Hell, Hormones and Vampires?


1. The Man In Black - Chapter One

I was on my best friend Hayley's couch sitting in awkward silence with her Dad, she was supposed to be at her house an hour ago but apparently she hadn't came home. It was already dark outside and my Aunt didn't actually have a clue I was out the house, she thought I was in my room studying like a good sixteen year old instead of sneaking out. "I should probably get going," I blurted out. Her Dad looked up, "It's late, do you want me to call your Aunt to pick you up?" He offered trying to be kind. I knew he didn't want to drive me home, although he probably would if I had asked but I just mumbled something about her being parked round the corner waiting to pick me up.

I left the house and walked down the road, there was a cool breeze but everything felt calm. I heard something coming from the bushes, I thought that I was probably being paranoid anyway but I went to check anyway. I got closer and my breathing sped up, a cat jumped out of the bushes and ran away from me. I laughed slightly, of course I was just being paranoid. "Are you quite finished harassing that cat?" I heard a voice behind me say with an English, so naturally I turned around nervously. A man stood there staring at me, his outfit was so out of fashion that it hurt when I looked at it. All in black with a leather jacket, so out of style I mean come on. "I suggest you run. Quickly." He warned me, sounding more serious this time. I didn't want to do what he said, I took a few self defence classes because a lot of girls have been going missing from the area but he looked older than me and a lot stronger.

"Is that a threat?" I asked him, my voice came out more shaky than I had hoped it to. "It's not me I'm talking about, although if you keep being such a dumb bitch then it might be. Listen, take this and put it through their hearts. It's simple." He said and pulled out a wooden stake and tried to hand it to me but I backed away. The guy was insane and armed, maybe I should have ran. "Just take it, you'll need it," he said forcing me to take it, "And do me a favour, run for your life."

"What are you talking about?" I asked, beyond confused. I heard people, well it sounded like people in the distance coming towards us, fast. "For Gods sake Woman, run." He said the ran in the direction of the noise. I shoved the rather pointy stake in my satchel and ran quickly, my heart was beating rapidly. I got to my house and nearly ran through the door before I remembered my Aunt was probably asleep and it was a Thursday night which meant I had school in the morning. I let out a groan and ran round the back garden to see if my window was still open, thankfully my patio door was open slightly so I didn't have to do any climbing. It was odd that the door was open, my Aunt always made sure everything was locked, she was one of those overly cautious people which occasionally it did come it handy.

The lock looked busted but it didn't look like whoever broke it actually went into the house, I was still weary but I walked inside quietly and closed the door over and moved the table from the lounge in front of the door to stop anything getting it, it was more to stop stray cats getting in rather than people because if someone wanted to get in then I don't think a table would stop them. I walked up to bed sluggishly and checked on my aunt on the way, she was sleeping soundly in her bed, I smiled and walked across the hall to my room. I dumped my bag on my bedroom floor and sat on my bed, I took my laptop and opened it and started revising for Chemistry, it was only half eleven so I figured I could get at least half an hour of studying done before I went to bed but ended up just going on Tumblr.

I couldn't get that guy out of my head, should I tell the police? Nah, they probably wouldn't have taken me seriously and I couldn't tell my Aunt because she'd know I left the house. I lasted ten minuted before I started dosing off so I turned off my laptop and went to sleep. I drifted into a deep sleep, I didn't dream which was a pleasant surprise due to all of the night mares I had been having.

At round about seven o'clock I woke up to the sound of the front door closing, my Aunt had just left for work, I wondered why she left so early. I grumpily got out of bed and into the shower half asleep, mornings weren't my thing at all. I got out of the shower and shoved on black skinny jeans and a blue tank top with my old leather jacket, that was something I loved about moving to this country, the school didn't require a uniform. I had gotten used to it mostly, I only moved a year ago but I still missed Scotland. I brushed my hair and shoved it up in a ponytail before I put on mascara, I cared about my appearance but it was only school so I didn't want to do anything too drastic.

I stuffed my things into my bag, grabbed my phone and went down stairs, there was a note addressed to me on the kitchen table.

I've left money and there's food in the fridge. I fixed the lock, we will be talking about that when I get back. See you on Monday night - Aunt Sofia.

It took me a minute but then I remembered she had a wedding to go to in France, that was why she left so early. I was invited but I didn't do weddings, I didn't see the point of them but I usually did enjoy the cake. I put the money she left in my wallet and grabbed a breakfast bar before leaving. I planned on checking on Hayley before school, to see if she was back yet but when I went to her house her Dad still had no clue where she was, he hadn't even phoned the police, "She'll turn up eventually, don't you have school to go to?" He said before he closed the door in my face.

