the say I met one direction

the day I met one dircetion at their last concert


1. the day I met Harry

once upon a time there was two girls named Rebecca and stephanie they both loved one direction Rebecca loves Liam James Payne and steph loves Niall James Horan and stephanie and Rebecca wanted to meet one direction so badly that steph had VIP tickets and she could only take one friend with her and she wanted to take Rebecca with her and it was two days before the concert and steph can't find the tickets and she rang Rebecca up and Rebecca answers the ans says steph why are you ringing me up I'm on my way to the concert where are you Rebecca the convert is not tonight is in two days and I can't find the tickets steph said Rebecca said to steph I've got the tickets I got them sent to me because I thought I would not loose them like you would ok Rebecca I understand see you tomorrow ok see you at work skip to the next day  it was 6:30 on Thursday and it was one day to the one direction concert and meet and greet but steph didn't know about the meet and greet tickets that Rebecca got sent to her and she was getting excited about the concert and she couldn't sit still all day on Thursday night at 5:00 stephs mobile rang andot was Rebecca steph answered it and said Rebecca whats worng Rebecca was crying and she said to steph that Liam died as soon as she got home she found Liam on the floor and his eyes just staring at her so don't think one direction will be performing tomorrow night because of Liam steph said to Rebecca Rebecca Liam is not dead he is just playing with you he is texting me what so they are performing tomorrow night yes they are skip to the concert

the concert was starting and steph and Rebecca were getting really excited about seeing one direction and Rebecca said to Steph we are  going to meet and greet one direction after the concert ok Rebecca I cant wait skip to after the concert 


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