My name Lila Payne, my brother is Liam Payne my boyfriend is Niall Horan what happens when we take it to the next step and the mistake after.


1. The night

Niall where are we going? " You will see". I hear a door open and jazz music plays. "Open your eyes", he says. I open my eyes to see a bed covered in roses, and candles every where. I turned and looked at him. " I thought we could take it up a step", he says. I lean in and kiss him he pulls me up and  carries me to the bed.  He sets me down and whispers to me " We don't have to if you don want". I lean up and kiss him again. Then it was a blur. I woke up completely naked in bed next to Niall who was  completely naked. I get up and take a shower and get ready to go to breakfast with the whole band. When I get out of the shower I walk out to see Niall dressed and ready to go. He walks over to me " I had fun are you ok did I hurt you"? I look up at him and say " You would never hurt me Niall I love and I had fun".

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