Lissy. We could hear the sirens in the distance. One of the neighbors must have called in to report the fire.

"Stay here and wait for the firefighters. I'm going to see if I can get Mom out," I say to Lissy as I went to the front of the house. Black smoke had filled the neighborhood within seconds. The roof of the house had already began to cave in by that time I knew that it was useless to save my mom. There was nothing I could do she wanted to be dead.

"Alex, you need to come with us. We need to get your burns checked out by the paramedics. Is there anyone else in the house?" A police officer with a name of PC Richards was printed on the nametag. I shake my head no as I walked away from my old life.      


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