I sighed and walked towards the bus stop, it was still warm even though it was late summer. I never understood this country's weather, it stayed warm through most of the year. I stood at the bus stop with my hands in my pockets, I felt an arm go round my waist. I looked up and saw it was John, my sort of boyfriend. We were unofficially together, we dated but I always tried to change the subject whenever he tried to talk about titles, I wasn't as ready for a boyfriend as other girls my age.

"Ya know Cas, the world is ugly but you're beautiful to me," he said grinning,

"Did you just quote My Chemical Romance?" I asked him, raising my eyebrow.

"Maybe, did I seduce you with my music taste?" He asked, his grin turned into a smirk.

"Oh yes, you really know how to impress a girl," I said laughing slightly. We stood in comfortable silence for a while until the bus came, the door opened and the bus driver didn't even look at us as we got on the bus. I kept walking until I saw Charlie, one of my other best friends, she normally sat with Hayley so I thought I'd sit with her.

I sat on the seat and John kept walking to the back of the bus to sit with his friends. "Have you spoke to Hayley lately, she didn't show last night," I said to her as the bus started moving. "No, I haven't heard from her, she isn't with Mikey?" She asked me. I looked towards the back of the bus and Mikey, her boyfriend, was sitting next to John talking away to him.

Charlie saw it too, "I'm sure she is fine, probably hung over or something," she said trying to reassure me. "Nah, I went to her house and she wasn't there," I told her. She quickly changed the subject, trying to distract me but I wasn't fully paying attention.

School went by slower than usual, I tried to pay attention but ended up falling asleep during maths, luckily we had a supply teacher so he didn't care. By the time lunch came I was ready to curl up in a ball and sleep, that's when I got a text from Hayley, 'Meet me tonight at ten in the shut down grocery store. Come alone.'

That was weird, Hayley usually texted like she had a broken keyboard, using proper grammar wasn't normal for her. I didn't tell anyone because I didn't know if I was going, I wasn't sure that was her and even if it was, I didn't want to meet her in an old shop. I couldn't think straight, so I was useless in my last classes.

I walked home from school because I needed the fresh air and I wasn't in the mood to talk. I got home and dumped my stuff, I had a while before I was supposed to meet Hayley so I did my homework and ordered pizza. I sat staring at the clock, it was half eight and the shop was the other side of town. If I was going then I had to leave soon, I got up and grabbed my bag from my room, if there was something wrong then that stake from last night might have come in handy. It was already dark when I walked outside.

I walked down the street and heard a familiar voice from behind me, "Cassady, you can't go alone," it was the man from last night.

I tensed up, "How do you know that? And no one calls me that, it's Cas. Why do you care anyway?"

"I knew your Father, I owe it to him to make sure you don't do something stupid like get yourself killed. I'm coming with you because I can guarantee your little friend will not be by herself. There are things you won't understand but trust me, I'm on your side. I don't have a choice," he said to me. I had so many questions but I didn't get to ask any of them because he had started walking, I caught up with him and asked the first question I thought of, "You knew my father?"

"Yes but that's not the point, do you believe in Vampires?" He asked me, he didn't slow down or stop walking. I burst out laughing then I saw he was being serious, "Of course not."

"Well you should start."

"Wait what? Hold on, I don't even know who you are, what's your name?" I asked even more baffled.

"I'm called Echo, now please shut up. You are walking really slowly, hurry up," he said and completely ignoring my other question. He grabbed my hand quite roughly and pulled my along quickly, "Oi, what are you doing?" I asked him. He muttered something about danger and me being too slow.

We got to the shop and I was about to walk in when he stopped me, "We can go through the back door." When we walked through the backdoor and into the shop, we were in the storage room at the back of the shop. There were a lot of boxes cluttering up the place, I opened the closest one to me and looked inside. I lifted out the first thing I felt and instantly regretted doing it, as I took it into the light I saw it was blood, it was a blood bag like they used in blood banks it hospitals. I nearly threw up, it was still warm so I put it back and looked over to see Echo watching me. He walked up to the box and took out a bag, he shoved it in his pocket, I looked at him as if to ask why the hell he was taking it but he just shook his head.

We walked into the main part of the shop, Hayley was laying in the middle of the room being guarded by a group of guys, their faces were different and they had fangs. It looked as if they actually were vampires but I convinced myself they were wearing masks until I turned to Echo and watched his face change to he look like them. I stood there stunned, nearly shaking with fear.

He saw the look on my face, "Now really isn't the time for me to explain," he said. I didn't know what else to do so I just nodded, he pushed me behind him even though I insisted on going first, I think that was one of the reasons why he wanted to go first. The 'Vampires' turned round and saw us, "Get the girl and I'll handle the others," Echo whispered so only I could hear. I nodded again even though I couldn't understand how he could possibly win, it was six against one. I went over to Hayley while Echo was fighting, I grabbed her hand, felt her pulse and nearly fainted, she was gone.

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